What is X?

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953



As I described in the previous part, “X” is the most important to cure the disease but has not existed on the earth until today. Then let me explain the circumstances that it is exerted by me? As I mentioned, to eradicate the cause of human misfortune, God disclosed the required conditions. They are, needless to say, to uncover pathology and establish a reliable method of curing disease. Obviously, purification action is its pathology and Johrei is its method.


Therefore, God chose me and gave me the wisdom and power. For this purpose, the amulet is used as I mentioned before. It is made of a paper, on which I write a Japanese word. In other words, it would be an intangible atomic bomb. Besides, the spirit of fire in the spiritual world increases day by day. As a result, the spiritual cloud becomes easy to melt. The following fact shows this; the spirit of fire, which is transmitting to me, is gradually increased and strengthened. It is also shown by our power of Johrei. The power which tens of thousands of disciples as well as I have is being strengthened day by day. Our ability to cure diseases is also being developed.


The interesting thing is that medical science is given the opposite effect by this. As I have already explained, medical science adopts the method of solidifying the toxin which is about to melt. Therefore, the toxin is gradually hard to become solidified as the spirit of fire increases. The stronger power is consequently needed to solidify the toxin. For this reason, toxic medicine should become more poisonous. However, the side effects happen if the amount of toxin reaches a certain level. Therefore, the amount of toxin should be adjusted not to cause side effects. It is bothersome but this process is called the progress of medicine.


In conclusion, this is not the progress of curing the disease but solidifying disease temporarily. Considering this, you would see that medical treatment is just the opposite method to cure disease. In this sense, the progress of new medicine means that of hardening method because toxic medicine is made stronger but the side effects are not caused. As a result, fewer patients died from tuberculosis. The following fact shows this; patients and onsets from tuberculosis don’t decrease at all despite its reduced mortality. Regarding this, I have a very important thing to warn here.


As it becomes the world of day in the spiritual world, the power of purification becomes vigorous and toxin can hardly be solidified. Consequently, toxic medicine should be poisonous more and more but it has already reached the limit. If it becomes more poisonous, the condition becomes dangerous. It means the power of solidifying toxin becomes inferior to that of melting. In this case, all kinds of diseases including tuberculosis increase dramatically and the number of patients and the dead increase. That would become such an unprecedented hell. This is the era of fear which I have advocated for a long time.


When that era comes, the patient’s condition would get worse or they would die soon after doctors touched them. It means it would be the era of fear even for doctors. When that happens, doctors cannot help abandoning medical treatment. Therefore, people seek for the way to escape from such tragedy. Then my theory finally starts shining and everyone aims for and gathers to my church to ask for help. It is beyond imagination how busy we are at that time. My theory also gradually spreads over the world and we accomplish a great achievement of saving society and people from the hell-like world. This is the purpose of God.


Translated by N.H.