Adverse Effect of Medicine

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


Now I describe the adverse effect of the medicine. As I explained many times, there is no case in the world that medicine cures the disease. The true cure means that disease is completely healed by medicine without any help of surgery and never recurs. This is the true way of curing disease.


However, the truth is that the effect of all medicine lasts only temporarily. Let me give you an example. It is asthma, which is just subsided by an ephedrine injection as a specific medicine. It is true but that is the only temporarily condition and it recurs after a while. Then the subsiding period of the symptom gradually becomes shorter. In the beginning, the injection is given once a month but the interval of having an injection becomes shorter such as once three weeks, two weeks, a week and so on. In the end, some people have to have injections a few to dozens of times a day. In this case, they give themselves an injection, which would be just before death and couldn’t be helped.


Asthma is not only the case. All kinds of injections are the same as ephedrine injection. This is a really serious problem. Medicines for internal use is all the same. Many people in society are called a medicine lover, a wholesaler of medicine or a stuffing medicine. They don’t die nor become healthy. They are betwixt-and-between and idles all year around. They would be practically dead.


On the other hand, they would say that they can live because of medicine. The truth is that they cannot become healthy because of medicine. They just misinterpret the fact and are completely fascinated with medical superstition.


To make this clearer, the effect of the medicine is all the same as drug addiction except the effective period. Because drugs work only for a short period, people cannot help but have the injection very often. On the other hand, the effect of ordinary medicine lasts long. Therefore, people don’t realise they are addictive. For this reason, you would understand that drugs rapidly work, whereas ordinary medicine slowly does.


Then I explain how medical science interprets medicine. All the remained toxic medicine is regarded to be naturally excreted and disappears. This idea is very wrong. The human digestive function naturally separates digestive things and not digestive ones. Digestive things have been decided for a long time ago. They are grains, vegetables, fish, bird meat, animal meat and so on. It is proved by the fact that they are suitable for human taste. This is the diet which fits the rule of nature. Therefore, when you just follow this diet, you would never suffer from disease and be always healthy.


Nevertheless, people just decide by themselves that works as medicine, this is a poison and so on. They don’t eat what they want but eat what they don’t want. Their idiocy is nothing but pity. The old saying also says that good medicine tastes bitter. This is also wrong. Bitterness means poisonous and suggests not to have. Because of toxin, it stops purification and the symptom consequently seems to get better for a while. Therefore, people misunderstand that it works.


The digestive function is naturally created not to process things except specified food. As medicine is a foreign substance, it cannot be processed. Therefore, it remains in the body, becomes toxin and causes disease. Just knowing this reason, people are very much saved. Even specialists know very well that the ingredients of the medicine are all poisonous. When they study new medicine, they use poisonous ingredients for them.


“606” or Salvarsan is a specific medicine for syphilis. Since it is produced from arsenicals, it is highly poisonous to kill people by taking only an ear pick amount of it. Nowadays, penicillin is often used. It is made from moss, which is not poisonous but should not be eaten by people. Since it is created for fish to eat by God, it is not for human beings.


People have to take a decided dose of medicine, too. If they take more, they might become addictive. Because of toxin, they have to do so. In conclusion, things called medicine are all poisonous and foreign substances. Therefore, they cannot be digested nor absorbed. They remain in the body and cause disease. If anyone cannot understand this simple theory, they are taken prisoner of medical superstition.


Translated by N.H.