Toxic Medicine (1)

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953



Now I explain toxic medicine in further detail. As I previously described, you would almost understand that all kinds of medicines are poisonous, which stop purification and consequently cause various diseases. In medicines, there are two types; Chinese and western medicine. As they have their characteristics, you need to know them to some extent.


They also have different effects. As for Chinese medicine, it is made from roots of herbs and barks of trees. According to Chinese legend, a god-like person called Pangu appeared in the era of the Former Han. To heal disease, he collected various plants in the fields and mountains and gave them as medicine to the sick. Then they reduced their pain. Therefore, people thought they did heal disease and are still used even today.


Even people today don’t know that medicine is poisonous. How could people at that time know it? In any case, as the pain is relieved even for a while, people have believed the effects of medicine until today. When taking Chinese medicine, a person takes a lot. Therefore, it unexpectedly affects a lot to them even if it contains very few toxins. Furthermore, some people drink it instead of tea. That is a problem. Because of the very pale face, you would easily recognise those who constantly take Chinese medicine. Most of the Chinese people look yellowish. It would be because they take Chinese medicine a lot.


Chinese medicine also affects the kidney very much. It causes swelling. I often see a middle-aged or older woman who looks pale and plump. They must be affected by Chinese medicine. The addiction to this medicine causes dull pain in most cases. In the past, women in the gay quarters had chameleon plants or honeysuckles as regular medicine. It is because they are effective in preventing venereal disease. It means they stop purification such as having rashes or swellings. In the past, women often got cramps, worms or cold sensitivity, whereas men suffered from so-called Senki, which hurts testicles. They were all the same. Other than them, stomach cramps, beriberi, rheumatism and heart diseases, which both men and women suffer from, are also caused by Chinese medicine poisoning.



Translated by N.H.