What is Toxin?

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


The disease is caused by the pain which is inflicted when solidified and accumulated toxin in the body are dissolved and discharged. However, medical science misinterprets this pain and tries to solidify the toxin which is about to melt. Because of that, the body is weakened by taking additional toxin. The action of excreting toxin or purification action becomes more vigorous as a person gets healthier. Therefore, weakening one’s health results in stopping purification action. Since people don’t know this theory, they have searched for toxic substance and taken it since a long time ago. Then they found that it weakened their health and purification and consequently relieved their pain. Therefore, they are convinced that disease must be cured by it. They appreciated it and called it a medicine which was used as the only way for disease.   


Concerning this, the famous doctor Genpaku Sugita, who practised Western medicine during the Edo period, said, “Medicine is poison, which drives out the poison. Therefore, we use medicine for the treatment of diseases.” That is a very wise saying. To make this clearer, it is better to say that poison is stopped from discharging by poison. For this reason, the toxin is taken to stop discharging toxin. It means the new toxin is accumulated on the old toxin. In other words, the new solidified toxin is piled up upon the old one so that the purification becomes more intense than the beginning.


In addition to those toxins, a toxin is further taken and so forth. The amount of toxins gradually increases, which weaken the human body more and more. Therefore, the ability of purification becomes weaker and weaker. When you look at those who became so, they look pale, easily catch a cold, don’t feel good, depend on doctors and medicine, become like a living corpse, continue to suffer through the year and cannot do full-fledged work at all. How miserable they are! Worse still, they cannot find why they became so and do nothing but just change doctors one after another, look for new medicine and have a string of moxibustion, a charm, folk remedies and faith healing or so as usual. However, they still don’t find the cause. They are going to die while suffering after spending a lot of money. As that is caused by the false of medical science, what a surprising and terrifying thing it is! To get straight to the point, it is not too much to say that medical science is a tragedy manufacturer.


In this way, I boldly and frankly described. I wonder how medical personnel think of my writings when reading them. Some of them would get resentful but it is inevitable to save all humans in the world. It is like sacrificing something small to save something great. This is God’s great love so that we rather thank for His blessing. If it results in increasing people without the disease, what would happen to this world? Surely, the hell-like present world would turn into Paradise on Earth or the land of happiness. Just imaging that, you would see the bright side of life with joy and happiness.


Translated by N.H.