Thank-You Report #074

Reported by Y.T. in Aichi on 26 February 1951

I am a wife of the liquor, seasoning and food distributor. My life was unfortunate but I got a nurse’s licence for myself in 1928. I had taken care of sick people for fifteen years. During that time, I belonged to several workplaces such as a university hospital and a prefectural hospital. I also worked as a salesperson for a radium ore sales company. In a spinning mill, I worked as a medical manager for about two hundred thousand workers. I believed that medicine was a benevolent art and I engaged in the holy work for human salvation. Therefore, I made a full effort to take care of patients. I was so proud of myself for wearing a white coat that I wouldn’t have regret if I died in that job. To concentrate on my work, I didn’t marry until the age of thirty-three. Since I had experienced as a medical worker, I gave my neighbours medical advice when they got ill or gave them a simple medical treatment if they wished even after I married. When I heard that Sekai-Meshiya-kyo cures any incurable disease, therefore, I got soon interested in it and became a believer.

Soon after that, I first tried to perform Johrei on people who suffer from frostbite, eczema, furuncle, athlete’s foot and tonsillitis. I performed Johrei on them once a day and they all recovered in three days. I was amazed at its great power. I recently performed Johrei on a person who suffered from erysipelas. He first had acne-like eczema about two centimetres below his left knee joint. He had a throbbing pain. When he went to see a surgeon, he had the eczema cut into a cross. Then bacteria entered there and the left thigh and lower leg got swollen purple. He had a fever of 40.3 degrees. He was cooling his head and leg with ice and groaning with pain. He already had a penicillin injection. He had to have four more but couldn’t afford them. When I met him before, he suffered from meningitis. The doctor said his illness didn’t heal. I performed Johrei on him three times and then he stopped coming to see me. I was wondering how he was. He said, “Meningitis was cured after that. So please help me again.” He felt heavy and numbness in his head. He felt pain in his chest, too. I soon performed Johrei and his pain was relieved. Then I performed Johrei the area affected by erysipelas. He had a fever there but it came down in order from the area I performed Johrei. When I performed Johrei from there to the uncle in order, his swollen thigh and under leg went back to normal. His knee had stretched and couldn’t have been bent but he became able to bend his knee.

He no longer cooled his leg. The next morning, he was able to go to the toilet on foot. His purple leg became normal on the third day. The part cut by the surgeon was open but pus didn’t come out from there It is because an ointment was applied there. So, pus came out just next to the opening instead. Not only he but also I was very glad when his disease was completely cured in five days. If a patient like him has medical treatment, he has injections for antipyretics and antidotes. He also has an ointment, wet cloth and anti-rash medicine applied. Antipyretics and antidotes cause gastrointestinal disorders. Besides, he has a fever and his whole body excessively relaxes. In medical term, his fever must go down by injections even though they harm his stomach and intestine. Therefore, his body gets weak, which slows his recovery. On the other hand, Johrei melts the toxins and excretes them outside the body. Therefore, Johrei never causes gastrointestinal disorders nor weakens the body. As a result, the patient recovers quickly.

I have a daughter. She is one year and eight months old. She recently had dysentery-like symptoms. She had mucous and bloody stool ten times a day. Her belly lost inelasticity. She looked exhausted. If before becoming a believer, I would have been occupied to give an enema, a laxative and so on to her. I thought that I should try Johrei on her first before others. I decided to use her for my experiment for Johrei. I carefully performed Johrei towards her head and then underbelly while praying that toxins in her belly were discharged. Then her belly gained inelasticity in order from the area I performed Johrei. She had a larger amount of mucous and bloody stool than that when using an enema and a laxative. The amount of stool was reduced next time. When she had stool 9 times or so, it just stained a nappy. It became mushy and mixed with a little mucous the next day. I soon examined her belly. It was too soft and felt weak before but gained strength. I felt full of gratitude that her life was saved. Her stool had no mucous but it was still mushy and a little blood is mixed in it. I touched her belly and found a weak part. Then I performed Johrei towards it. She immediately gained strength in that part and had a normal stool. She had a little less appetite than usual but completely recovered. She should have become so. It is because the affected things on the intestinal wall were discharged and digested food was absorbed by performing Johrei. Therefore, she can recover without weakening.

In medical term, a patient like her is given an enema and a laxative, which sore and rot the intestinal wall. As a result, she has mucous and bloody stool. To discharge those toxic substances, an enema and a laxative must be used. Therefore, digested food cannot be absorbed and she becomes weak and leads to death.

In the current recession, I think that people have a hard time living even today. They cannot afford to have medical treatment. I imagine that many people are gasping on the death bed. Under such a condition, incurable diseases are easily healed by Johrei. This is a great gospel for human beings, isn’t it? A human body is precious if it is given by God. If we used any drastic medicine, scalpel nor injection, we would commit mortal sin. I was an absolute follower of medicine but now I have changed since I learnt the greatness of Johrei. I enshrined Dai-Komyo-Nyorai-sama and single-mindedly rely on it. I would like intellectuals to study this divine spirit first before blaming and attacking it without confronting it. Then please criticise it if possible.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.