Toxic Medicine (2)

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


Now I describe the symptoms caused by toxic medicine. When suffering from smallpox, people suffer from itching. This is the severest itchiness of all. This disease is caused by inherited toxic medicine. When purification occurs, the toxin is excreted from the skin. Since terrible pockmarks remain after recovering, people dislike suffering from smallpox. Then they avoid this disease by taking a vaccine. However, it doesn’t mean that the inherited toxins disappear but merely stops excreting them. These remained toxins become the cause of various diseases.


In most cases, they cause scabies disease. When suffering from this disease, a person cannot stand the itchiness. Its symptom has no difference from that of smallpox. In short, you just think that smallpox is an acute disease, whereas scabies disease is chronic.


As for hives, it is, of course, caused by toxic medicine. Most of them are caused by calcium addiction. If people think when hives appear, they should find the cause immediately. However, I wonder why but they think the intestine causes them. I guess that they confuse this cause with that of poisoning from fish and meat. Due to that poisoning, hives also appear but it is nonsense. In the case of the poisoning from fish and meat, a person is healed in a few days even while doing nothing. On the contrary, it takes a few months or years to cure hives caused by calcium addiction. It depends on person to person. Regarding this, taking calcium is good for growing children as human bones contain it. That is nonsense indeed. When you think about fishermen and farmers in the time when calcium additives didn’t exist, they were big-boned while just eating greens and rice. Why could they be?


As for mental disease, it is regarded to be caused by syphilis and Salvarsan is injected. The truth is that it is just the opposite. From many years of my experience, there are surprisingly quite a few people who suffer from mental disease because of taking Salvarsan. It should be found out by medical research. Mental disease is said to be not cured by medical treatment. It is because its cause is in the human spirit. Therefore, it is meaningless to attack only the body.


Then I explain diseases related to the stomach. They are certainly caused by the medicine. Among them, gastric ulcer is caused by digestive medicine. It is because this medicine surely contains baking soda. It makes the wall of the stomach soft. When something hard touches that wall, it is scratched and bleeds, or the blood comes out from the part of the mucous membrane which became thin. That blood once accumulates on the bottom of the stomach and then a person vomits blood at one time or excretes it as diarrhoea. Some person also excretes black clot with faeces, which is old blood.


The trouble is that a patient is forced to eat only liquid food and to rest under medical treatment. When the mucous membrane is mended, they think that it is healed and feel at ease. However, this condition often becomes the early stage of stomach cancer. It is because there becomes no place that the accumulated impure blood comes out. Therefore, it just stays there and causes cancer. However, it is not genuine cancer. I tell you how to identify it. When the operation is undergone, a blood clot is found. This symptom shows false cancer. As for genuine cancer, it is not found.


Let me move on to gastroptosis. When taking digestive medicine and eating digestible food, the gastric activity becomes dull and neglected, which makes the stomach relaxed. This is the cause of gastroptosis. In other words, human ignorance made this disease. Therefore, when a person eats such food as boiled rice in soup with pickles, the stomach starts to work actively. Then gastroptosis is cured whether willing or not.


Then I describe cholelithiasis. It is caused by a solidified toxin in the backside of the kidney which gradually melts when purification occurs. Then it penetrates the gallbladder from its backside. Then it is combined with the gallbladder bile and become calculus. When this stone goes through the bile duct, it causes unbearable severe pain. If it flows down and goes into the kidney, it is called a kidney stone. When this stone enters the bladder next, it is called a bladder stone. The trouble is that the stone is coated by the urea in the kidney and the bladder as there is urine in both organs. Therefore, the stone gradually grows larger. When this stone is stuck in the urethral opening, it prevents urine from discharging. As a result, the lower abdomen becomes bloated and a patient dies in most cases. On the other hand, it is interesting that the stone is broken into pieces like sand and discharged when the patient receives Johrei. They are easily recovered.


Translated by N.H.