Thank-You Report #086

Reported by I.M. in Tokyo on 16 October 1952


Thanks to Meshiya-sama, I recovered from my eye disease which I had suffered from since I was a child. Now I live a life full of divine light and hope. I am glad that I help with the holy divine work even a little. Though I am very happy now, I wasn’t in the past. I remember how much I had suffered for twenty years. Soon after I was born, I had bad eyes due to the inherited toxin. My eyes were sealed with eye mucus every morning. It was hard to be cleaned with water or hot water. Even though it was cleaned, blood came out after that. So, my mother wiped it off by licking. I was given an antidote for about five weeks and then eye mucus didn’t come out for a while. I still remember that I felt stiffness in the shoulders and heavy in the head when I was a child. I also remember that my mother massaged my shoulders when I was nine years old or so. Now I know that I would have never suffered again if I had left the purification on my eyes as it was without any treatments. It would have been naturally healed. When I was a first-grade student of the senior elementary school, I practised swimming every day for the Oshima Island swimming competition in August. When I was on the way to school on the morning of the competition, I suddenly felt pain in my eyes and couldn’t keep opening them. I went to see a doctor. I had treatment but I didn’t feel better. So, I couldn’t participate in the competition. The doctor prescribed eye drops and I went home. I felt severe pain after coming home as if something was in my eyes. I asked my mother to check my eyes. The thin skin of the upper and lower eyelids peeled off and twisted. When it was taken off, another skin peeled and twisted after a while. I felt pain again. The condition got worse when eye drops were applied. The skin peeled off again and again even if it was taken. I couldn’t open my eyes for about five days. A week later, I could manage to open my eyes and see things. Then I went to school again but the sunlight became so bright for me. I could hardly open my eyes on the sunny days. I applied prescribed eye drops for a week and over-the-counter ones for about a month. After graduating from elementary school, I took the exam for entrance to a normal school but fail because I was diagnosed with trachoma by physical examination. So, I knew the name of my disease for the first time. After that, I started to work at an iron factory in Tsukishima, Tokyo. That summer, I cleaned the industrial wastewater in Sumida Rive and swam almost every day after work. Then I felt pain in the eyes again. I started to attend evening class in September. My eye condition was exacerbated by sleep deprivation. I started to go to the ophthalmological clinic in Shinbashi around March 1942. I wanted to have my eyes cured completely. So, I kept going there every day for two and a half years. The more I went to the ophthalmological clinic, however, the worse my eye condition got. My eyes got sored red and sometimes swollen. I had dim sight and felt heavy in the head. It was hard for me to talk face to face. I didn’t want to go into the crowds and I felt depressed. I underwent the operation a few times but nothing had changed. I was finally diagnosed with interstitial keratitis. Something like a net formed on my eyeballs and I had dim sight. My visual acuity became 0.1. I seriously got worried if I might be blind. I did want to recover. When I found the advertising of eye drops in the newspapers or so, I always ordered it to try but it had no effect. The doctor just said, “In your case, it takes time to cure but you will recover someday.” I just relied on his words and kept going to see him for two and a half years. That ophthalmological clinic was burnt in the Tokyo air raid on 10 March 1945. The air raid continued after that and I had no time for thinking of my eyes. So, I gave up taking medical treatment. Then my pain gradually reduced. I felt almost no pain in a month. I regain my eyesight and my eye condition got better around when I joined the army in Kanazawa on 25 April. I was discharged on 13 September. I didn’t go back to Oshima Island but stayed at my sister’s place in Shizuoka. As I felt that my eye condition got worse again. So, I visited Mr T with my sister as recommended. Mr T worked in the treatment place of the present Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. At that time, the patient was half-naked and received Johrei. As for the practitioner like Mr T, He waved his hand over the patient or touched them. It looked strange to me. When I heard about Johrei, however, I thought that Johrei was the true remedy. It was completely different from the medical treatment I had received. When I recalled, I never recovered from my eye disease with medical treatment but got a little better when I stopped taking medical treatment and medicine. Through such an experience, I could not help thinking that the medical treatment I received so far was wrong. Mr T said, “The cause of eye disease was in the head, neck and shoulders. Without healing those parts, the eye disease will be never cured.” I had stiff shoulders and neck since I was a child. I often felt heavy in the head and dizzy on standing up. So, his words made sense to me. I received Johrei from him. I also borrowed the book titled ‘The Healing Art for the Future, Chapter Ⅲ” written by Mehisy-sama and came home. When reading the book, I was surprised that it said the exact opposite of common sense. Every time I visited Mr T, I borrowed the rest of the chapters and read them at home. I did understand how wrong medical science was and how terrible medicine was. In October, I joined a three-day religious training and received a precious holy amulet. Since then, I have helped with the divine work even a little for seven years. I felt so sad for my blind eyes and shed tears but they were healed before I knew. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. Now I live a life full of hope with gratitude. I work hard to reward you for your grace even a little. I do appreciate him for giving me countless blessings. I am terribly sorry for the delay in the report. Here I conclude my report.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.