Thank-You Report #075

Reported by S.S. in Kanagawa on 1 March 1952

I am working as a mechanic at a factory. I had bad eyesight since I was a child. I never forget that my late mother tried hard to cure my eye disease. I underwent trachoma surgery four times. The first operation was performed when I was a third-grade elementary school student. The second one was at the age of eighteen, the third one was twenty-five and the fourth one was thirty-four. All operations were performed on both eyes.

Here I report that my chronic condition of trachoma was healed by Johrei.

Whenever I suffered from trachoma, I wondered why I had to suffer from that disease. I asked the ophthalmologist what was the cause of my disease every time I had surgery. He never answered my question but just said to me, “Does anyone suffer from trachoma in your family?” “You should be careful about what you eat.” “As trachoma is an infectious disease, you should have your own washbasin and towel.” I followed exactly what he said. Even so, I felt pain again in my eyes in February 1950. That was the fifth time. The bad eyesight was critical for me as a mechanic. When I continued to work, my eyes hurt, I got in a bad mood and couldn’t work well. The pain got so severe at night that I worried if I lost my eyesight.

However, God lent a hand to the likes of me. I never forget the 15th of February 1950. It snowed very much. My wife’s sister suddenly visited us from Niigata and asked to stay for a few days. She visited Atami to worship. When I told her that I would have surgery for trachoma. She said, “Your disease is healed by the divine power.” She told me about Johrei but I said, “Since you are not a god, how can you heal my disease just by holding your hand? I have never heard such nonsense.” I dismissed it with a laugh. Even so, she enthusiastically recommended it to me. So, I had no choice but to sit down in front of her. When looking back, it was very rude but I laughed up my sleeves.

She performed Johrei to my head first and my eyes at the end. My eyes were opened with fingers and held a hand over. I couldn’t describe my feelings well but I felt unusual pain as if something like a sharp needle pierced my eyes. Such pain frequently came to my eyes. I knew the pain of surgery and eye drops but that pain was completely different. Tears came out and I groaned in severe pain. About five minutes after she finished performing Johrei, I was amazed again that I felt refreshed in my eyes and light in my head. I wondered why such unusual pain came to my eyes when receiving Johrei. So, I asked her a lot about Johrei. She told me about Meishya-sama and explained the disease and Johrei. They were like a story of another world that I never thought of. Since then, I more carefully listened to her and enthusiastically read the newspapers she brought, which was published by Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. I received Johrei every day. As I received it, eyestrain got relieved every time. A week later, when I opened my eyes in the bed, they were wide open. I felt light in my head, too. My joy was beyond my words.

Nothing is more unpleasant than waking up in the morning but not opening the eyes. I think people who suffered from eye disease have experienced it. However, I finally recovered from trachoma and freed from such discomfort. I shed tears and expressed my gratitude to Meshiya-sama. I never felt tired at work during the day and severe pain during the night was almost gone. I kept received Johrei for more than two weeks. One day, I felt pain in my belly during my work. When I came home in the evening, I soon went to the toilet. I was surprised again that I had a large amount of black diarrhoea. That purification made my head clearer and my body light. Through that experience, I came to understand that the relation between toxic medicine and disease. I also understood the relation between Johrei and purification. About three weeks later, when looking in the mirror, I didn’t find any lash on the inner eyelids which were unique to trachoma. I cried out like a child, “My trachoma was cured.” I was saved from an eye disease that I had suffered for many years. On 7 March, my wife and I received a precious holy amulet from a brunch church chairperson of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo.

Then I received a chance for tribulation soon. A month after I became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, my six-year-old eldest son, who was sleeping at night, cried out, “My ear hurts.” It was about 10 p.m. My wife and I jumped out of bed. Her sister had already gone for Niigata. I didn’t know what to do first but I soon calmed the mind. I single-mindedly asked God for my son’s protection and performed Johrei on my son for about ten minutes. He stopped crying and said, “Gone away, gone away.” When I saw his ear without thinking, I found a worm coming out of the earhole. I soon pulled it out. It was a reddish worm 5 millimetres long and a little thicker than cotton thread. When I showed the worm to my son, he said, “Dad, your Johrei can work.” My wife and I looked at each other and shed tears. Meshiya-sama gave the likes of me the power of Johrei and the chance to use it in one month of becoming a believer. I expressed gratitude for that to God. We enshrined Dai-Komyo-Nyorai-sama on 17 May 1950 and the holy folding screen for ancestors in June of the same year. We also had special calligraphy written by Meshiya-sama in July. My wife and I used to be very familiar with medicine and doctors. The relation between them and us was like relatives. After we became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, however, that relation was completely cut. We live a happy life every day and perform Johrei on my neighbours. People in society hardly try to believe in this grateful divine power and I was one of them. When I think about my past, that is no wonder. Even so, I think that people who suffer from a disease like old myself should receive Johrei first. It is because I believe that Johrei is the only way for them to become healthy. I just appreciate the divine power which cannot be understood with human knowledge. I pray to Meshiya-sama and try to do my best that I become more useful for his divine work than before. Please forgive me for my poor writing. Here I conclude my report with gratitude. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.