Principle of Johrei

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953



In all the world today, I claim that Johrei is the only method to cure disease truly. Before explaining the principle of Johrei, you should know how on earth human body consists. As for science, it finds the component only on the materialistic side and medical science is based on that.


However, that is only half of it. To tell the truth, the human body consists of two elements; an invisible spirit and a visible body. In this sense, the disease is the phenomenon that appears on the body. The cause of the disease is in the spirit. In other words, the spirit and the body are in a front-back relation. As long as this relation is recognised, the true medical science cannot be born.


Then, what is spirit? This is kind of colourless and transparent ether. Since science has not developed yet enough, it is natural not to grasp it. According to God’s bidding, however, it does exist so that it is sure to be grasped by science when it further progresses in the future. In this sense, when curing disease, the spirit as the cause of disease should be cured. Otherwise, the body cannot be cured. Therefore, the disease in the spirit should be cured spiritually. This way is called Johrei and based on the quite ordinary theory.


On the other hand, science only adapts a materialistic idea and targets only for the body, the disease cannot be cured. For this reason, it is meaningless and wasted effort no matter how medical science progresses. Since medical treatment was created by medical science, it cannot work. Other than medical treatment, various remedies do all the same but moxibustion works a little differently. When it provides, toxins are temporarily moved towards an affected part of the body by its stimulation. Then the pain is relieved. It encourages to suppurate toxins because the amount of toxins decreases as much as they are suppurated. Here I thoroughly explain the fundamental principle of Johrei.


As I mentioned before, the disease is first generated in the spirit. It means the cloud is first generated in a particular part of the spirit. This cloud is generated through the following process. The toxin is once absorbed into the body and blood becomes impure. This impure blood makes cloud in the spirit as following the principle; spirit and body work together. Then natural purification action occurs. In this process, the cloud gradually makes thick molecules in a particular part of the spirit and these molecules transfer to the body and harden. They are commonly concentrated in the parts of the body where people use nerves. The body parts which people frequently use nerves are the upper body, especially eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat and so on with a focus on the head. Before concentrating on these parts, they once gather around the neck and shoulders as one step ahead. They become hardenings in the body. When examining around a neck and shoulders, everyone can easily find a hardening. That is what I explained.


When purification naturally occurs to them, this condition is called a cold. When a person catches a cold, the hardenings melt and become liquid. They are eliminated from the body in the form of phlegm, runny nose and sweat. For this reason, pump-action called coughing occurs to discharge phlegm and sneeze occurs to have a runny nose.


As for headache, it is caused when toxins in the brain are melted by heat and stimulate the nerve to look for the way out. Otitis media, lymphadenitis, tonsillitis, eye disease and toothache are caused in the same way. Neuralgia and rheumatoid arthritis are all the same. In these cases, when a person bends arms, legs and fingers, purification occurs to toxins concentrated and solidified there. It causes severe pain. I roughly described as above. In short, the pain accompanying disease is caused by the excreting action of toxins which are accumulated and solidified in the particular part of the body. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about that, or should rather endure it with pleasure. It is because human health is improved in that way. Besides, the pain accompanying disease is partly created by fear, which makes up more than half of it as everyone knows. Therefore, the pain halves when knowing the above reason.


Now I must especially describe tuberculosis. It is caused when purification occurs to the solidified toxins in particular parts of the body. They are first melted by heat and immediately penetrate the lung and once stay there. Soon after that, they are discharged as phlegm. This process follows the principle of nature. Not knowing this, medical science regards that disease is occurred by generating the phlegm in the lung, which is staying temporarily there. Therefore, the phlegm is tried to stop generating as much as possible. Consequently, the pain is reduced as much as the toxin stops melting. This condition is misunderstood that disease is cured.


As expected, phlegm is solidified and reflected as a cloud shape on the X-ray. Therefore, a doctor diagnoses as an early stage of tuberculosis, or lung infiltration. When looking through the process as above, you would see that medical treatment does create tuberculosis after all. Let me explain the original function of the lungs in simple terms. The lung works as an intermediate station when a liquid toxin or phlegm is discharged. Nevertheless, it is misinterpreted as a terminal station in medical science. It is as if the train stops at the intermediate station. As a result, something that should be discharged is stopped, which consequently creates tuberculosis. If that is the case, what a terrible mistake medical science would do!


Then I explain dysentery and children’s dysentery, which are recently feared. They are surprisingly caused by the solidified toxins in the brain, especially from the back of the head to around medulla oblongata. Those toxins are melted by heat and discharged as diarrhoea. In this process, the liquid toxin is once accumulated in the intestine and discharged as diarrhoea. No one would imagine that. However, the following fact clearly shows this. It has a good prognosis as being clearheaded. For example, a school child suddenly becomes superior.


In medical science, not only tuberculosis but also all the other diseases are regarded to be caused by a bacterial infection. To tell the truth, however, bacteria naturally generates when toxin gets old. This is the principle of materials. Furthermore, body temperature encourages it. It is not said that it never infects but it doesn’t become a serious problem. Because it naturally and infinitely generates after all. I will explain the bacteria later in detail.


Translated by N.H.