Thank-You Report #077

Reported by T.H. in Shizuoka on 17 November 1952

My grandson is now five years old but he had poor eyesight soon after he was born. He continued to see an ophthalmological clinic since he was two years old. During that time, when the amount of the eye mucus reduced, he had boils all over his face. While he was repeating such symptoms, his eye condition got worse and his eyes got cloudy. The ophthalmologist said, “As your grandson suffers from syphilitic eye disease, his eyes can hardly recover. If he tries to change of air, he might get better.” Therefore, he was taken to my house in Shizuoka this January.

His father runs a liquor shop in Shinbashi, Tokyo. His mother was in the hospital for chest disease for a long time. I pitied him very much and I thought I had to heal his disease. So, I took him to the hospital without a day off even on rainy days and windy days. That was no easy task for me. At the beginning of June, I met my relative on the way back from the hospital. My grandson was carried on my back and cried while putting his face on my back. He couldn’t open his eyes to see something bright even a little. She said, “I think your grandson is sure to be saved when he receives Johrei at Sekai-Mehiya-kyo. I‘ve always wanted to say that but I didn’t. Because you would never listen to me until you tried everything you could.” She told me that many people recovered from their eye disease by Johrei. She also told me about Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. I immediately asked Mrs Y nearby to perform Johrei on him.

Before performing Johrei, she told me that it took time to recover for a person who took a lot of medicines. She told about purification in advance and sincerely said, “Please don’t doubt or stop Johrei when your grandson has purification. Please just depend on God.” My grandson continued to receive Johrei. About a week later, the boils on his face gradually came off as the scab. He sometimes had diarrhoea and got sweat in his whole head. His temper became mild. Looking at him getting better, I was full of joy. I thought that his father must have been glad to see such his condition. It encouraged me and kept depending on Johrei. About three weeks after my grandson started to receive Johrei, he had a fever of 39 degrees and it didn’t go down. His eyes were firmly shut. The boils had already come off but they started to form again much more than before. He sweated a lot. So, I had to change his clothes a few times a day. He raved in fever and suffered all day. I was worried about him very much but his eyes didn’t open even a little for about ten days.

Neighbours came to see my grandson and said, “He goes blind if you continue to do such a thing.” They made a fuss. Even my children called me crazy. I got unable to stay and asked Mr N, who is working for Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, about my grandson. I said to him, “Please just don’t let him go blind.” It sounded that Johrei worsened his eye condition. However, he smiled and said, “Your grandson will open his eyes slightly at the end of August. You only have to hold on a little longer. Please just depend on Johrei.” At that time, I hadn’t received a holy amulet yet and therefore, I always asked Mrs Y to perform Johrei on my grandson. I felt sorry for her and soon received a holy amulet. I felt more secure than before and decided to work harder even a little. Then my grandson opened his eyes as Mr N said. On the night of the 27th of August, I carried him on my back and looked at the home yard. Then he suddenly said, “Grandma, I see the light, I see the light.” He pointed at the light of the lamp reflected on the ground. He looked very happy. I was so happy, too. I cried before I knew. Since then, his eyes got better day by day as he received Johrei. He could play in the bright place without any trouble. The boils completely came off on his face and became clean. When looking at my grandson, neighbours were just amazed. Three months have just passed since he received Johrei. The cloudiness of his eyes almost disappeared now. My grandson received a holy amulet for children. He takes care of it very much and let people know how grateful Johrei is. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. Please forgive me for my poor writing but I reported my experience as it was.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.