Thank-You Report #076

Reported by I.M. in Yamaguchi on 1 July 1952


Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama for saving my second son. Here I would like to report the grace he received with gratitude.

My second son is eight years old. On 25 January 1952, my son’s eyes got swollen red. Not to get them worse than that, I took him to an ophthalmological clinic nearby. My son was diagnosed with conjunctivitis. His eyes were washed and applied eye drops. The ophthalmologist told us to come for a while. I took my son there every day but his condition didn’t get better. I decided to go to another clinic. The ophthalmologist said, “I especially prescribe very precious medicine for your son.” He applied a powerful medicine to my son. His eyes were just red before. However, he had six or seven white spots in both eyes and his eyeballs were covered with white membrane the next day. He was losing eyesight. His condition apparently got worse. Even so, I had taken my son to that ophthalmologist for about a month. He finally became one step away from losing his eyesight. At that time, my brother visited us by chance. He had already become a believer in Sekai-Meshyiya-kyo. He said, “You shouldn’t leave your son in such a terrible condition. He should be taken to a church of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo to receive Johrei.” I couldn’t decide if I should do. So, I took him to the clinic as usual. The ophthalmologist said, “As your son doesn’t get better, I’ll give him a penicillin injection today.” I remembered that my son suffered very much when he had a penicillin injection for the swelling of the back of his head. I turned down his offer and soon visited a branch church of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo on the way back home.

My son received Johrei. While listening to the stories about medical treatment, I remember that the condition of my son’s eyes gradually got worse since he started to go to the clinic. Before that, it was not so bad. Therefore, I decided to depend on Meshiya-sama and soon became a believer in Sekai-Mehisya-kyo. While receiving Johrei at a branch church, my son had purification. His whole eyeballs were covered with blue membrane and he could no longer open his eyes. He couldn’t even walk. So, I carried him on my back and visited the church. Knowing such our situation, my relatives and neighbours said, “Your son would never recover if you continued to do such a thing. Poor him. What do you do if he gets worse?” They recommended that I took him to the clinic but I refused them flatly. I just left everything to Dai-Komyo-Nyorai-sama and relied on God. I never missed attending a monthly ceremony hold at a mid-size church of Sekai-Meshuya-kyo. A chairperson always performed Johrei to my son there. Then his condition gradually got better. However, he was always dazzled and stayed still in the dark corner of a room. He sometimes groped his way but stumbled on things. The thoughtless people around us laughed at him. Looking at such his miserable figure, I had a harrowing experience as a father.

A new school term had already begun but my son couldn’t go to school. I thought many times that I wanted to take over for him if I could. People around us ridiculed me more and abused me that I was insane. I was even told that I made my son go blind. I stood alone with no one on my side. I sometimes weakened in spirit but tried to get my courage together while hearing the words of the chairperson and others. They said, “Your son definitely receives grace. He must be protected by Mehiya-sama.” I just kept praying to Meshiya-sama. Then God blessed my son. Thanks to the consideration of the chairperson, I could ask Meshiya-sama to protect my son. It was 25 April and on that very day, his eyes were opened even though they could hardly be opened before. We had received grace. When thinking so, I was filled with joy so much that I couldn’t stop the tears running down my cheeks. I immediately visited the church and prayed in front of the altar while thinking of Meshiya-sama far away in Atami.

Since then, His eyes have never been closed like before for forty days or so. His condition was rather getting better day by day. The membrane was gradually disappearing and the black pupils were appearing. He no longer stumbled on the things. He played outside all day. Looking at my son’s bright smile, I can hardly believe that he was suffering very much. If my son continued to have medical treatment, he would have lost his eyesight and become an acquired disabled person. If he became so, both he and his parents would have mourned with deep grief. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.