Regarding Toxic Medicine

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


Until then I described toxic medicine in detail. Therefore, you would almost understand what it is. Now I give you an example which clearly shows how it affects us. From generation to generation, people have taken toxic medicine. Consequently, the astonishing amount of toxic medicine is now accumulated in the human body. If medicine truly healed disease, people would become very healthy and no one in the world would suffer from the disease. However, the fact is contrary. In that case, people should come up with a question but never notice at all. They must be under the illusion. It is because people have a strong belief that the disease should be cured only by medicine for a long time ago, which becomes superstition. Therefore, the sick increases as if mocking the progress of medical science. As you know, there are not enough doctors and nurses. Hospitals are full and beds are not sufficiently provided. There are various measures against disease such as the improvement of health insurance, sanatorium and social hygiene, and so on. When you look at those things, you would understand that medical science has progressed scientifically and materialistically to the last detail. It means the progress of curing the disease when it is caused. However, it doesn’t mean to eradicate the disease. In other words, that is the theoretical progress but not the practical progress of curing disease. In this way, human life of today is controlled by the scientific theory. Therefore, if that theory were wrong, human life would fall victim to it. Why so? It is because people believe the scientific theory of today has already progressed enough to solve the matter of human life. They are such followers of the theory. It is really surprising.

The recent statistics say that the life of Japanese people is extended. Thirty years ago, the life expectancy for Japanese men and women was 47 years old and recently became sixty-two or -three years old. People are pleased with this extension and believe that it owes to the progress of medical science. However, the true reason for this is as following. In medical science, to stop purification action, toxic medicine is used, which results in weakening the human body and purification. It consequently relieves pain. In the past, people died as the toxic medicine was not strong enough to stop purification. On the other hand, medical science recently succeeded to create new medicine which becomes more toxic but doesn’t cause addiction. As a result, the period of stopping purification becomes long and people have a longer life as long as the purification is stopped. It just looks as if medical science has progressed. For this reason, new medicine continuously appears. In other words, it is very strange progress.

However, it never cures the disease. It increases the number of people who don’t die nor become healthy. Such betwixt and between people increases, which tends to happen to civilised countries. A person, who recently came back from Europe, told me that people in U.K. and France are not willing to work, want to lead an easy life and only think of indulging in pleasure as the number of old people increases. Especially in England, people suffer from food shortage, which is worse than in the defeated country like Japan. Because of people’s decreased strength, it must have happened. It also caused the rise of socialism. The survival of the fittest is not its style. It is because that idea decreases the willingness to work. This decline accelerated the exhaustion of the U.K. these days. This must be thought a lot in Japan, too.

By the way, when looking at Japanese history, Emperors usually had lived to be more than a hundred years old for about a thousand years since Japan was found. It is because that medicine didn’t exist at that time. After that, Chinese medicine was brought and disease started to occur. Along with this, an epidemic prevailed soon after Buddhism was brought to Japan fourteen hundred years ago. At that time, the Japanese government thought indigenous gods caused the epidemic because they were angry with Buddhism which was brought. Therefore, it was banned but nothing had changed. Then Buddhism was finally accepted. I also tell you about a famous Chinese legend. The first Qin Emperor said, “There is Horai Island (Japan) in the east, where people live long very much. There must exist a wonderful medicine.” Then he ordered a vassal named Xu Fu to go to Japan to find that miraculous medicine. However, he found that people in Japan didn’t use the medicine at that time. He couldn’t return to China without medicine. Therefore, he is said to have stayed and ended his life in Japan. His grave is in a certain place of Wakayama prefecture so that this story would not be nonsense. From these stories, people could easily live to be more than a hundred years old if they didn’t use the medicine. People die because they suffer from the disease, which means they died unnatural deaths. If the era without medicine came, people would naturally die. It is not surprising at all that they would consequently live longer.


Translated by N.H.