Thank-You Report #094

Reported by E.E. in Kanagawa on 17 August 1952


On 3 January 1952, I suddenly felt pain in the back during work. The pain got severe and I was finally ill in bed. I couldn’t even turn over. I always soaked in sweat very much at around 2 a.m. Sweat flew as if I was in a sauna. I was getting thinner and thinner. The doctor diagnosed me with sciatica and gave me all sorts of injections every day. He said, “This is the best injection in modern medicine. If it doesn’t stop your pain, I have no other way.” I took new medicine as injections or swallows. I continued to have medical treatment for seventeen days but my sharp pain never stopped. I kept suffering without a break. On the eighteenth day, my friend came to see me. He introduced me to Mr S who is in charge of the branch church of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. I felt so painful that I immediately received Johrei. Mr T said, “Because of toxic medicine, you feel severe pain with sciatica. That is called purification. The doctor gives you injections without knowing the cause of your pain. So, that is worse than groping in the dark. Of course, any injection cannot stop the pain. You had a lot of poisonous injections in the past, didn’t you? This purification is caused by those poisonous medicines.” I was very surprised at his words.

I said, “To tell you the truth, I suffered from typhoid fever twenty years ago. I was hospitalised for sixty days. My condition was extraordinarily severe. As high fever continued, the doctor gave me five to seven camphor injections for cardiac stimulants every day for three weeks. I had more than one hundred twenty injections in total. Because of them, I still have insensitive parts in my sigh.” Mr S said, “You can go out when you continuously receive Johrei for three weeks.” I could hardly believe his words even though he thoroughly explained the true cause of pain. I suffered so much that I was scared to die. I just lied down on my back and couldn’t turn over or even raise my head. I felt intense pain when I moved. The pain made me prepare to die. However, I got up on the bed after I received Johrei three times. I stopped taking all medical treatments and received Johrei once a day. I could go out to walk on the nineteenth day. It means that I recovered two days earlier than the day he said. My thin body became better day by day and returned to my former shape. I returned to my work and now work hard more than before. I once wasted away with severe pain and once prepared for death. However, I returned to work after receiving Johrei four or five times. I was miraculously saved. I am fifty-three years old now and have learnt the divine power and faith for the first time.

I was very glad and soon became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. On 8 July, I was permitted to enshrine Dai-Komyo-Nyiorai-sama. I am greatly honoured. I am just full of gratitude. Thank you very much for giving me such grace, Meshiya-sama. Here I sincerely express my deepest gratitude.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.