Thank-You Report #087

Reported by R.Y. in Fukuoka on 7 April 1953


Thank you very much for giving us grace, Mehisya-sama. I would like to report my experience with gratitude. When I was forty-two years old or so, I had a small dimple like thing under my nose. As I felt no pain, I left it as it was. However, it became bigger year by year and made a little change at the end of 1949. In January 1950, I went to the university hospital and I was diagnosed with skin cancer. Words couldn’t describe how disappointed I was. Since then, I continued to have radium therapy for two months but the boil never came off. I often asked the medical therapist if radium therapy would completely cure cancer. The therapist replied, “This therapy is just used to prevent cancer from recurring. It is hard to cure it completely.” Meanwhile. I heard that my elder daughter, who married and lived in Sasebo, suffered from inner-ear inflammation. She was given up on by the doctor in Sasebo. I called her back home and took her to the university hospital or the special clinic in Fukuoka. She was recommended to have surgery as soon as possible. In September 1951, she had an operation. One month later, she felt dizzy and nearly had a nervous breakdown at the end. We had not met Sekai-Meshiya-kyo yet. So, we wandered in various religions but we owed nothing to them. We depressed and continued to suffer. At that time, we heard about Sekai-Meshiya-kyo from my neighbours Mrs N and S. We soon visited a church to worship. Only I asked to take religious training. In November 1952, I received a holy amulet. As for my daughter, she never believed anything except for medicine. So, she never received Johrei. While I visited the church, I had to follow her wherever she went to hospitals here or there. I was ashamed of myself. I became very moody and I couldn’t listen to the grateful guidance given in the church. At the beginning of July 1952, my daughter’s husband came to see us from Sasebo. While we were drinking, he said that she wouldn’t cure because I doted upon my daughter. He didn’t know how worried I was about her. I was angry with my son-in-law’s attitude. I had him take my daughter to Sasebo. Then I thought quietly and realised that I should follow the advice given in the church. That was I asked Meshiya-sama single-mindedly for my daughter’s protection. I also realised that I first had to purify myself. When my thought changed like that, I heard that my daughter returned to her normal mental condition. On 23 July, I joined a monthly ceremony hold in the head church of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo and heard a story that fit with my family’s case. I was very impressed by that story. Since then, I became able to depend on Meshiya-sama single-mindedly.

On 20 August, my wife became a believer, too. The purification of my cancer began at the same time. Cancer melted and became bloody pus, which came out. My cancer was determined to be incurable by the doctor but it was completely cured. How grateful it was! I cannot describe my joy with words. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. Now my stubborn daughter, who couldn’t understand but opposed to me, received a holy amulet a year later when I became a believer. Though we were saved now, thinking of those days made me shiver. I deeply apologise to Mehsiya-sama for my ignorance. I also apologise that I didn’t express gratitude for your grace until now. These days, I always ask Meshiya-sama that I can lead people to the faith as many as possible so that they can participate in constructing Paradise on Earth. Thank you very much again for giving us numerous blessings, Meshiya-sama.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.