Thank-You Report #093

Reported by N.T. in Kumamoto on 11 December 1951


My neighbour is a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. In the middle of this May, she gently told me its faith by chance. As my child was weak at that time, we visited the nearest church of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo as taught. I met Mr E who was in charge of the church and received Johrei from him for the first time. At that time, my nose was something wrong and visited the ENT clinic next to my house. I am awfully sorry but I visited there to wash my nose every day while receiving Johrei. Looking back, I feel terribly sorry that I made light of God. I am really ashamed of myself.

After I regularly visited the church, I felt pain in the head and heavy in the body. I couldn’t do anything well. I didn’t know why it happened at all. I visited the church with my child in the evening. When receiving Johrei, my heaviness was completely gone and I felt very good. Then I visited the clinic. When starting the desk work, however, I felt pain in the head again and my ears were ringing. I became out of it. I repeated such a state for about a week. I spent half the day being out of it and the other half feeling clear. My wife told my condition to Mr E. He said, “Your husband tugs of war between God and medicine. God makes him feel better but the clinic makes him feel worse. He doesn’t get better as long as he repeats that state. He should stop either of them.” At that time, I hadn’t become a believer yet. I am terribly sorry that I was half in doubt even though I felt better when receiving Johrei sometimes. However, I stopped visiting the clinic the next day. What a surprise! How grateful! My persistent headache was completely gone. I felt clear as if I woke up from a dream. My child was also saved from medicine. We were the doctor’s money maker. We have no words of gratitude for the infinitive divine virtue.

I fully realised that I suffered from headaches every day because of God’s great guidance. He had encouraged me to become happy soon. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. Since then, my whole family have received numerous blessings and live a cheerful life without medicine and doctors. I don’t know how to express our gratitude. I made this report because I would like to help unhappy people like us in the past even a little. I always pray for God to use me for the divine construction work of Paradise on Earth. I also make a chance to work for Meshiya-sama. Thanks to Meshiya-sama, you keep us alive. Thank you very much again. Here I conclude my report.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.