Thank-You Report #078

Reported by O.H. in Fukuoka on 1 September 1951

I am sorry for the late report. I am still alive because I was saved by Meshiya-sama. Here I report the grace I received with joy. In 1929, I suffered from a cataract and once lost both eyesight. I was in the local specialized clinic for more than forty days but my condition didn’t get better. I got worried very much about what to do. I heard that the faith in the Jizo Bodhisattva brought benefit very much. I soon secluded myself in the temple and practised it for fourteen days. On the fifth day, I recovered my right eyesight a little but nothing progressed except for it. So, I came back home. Since then, I just saw things with the right eye. The left eye remained blind. That condition continued for twenty-two years. However, God had mercy on me. I have recovered my eyesight. I think it was 25 April 1932. I writhed in severe stomach pain. The doctor diagnosed me with a stomach ulcer and appendicitis. He gave me an antiulcer drug injection every day. I was in the hospital for more than fifty days. Two or three months later, I became able to work a little but my disease recurred at least twice a year in spring and autumn. When I felt pain, it continued for more than ten days. I had a morphine injection to painkillers and medicine until the pain was gone. It took a few months and I felt better. Therefore, I didn’t care about it very much. However, my condition got worse year by year. The doctor told me that I suffered from an internal disease. He advised me to go to the university hospital. Then I went there. The doctor said, “You suffer from peritonitis and liver disease and so on, as well as stomach disease. You stay in a hospital for the time being.” As I had been to the local clinic regularly for a long time, I couldn’t afford it. So, I went back to the local clinic to receive medical treatment.

Fifteen years had already passed since then and twenty years had passed since I got suffered. My condition didn’t get better or rather became worse. I no longer ate rice but just had flour-based food like needles as a staple food. My abdominal condition got further worse. The doctor advised me to go to the university hospital again. So, I went to another university hospital. The doctor told me that I had to undergo abdominal incision surgery. My family was against it and said, “He should die at home without surgery if he died in any case.” So, I didn’t have surgery but came home. I had never got depressed nor felt pessimistic no matter what I was told. Therefore, I had overcome such severe disease and kept working. When I felt pain, I had a painkiller injection. I spent days that way. My body once became cold and wandered between life and death. I was just before entering the coffin. On another occasion, I wandered in the mountains while I was unconscious for ten days. When I regained my consciousness, I didn’t know where I was. I was like a living corpse. My condition got worse and worse. I could no longer work.

In that way, I had a miserable time. In November 1950, I went to help rice harvest. It was very cold and my right foot was frostbitten. It became purple. I had an injection every day but I finally had to have my foot amputated at the ankle. I had actually suffered from serious neuralgia in my right leg for twenty years and once needed crutches. Since then, I couldn’t walk without dragging my right leg. The next day when I was told to have an amputation, my friend brought Mr S to me. Mr S is working for Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. I heard about Johrei. Although I had a suspicion about it, I decided to receive it. My right foot was healed in a week and my severe neuralgia was cured in about two weeks. I couldn’t have a single grain of rice but regained appetite and could eat anything in a month. The pain in the stomach and belly gone away by Johrei. Worms came out of the mouth and the anus every time I received Johrei. My full recovery will be soon coming. During that time, Mr S visited me every day on even rainy day and snowing days in winter. He always bicycled about 8 kilometres to my house. I troubled Mr T to visit me sometime, too. Thanks to Meshiya-sama, I no longer needed to have a daily injection. I clearly understood the greatness of Johrei and became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo on 18 April. Mr S and T said, “Why don’t you perform Johrei to the sick? When you do so, your ancestors’ spirits are purified.” So, I would like to help people to reward Meshiya-sama even a little. He saved me from death and guided me to the bright path. I felt so grateful and shed tears for his grace. I was saved from the abdominal incision and right ankle amputation. I recovered my left eyesight, too. I think that more than a thousand small and big worms had already come out. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.