Regarding Surgery

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953



In the field of medical science, the advancement of surgery is especially boasted in recent years. However, nothing is much more wrong than this. On the contrary, it clearly shows that medical science has not progressed as I always advocate. The true medical art should remove only the disease but leave the function affected by the disease as it is. Most of the diseases are caused when toxin accumulates and solidifies near the function affected by the toxin and disturbs its activity. Nothing is related to the function itself. Therefore, the disease is completely cured when only the toxin is eliminated. On the other hand, as medical science can’t remove only the toxin cleverly, the function has to be removed as well as the toxin. It is nothing but a result of its powerless.


For this reason, if a whole affected part is cut off to cure disease, it is, needless to say, a primitive or at least not cultural method. Furthermore, a patient is very much harmed by acts of atrocious cruelty such as cutting a fresh, bleeding and resecting a born. It is rather a tragedy. It is true anaesthesia frees a patient from pain while a surgery is being undergone but it takes time to cure the wound while replacing gauze and requires great cost. Considering that, it puts on a heavy burden on the patient.


It would be still better if the surgery were successful. However, we have often heard that some patients, unfortunately, have a second surgery when their conditions are not good after the first surgery, or surgeons rush into stitching up a wound as they find their misdiagnosis after incision. In some rare cases, a patient loses their life due to operation failure. It is like an adventure after all but that is not only the case. In the case of surgical disease, a finger, as well as an arm or leg, are cut off and a patient becomes disable, or the terrible scar remains after swelling is removed. All leave seeds of misery. Frankly speaking, modern medical science should be called barbaric medical science.


On the other hand, doctors would say, “That is true. We know it. However, we have to perform operations to save patients’ lives. In these cases, we cannot avoid making them disabled or leaving scars.” Their reason sounds right but it is very wrong. If the disease is serious enough to be required surgery, purification must intensely occur to the solidified toxin. The patient must have a high fever and intense pain. It means the patient is in the state of recovering from the disease. When it is left as it is, the toxin is quickly dissolved and discharged. Then the disease is sure to be cured. The pain is supposed to be gone when the disease is cured.


With natural remedy, the pain is caused in an only fraction of that by surgery. Besides, the severer pain a person has to endure, the sooner purification finishes. It would take a few days at the longest. Moreover, the disease is steadily cured with natural therapy so that they don’t have to worry about it, or they rather look forward to being healed and can easily endure the pain.


On the contrary, some patients continue to suffer from pain for dozens of days. It is because toxic medicine is added to the original toxin, which causes the disease, and the pain consequently increases. If the disease is naturally cured, people neither become disabled nor have the terrible scar remain. It is steadily cured in a short period and fewer costs. There is also no risk of death. Just knowing this, people would have great happiness. However, neither doctors nor general people who read this book can believe it as it is very different from the conventional way of thinking. Since this is absolute truth, they would understand it with an open mind. Let me give you a few examples of it.


The most common surgery would be for appendicitis. Appendicitis is caused by toxic internal medicine which penetrates through the stomach wall, accumulates in the right kidney, then melts little by little, moves around the appendix and once solidifies. Even if a person is in good health, they feel a little pain when pressing around the appendix and the backside of the right kidney. If so, the person would suffer from appendicitis sooner or later. When this symptom progresses to a certain extent, purification action occurs. Along with a high fever and severe pain, the solidified toxin is dissolved and discharged as diarrhoea. This is the correct order.


In this process, the dissolved toxin passes through peritoneum so that doctors misunderstand it is a serious condition. They say, “Surgery must be undergone as soon as possible. Otherwise, appendicitis is torn and that causes peritonitis. When it happens, it is too late to save you.” For us, that is nonsense which cannot be laughed. It is because that shows good progress and never threatens a patient’s life.


Therefore, when a person suffers from appendicitis, it is natural that it affects other parts of the body than appendix even if it isn’t treated but left as it is. It is because that toxin, which is accumulated in the kidney as mentioned above, has no place to move and then it is flooded to other parts of the body. They are the part of peritonitis or kidney. If that is the case, the toxin causes disease which is rather difficult to be handled and cured than appendicitis. As I described above, appendicitis is easily cured when it is left as it is. Nevertheless, medical treatment is wrongly undergone and contrarily leads to serious problems in the future.


Let us move to the second most common disease. That is tonsillitis. When a person takes liquid medicine, it penetrates mucous membrane in the mouth, becomes pus which concentrates and solidifies in the part of the tonsil. Then purification actin occurs to it. In this process, pus is melted and tonsil becomes swollen by heat and then torn. After that pus comes out and tonsillitis is cured. On the contrary, as for medical treatment, ointment such as Lugol medicine is used to solidify toxin. Therefore, tonsillitis must recur even if it is once cured and consequently become chronic. Worse still, its symptom gets severer on each occasion and a patient would have no choice to have surgery.


The next common diseases are whitlow and gangrene. Whitlow is caused by the toxin which solidifies in the right cervical lymph gland if it is caused in the right fingers ‎or vice versa. When the toxin melts, it is about to come out of a fingertip. It causes severe pain. When it occurs, you easily find a hardening and feel a fever around the neck. Therefore, we never take care of the affected finger but perform Johrei just towards the neck. After that, pain is quickly relieved and a whitlow is completely cured in a few days at longest.


On the other hand, doctors say that an affected finger becomes rotted. That is quite absurd. When a small swelling is formed on a fingertip, it gradually spreads upwards. As it looks like something rotted, they misunderstand so. When it spreads to some extent, however, it must stop spreading.


As for gangrene, it is caused by the toxin which solidifies in the inguinal lymph grand. Then purification action occurs in the same process as that of whitlow. Both whitlow and gangrene are removed by surgery under medical treatment. Therefore, the patient becomes disabled. They should be recovered as before by Johrei or natural remedy. As other types of swellings and eczema on the skin are all caused by toxic medicine, there is nothing better than a natural remedy to take. In other words, all kinds of swellings or so are completely cured when they are left as they are. It is because they become swollen enough to have a hole and bloody pus comes out of it.


Besides, there is no mark left even no matter how big a swelling becomes. When knowing this theory from now on, you don’t have to worry about any swelling even if it is surprisingly big. Moreover, it is very good purification as the toxin comes out of the body instead of attacking inside and causing internal disease. It is like making a mountain out of a molehill. In the case of scratches and burns, pus gathers in the affected parts. Doctors say that it is caused by bacterial invasion but they are wrong. Pus gathers around the affected part because it is stimulated to do so and then discharged. As a result, the amount of toxin decreases as it is discharged. That is very good.


Here I tell you about antiseptic poisoning. You have to be very careful about it. Antiseptic is supposed to be indispensable for surgery and external wound but it is a strong poison which kills bacteria even with the amount of being diluted tens of times. Since it directly penetrates human muscle, it never fails to get out of somewhere as time passes. In the most case, it causes a headache, eye disease (or loss of eyesight), otitis media, toothache or so. It sometimes goes down to an anus (haemorrhoids), genital area, joints of arms and legs and then solidifies. Then it becomes swelling or eczema. It is associated with pain or itch. As antiseptic causes severe pain, you would see when it caused very much. In that case, you would understand this was caused by that antiseptic which was used on that occasion. Recently, some people have swelling below the knee. They are caused by the toxic medicine of preventive injections which goes down. When it is left as it is, the pus comes out and it is sure to be cured. There is nothing to worry about.


Translated by N.H.