Thank-You Report #088

Reported by N.T. in Hyogo on 27 May 1952


Thank you very much for all your blessings, Meshiya-sama. During the war, I had the left eardrum slightly damaged but it seemed to be no problem. The war was over. I was immediately discharged. I think it was around October 1945. I had soap water in my left ear when taking a bath. I felt that the water entered the inside of the eardrum. As I didn’t feel pain, I left it as it was. About three years passed since then. In the autumn of 1948, something flew out of the left ear. I soon went to see a doctor. He said, “This is nothing serious. Come here for four or five days.” He put a thin rubber tube in my nostril and sent the air to the ear. I visited the clinic for four or five days. I thought that my condition got better as the doctor said. About six months later, however, something started to flow out of my ear. I visited the doctor again. He said, “You suffer from chronic otitis media. Come here for about a few months.” I visited the doctor for about eight months. During that time, I had a variety of medicine and injection but my condition didn’t get better. I rather suffered from mastoiditis in the middle of summer. I had an operation twice and furthermore, I was ill in bed for ten days. The autumn had come. As it was getting cool, my condition seemed to be better. However, the doctor said, “Your ear condition might get worse again in the next summer. If that happens, you should have another operation. Otherwise, your life is in danger.” I was very surprised and took a rest while working. My co-worker is a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo and he recommended that I received Johrei. So, I received Johrei in between work from around the end of 1949. From 26 March 1950, I took three-day religious training and received a precious holy amulet.

Since then, I gradually recovered my health. We no longer need to go to see a doctor nor take medicine. When a member of my family gets slight ill, I performed Johrei on them and their illness is sure to be cured. On the evening of 29 April 1952, I got something in my right eye and because of that, I had purification in both eyes. When I performed Johrei, my eyes were completely cured in about a week. At that time, I had many white boil-like things on my eyeballs. Since my wife was not a believer yet, she was very worried and told me to go to an ophthalmological clinic. Even so, I just prayed to Dai-Komyo-Nyorai-sama and relied on Johrei. I am very sorry but I was once very worried if my both eyes would become blind. However, my eye condition went back to normal. I think that I felt lighter in my head, too. After I became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, my family have peace at home and we live a cheerful life. We owe to the spiritual virtue of Meshiya-sama. Words cannot describe how grateful we are. Thank you very much for all your blessings, Meshiya-sama. I am an inexperienced believer but I would like to help with his divine work even a little to reward the grace we received. Please protect us as ever. Thank you very much again, Meshiya-sama.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.