Thank-You Report #081

Reported by T.I. in Oita on 1 August 1952


It was hot as swelling the evening of mid-July. I left a branch church of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo after the monthly ceremony was over. I came home and received a letter from a senior lecturer at a certain university. I soon opened the letter. It said that he would like to leave the rest to me because his daughter was hospitalised for a lung distome. I deeply sighed while holding the letter. I told him very much about Sekai-Meshiya-kyo and the greatness of Johrei at every opportunity. When he faced such a serious disease, however, he didn’t believe in God and couldn’t depend on us. He had chosen hospitalization. I was annoyed by such a school teacher who has a superstition of science. “How could I make him understand that very well?” “How is he convinced? I decided to visit him in any case. I soon bicycled about four kilometres to see his daughter.

She was forcibly in bed. She didn’t seem to be tired very much but just had a slight fever. I thought that she would recover by Johrei in a week. I made my up mind and asked him to leave her to me for a week. I also explained the great divine power with many examples including mine, which should be called the creation of civilisation. It took us three hours. In contrast, he attacked me that I had fallen into the illusion of denying science and praised modern medicine. Our argument was extended to midnight but finally stopped with his wife’s advice. She believes in the existence of God a little and said she wanted to depend on Him. So, my serious prayer began. I wanted to show the greatness of the divine power very much and wake him up from the superstition against medical science. I also wanted to resolve his misunderstanding with me. He despised me because he thought that I was superstitious to God. Furthermore, I wanted to put people right in their ideas about existing religions and let them know that Sekai-Meshiya-kyo has the right faith as it is manifested by God.

The six days had passed. On the seventh day, I visited his house in the evening. When I stepped into the front door, his daughter came running up, who would have been ill in bed. She said with a big smile, “I’m all better.” In a moment, I was filled with joy and my hands trembled while taking off my shoes. Her parents appeared at the entrance with a smile, too. I received warm hospitality more than last night. Food and drink were prepared and the atmosphere became much more relaxed. The senior lecturer said, “I’m very sorry for you but I took my daughter to the prefectural hospital for her medical check-up today. Her illness completely recovered. Here is the result.” He showed me the X-ray photo, which was extraordinarily expensive to take. Its fee must have squeezed the family budget. I found his deepest love for his daughter. The X-ray photo clearly showed his daughter’s chest. It was perfectly clean without any clouds. A week before, she took an X-ray examination. Then she was diagnosed with a lung distome and told to enter the hospital soon. Were both photos of the same person’s chest? We could hardly understand that. That was very strange. The suspicion of medicine increased. His daughter also had her sputum examined at the national, prefectural and local hospital. The sputum was taken in the morning and at night when bacteria released very much. Surprisingly, no bacteria were found in the examination. He said, “I take my hat off to you about this.” I had looked at them as a model for three years. When looking at their faces with joy, I was full of gratitude and joy. To be honest, however, I felt a few, nay, dozens of times more grateful to God. My heart was filled with joy that was beyond control.

I do the work of salvation that no one can achieve even a great saint.

I am just glad God has brought my life back. In addition, God forgives the works of medicine.

When leaving his house, I felt that their figures looked smaller and smaller. Thank you very much for giving me repeated blessings and profits, Meshiya-sama. I would like to express my gratitude.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.