Main Diseases: (2) Eye, Ear, Nose and Mouth Disease

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953



There are various eye diseases but most of them are cured if they are left as they are. Nevertheless, they become incurable as medicine is used. There is nothing but medicine which hardens toxins. It causes the most of blindness and other incurable eye diseases. Medicine is such a terrible thing.


Especially concerning blindness, it is caused when bloody pus first accumulates in the eye ground. This condition is called internal hindrance. Cataract or glaucoma are caused when bloody pus accumulates outside of the eyeball. When you leave them as they are, eye mucus and drops come out little by little and they are healed. When a kind of swelling forms in the eye, you just think that you suffer from leucoma. When catching the pink eye, an eye becomes red because toxins are discharged by purification.


When children have swollen eyes too much to be opened, or a lot of pus comes out of their eyes, they are very good symptoms. When they are left, all of the toxins come out and then they are healed. In this process, cooling or worming eyes are the worst things to do. Because of those wrong treatments, these symptoms last longer or get worse. Here I have one thing to note. That is about eye drops. They have strong power to harden things. From our experiences, when a person suffers from eye disease, it is easily cured by Johrei soon after suffering. On the other hand, when only one of the eye drops is provided, the disease can be hardly cured. This fact clearly shows how strongly eye drops harden toxins.


People also use a boric acid solution to wash their eyes but it is bad. Because of its toxin, it can work a little only when it is applied but it becomes addictive when it is often used. As a result, it causes bleary and itchy eyes. When you think about the mucous membrane behind the eyelid, you can find that it works as a soft cloth. When thinking about eye drops, it works as a disinfectant. They are ideal for washing eyes naturally. Nevertheless, people are fool enough to do what is unnecessary and worsen the condition after all. Common sense tells you what is right or not. If someone doesn’t feel sad but the tears always come into one’s eyes, it is caused by the addictive of eye drops. When they recall, they can remember when they were provided.


As for trachoma, it forms rashes behind the eyelid. It is caused by the toxins in the brain which try to excrete. It is completely cured when they are left. Because of the ignorance, the surgery for trachoma is undertaken and it becomes a habit and is repeatedly done. The condition consequently gets worse and becomes nearly blind in some cases. As I described above, eye disease is caused by the toxins in the brain which once accumulates in and around the eyeball to be excreted. When you understand this reason, you don’t have to worry about any kind of eye disease. Therefore, if this is known to the public, how many cases of blindness and eye diseases will decline?


Then I explain short-sighted eyes. It is caused by a hard lump around medulla oblongata, which presses blood vessel and consequently causes a lack of nutrition in the eyes. Therefore, the eyes have not enough power to look far. Short-sighted eyes are easily and completely cured when a hard lump is melted. Astigmatism occurs for the same reason as short-sighted eyes but the difference between them is whether the toxins are movable or fixed by nature.


Then I describe ear diseases. Among them, people would most often suffer from a middle ear infection. It is caused by the solidified toxins near the lymph gland which are dissolved by purification and try to come out of the ear. In this process, they pierce a hole in the bone which causes severe pain. When leaving them as well, a hole is made and they come out of it. Then middle ear infection is healed and the hole is naturally mended.


Let us move on to nose diseases. As for nasal polyps, hypertrophic rhinitis, nasal catarrh and so on, they are caused by toxins in the brain which melt and once accumulate around the nose. All of them are sure to be cured when they are left as they are. Regarding nose diseases, I have one thing to note. It is cocaine addiction. Some people who have accustomed to sniffing cocaine and might die due to its addiction. They must stop doing so.


Then I explain oral diseases. The most common disease would be pyorrhea. It is caused by toxins solidified around the neck and shoulders which gradually melt, concentrate into the gum and try to discharge from there. It takes time but pyorrhea is naturally cured when they are left. People might often feel rough in the mouth, or have rashes in the mucous membrane or swelling on the tongue. They are all caused by internal medicine which penetrates the mucous membrane and becomes a toxin. Then the toxin excretes. When all of the toxins come out, they are surely cured.


Let me explain breast cancer for women next as it is often caused. In most cases, swelling is formed in the breast. It is formed in the depth of the breast first. Then it gradually comes outside and becomes big enough to make a hole naturally. Pus comes out of the hole and the swelling completely disappears.


Other than lung, heart and stomach diseases, liver disease and cholelithiasis would be regarded as main medical diseases. The liver disease is caused by toxic medicine which is first solidified in the liver. As the solidified toxin presses the liver, the gallbladder behind the liver is also pressed. As a result, the gallbladder bile exudes and pervades the whole body. This symptom is called jaundice.


As for cholelithiasis, it is caused by the uremic toxin which penetrates out of the kidney, comes up and penetrates the gallbladder from the right side of the back. Then it is combined with the gallbladder bile and become calculus. This is called cholelithiasis. When this stone goes through the bile duct, it causes unbearable severe pain. This pain cannot be relieved by medical science so that only first-aid treatment is applied.


If it flows down and goes into the kidney. It is called a kidney stone. The trouble is that the stone is coated by the urea in the kidney and gradually glows larger. As the stone touches the kidney wall, it hurts and might bleed. When this stone enters the bladder, it is called a bladder stone. However, when this stone is stuck in the urinary opening or the urethral opening. In both cases, the stone prevents urine from discharging. Therefore, the lower abdomen becomes bloated. When it happens, a patient suffers very much and dies in most cases. On the other hand, when the patient receives Johrei, the stone is broken into pieces like sand and discharged. They are completely recovered.


Then I explain diabetes. It is caused by toxic medicine around the pancreas. It solidifies and presses the pancreas, which cannot process sugar. This disease is easily cured by Johrei. A doctor put a patient on a diet for this disease but it is meaningless or rather makes the condition worse as they become weak.


Let us move on to peritonitis. It is caused by solidified toxin around the kidney. It presses the kidney, which cannot process urine very much. Then unprocessed urine is accumulated in the peritoneum. When it occurs rapidly, it causes abdominal swelling. When it occurs slowly, the unprocessed urine is accumulated little by little and solidified. When purification rapidly occurs, it causes high fever and severe pain. A doctor diagnoses as acute peritonitis which is a serious disease. However, both cases are relatively easily cured by Johrei.


Constipation is also one of the most common diseases. It is mostly caused by laxative poisoning. It is because they weaken the bodily function of processing excrement when a person takes them. Therefore, the person repeatedly takes a laxative and eventually suffers from chronic constipation. Constipation is also certainly cured when it is left as it is. However, doctors are contrarily cautious about this condition. From my experience, a person became regular while doing nothing after having constipation for about a month. That was nothing wrong with them. Furthermore, someone had constipation for six months but it was nothing wrong. From these facts, constipation is just nothing. On the contrary, some people always have diarrhoea. That is fine because toxins are also discharged as diarrhoea. When all of them are discharged, it is cured and they become healthier. Before time, when a person suffered from chronic diarrhoea, they had left it for three years as I said. Then they completely recovered and became very healthy.


Then I explain the disease having worms in the belly. They are an intestinal worm, hookworm, tapeworm, pinworm and so on. They are gotten when the toxins accumulate and decay, or infected. In any case, you have to think that it is a really shame to have worms in the human body. It is no different from a rubbish dump or a tank for holding excreta. Therefore, people are never proud of themselves as the lord of the creation until they have a clean body without having worms.


Translated by N.H.