Thank-You Report #082

Reported by K.S. in Shizuoka on 16 April 1952


On 20 July 1949, I came back to Japan from Siberia for the first time in nine years. I never forget that day. As you probably know in the media such as newspapers and radios and so on, I tied to become a communist, too. I held a red flag and shouted the slogan; “We have a strong conviction to fight with our life for the labourers. We advocate the liberation of the people and their entire freedom. We crush any forces of opposition.” I couldn’t describe my astonishment and joy which welled up in my heart. When I came back home, however, everything had become different from nine years ago. I was looked at coldly as a communist. While I was away, my whole family became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. I knew it for the first time. I also knew that my elder brother died. I wanted to tell him my story in Siberia and ask him how to revive our family for the future while he was alive. What a terrible change happened! According to the neighbours, my brother died because he ignored medical treatment and medicine. I couldn’t help but get very angry since I didn’t know how he died in detail. Should it be allowed to ignore modern medicine even though we have freedom of religion? That would be ridiculous. That was beyond my thought. I kept talking about anti-religious theory for a few days. I wanted my family to stop believing in religion as soon as possible. I wanted to stop them from doing so. I just missed my brother so much and I hoped with tears that my wish would come true. On the other hand, my family became more religious in spite of my worries. I became more impatient. The more I got impatient, the more I abused God. When I logically persuaded them, they said with confidence, “You will understand God when the time comes.” I got desperate and said, “If you insist that God exists, then tell me His height and weight. Show Him in front of me.” I was a religious opponent who told them such a stupid thing as a three-year-old boy. My anti-faithful thought increased day by day. I had been trained in the storm of Siberia for nine years, which changed my view of life. I could hardly quiet down my thought or rather couldn’t figure it out myself. I just believed in something burning in my heart; “Soviet tells the truth. It is clearly proved by my healthy body and my daily life.” I couldn’t tell how poor our family was for a long time. I did believe that this problem was also solved by my thought trained in the storm of Siberia. I just worked and worked as long as my physical strength lasted. Around May 1951, however, I had a headache and felt tired in the whole body maybe because of overwork, carelessness, or evil’s temptation. I couldn’t describe my feelings. I went to the local clinic anyway. You probably think that I should depend on God as my family are ardent believers in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. As I said before, I never thought to depend on God at that time. I was diagnosed with lung tuberculosis which was incurable and ate human flesh. I didn’t expect that I suffered from such a terrible disease. I couldn’t understand why I did. Having said that, medicine had progressed remarkably. Then I decided to depend on medicine. Besides, I had physical strength. I thought that I could get rid of my disease with mental strength. I decided like that for myself. As you can easily imagine, I had to go to the clinic regularly after all. My family tried to persuade me by telling the opinion of toxic medicine and the greatness of Johrei from various aspects. It made me rather confused. My family couldn’t stand looking at me like that and said, “You won’t understand what we say. Then read this book.” I was handed over the book titled ‘Tuberculosis is cured.” It was written by Meshiya-sama. Anyway, I read it. I got some points but I am afraid that I didn’t understand them. I could hardly believe what the book said. My family recommended that I should receive Johrei but I didn’t. While repeating such a situation, I got in big trouble. I went to the clinic as usual. The doctor told me to have a cystoscopic examination. I was surprised and refused the examination. The doctor said, “You don’t know about tuberculosis. The cavity is healed with pneumothorax. If your condition is still bad, you recover when you have an injection ten times or so. In any case, you have a cystoscopic examination” He also said, “If you have a kidney problem, you just have one of the kidneys removed. You won’t live more than three or five years without medical treatment. So, you should keep coming here without interval.” I listened as if that was someone else’s problem. I thought as if I was having a bad dream. The energy I had until a few days ago was blown away somewhere. When thinking of the doctor’s words, I flashed my brotherhoods before my eyes. They miserably died from tuberculosis. My hard beliefs broke and I gradually lost my spirit. At the same time, I felt that I was very much attached to my life. “I want to become healthy. I want to work.” I couldn’t help but reflect on my attitude to God. Why couldn’t I obediently believe in Him when first I was told that. I was ashamed of myself. I would better receive Johrei rather than thinking such a thing. “I try to ask Meshiya-sama to cure my disease to live.” That would be the timing, wouldn’t it? I desperately visited Mr A and asked him to perform Johrei. His family was very glad and kindly said, “We are very pleased to see you.” “Your illness is nothing serious. You are sure to recover.” They cheerfully but firmly said to me. I would never forget their words. When receiving Johrei, I gradually felt better and lighter in the body. That feeling was beyond description. You don’t know until you try. I felt better every time I received Johrei. I felt that I fully revived both physically and mentally in a month. I didn’t mean that I tested God’s power but I went to see the doctor. The doctor couldn’t find any traces of tuberculosis. Oh, I was saved. I got full of gratitude and held my hands without knowing. I soon became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. “The divine power is wonderful. I leave everything to God. I am glad. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.” I couldn’t help reflecting on my past. I decided to throw away the idea of ​​materialism even though it had stuck to me very much. Please forgive my various words and deeds against the faith in the past. Meshiya-sama saved even someone like me who spoke against God. I just shed tears with the joy of being saved. Many people had the same opinion as I had before. I never criticise materialistic idea but I cry out that it cannot even solve the problem of our bodies. I prove the existence of God to people who advocate materialism. My writing is poor but thanks to Mehsiya-sama, I could report my experience as it did. I just appreciate with tears his spiritual virtue. I pray for people in the world to know the existence of God and depend on His hand as soon as possible. I want to save people as many as possible to reward the blessings I received even a little. Please give extraordinary grace to someone like me, who is an immature and sinful person. Here I conclude my report.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.