What is Modern Culture?

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


As I described above, you would understand that medical science ignore nature and that is, in a word, the root cause of its false. As I previously explained, the disease is a natural action. In this process, toxin as an obstacle of function in the body is eliminated in the form of the disease. Since God created it for that purpose, humankind should follow it.


Rainstorm and lightening are good examples of this. When filth accumulates and becomes thick in the world of air or the world of spirit, it generates toxin. As this toxin harms people and animals, purification action occurs. In other words, filth is brew away with the wind, washed with rainwater and sun-dried or burnt out by thunderstorm in special cases. Human disease is a smaller action of those. Knowing this theory, you would understand how wrong and unnatural to stop the disease.


Here, I should explain the wrong relation between disease and science in detail. Science is originally a study which enriches human knowledge more conveniently and beautifully and improves their happiness to satisfy necessary human desire to live. Therefore, its field is naturally limited. It means science is a physical study and human life is not included in the field of science as it is metaphysical being. In a word, science belongs to the materialistic field, whereas human life belongs to the spiritual field. That is the truth.


Nevertheless, people were dazzled by the amazing development of modern science and overestimated its ability. They have fallen into the error of thinking that science could solve everything. In this way, science became out of its field and broke into the spiritual field. As a result, it ended up influencing human life. This dog-eat-dog like thinking created medical science. It is, needless to say, fundamentally wrong.


As I described above, human life belongs to the spiritual field, which is controlled by God. Since the wonderful healing power I perform is generated by Him, it is natural and no wonder that any kind of disease is cured. However, modern people are surprised to see that power and think it is a miracle. To be honest, that is too funny. It is as if the true thing becomes reversed when looking at a thing conversely. For this reason, people have never seen or heard of the divine spiritual treatment I undergo. It is too unprecedented for people to accept it easily. They would be confused once but suddenly wake from a long dream, realize the false of medical science and have spiritual peace and enlightenment as they fundamentally understand it. Therefore, if a person hesitates and didn’t wake up even after reading this book, they would be highly in danger to be driven to the depth of despair.


Translated by N.H.