Cause of Tuberculosis

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953



Tuberculosis is the most serious problem in Japan at present. Let me explain it thoroughly. It is generally said to start from a cold but that is wrong. Then I explain how it is caused. As I have already described, when a person catches a cold, liquid toxin, or phlegm once stays in the lung. In this case, the phlegm is stopped discharging by providing various types under medical treatment. The person consequently reduces the temperature and stops coughing, which is working as a pumping action. As a result, the phlegm remains and solidifies in the lung. This condition looks like curing a cold.


While the person is feeling at ease, however, they catch a cold again. As the phlegm, which was about to be discharged, was solidified, purification action naturally recurs. Then the person goes to see a doctor. The doctor finds not only the symptom of a cold but also finds solidified phlegm in the lung, hears Russell and sees melting phlegm like the cloud in an X-ray photo. Therefore, the person is diagnosed as an early stage of tuberculosis. In this way, medical treatment tries every possible means to create disease, which is not originally existed in the lung.


Let me explain it in more detail. When purification action naturally occurs to the solidified toxins in the particular parts of the body, phlegm starts to melt in one or a few parts and immediately penetrates the lung. The toxin usually solidifies around the neck with a focus on the head, shoulders, near libs, back, abdomen and groins in order. In this way, the cause of tuberculosis would exist in all parts of the body. This would be the worldwide discovery.


In conclusion, the lung works as a so-called agency for discharging phlegm. Nevertheless, people don’t know its role and often say “chest disease.” This is nonsense and completely irrelevant. Obviously, medical science makes up this chest disease. The worst thing of all is that the cause of tuberculosis is regarded as Mycobacterium tuberculosis in medical science. Concerning this, I should fully identify the blind spot of medical science. As I explained, bacteria are generated because solidified phlegm in the lung gets old and decays. When something decays, the microorganism is consequently generated. This is the theory of substances. Besides, body temperature encourages it.


As a result, bacteria grow more and more and encroaches alveoli, which causes a pulmonary cavity. When it is reflected in an X-ray photo, a doctor diagnoses a patient with malignant tuberculosis. Hearing that, the patient is mentally very shocked and disappointed. As everyone knows, their condition suddenly gets worse after that. In this way, as carefully considering the process of changing the symptom from a cold at first to true tuberculosis, it is quite obvious that the false of medical treatment creates tuberculosis after all.


Then let me explain lung infiltration. It is caused by solidified toxins outside the lung which melt, penetrate the lung and come out as phlegm. When they are left as they are, lung infiltration is completely cured after all of the phlegm comes out. Nevertheless, it is stopped coming out by being solidified under medical treatment. Therefore, lung infiltration is developed into tuberculosis. When stiffness around the neck and shoulders melt and penetrate the upper part of the lung, this symptom is called hilar lymphadenitis or catarrh of the pulmonary apex. They are also easily cured if leaving them as they are.


As for gangrene caused in the lung, it is a swelling formed from the inside to outside of the lung. Miliary tuberculosis is caused by eczema formed in the alveoli. When leaving it as it is, it is sure to be cured after bloody pus comes out as much as possible. Other than this, when a person has hemoptysis or bloody sputum, they are very good purification action as impure blood comes out. Even medical science regards that tuberculosis accompanied by hemoptysis is easy to be cured. In this way, tuberculosis is completely cured. Because of medical science, it makes tuberculosis incurable. Finding this truth, medical science for tuberculosis would be inevitably turned around completely. Therefore, we cannot ignore at all the fact that tuberculosis patients increases and the government is using the energy for countermeasures of it and spending enormous national expense. These efforts are meaningless.


Here I thoroughly describe bacteria. In the field of medical science, the bacterial infection is feared and all things to do is kill the bacteria. Researchers all over the world consequently immerse themselves in studying of sterilization. This is an insignificant and shallow idea. It is because that bacterial infection is the matter of effect. Therefore, the fundamental cause of bacteria should be studied. Even bacteria cannot suddenly generate in the air nor fly away from somewhere. It has the reason and also the source to generate. For this reason, even if bacteria can be completely eradicated, its source still exists. That is absolutely meaningless. Then where is the source of bacteria? This is a fundamental question. If this question is cleared and the source of bacteria can be eradicated, the tuberculosis problem is finally solved. Let me explain them as following in detail.


Before explaining them, you should know the cloud which generates in the human spirit. The nature of the spirit is originally colourless and transparent, which is kind of the thinnest ether. This ether consists of ultra-fine particles so densely that it cannot be found even under a microscope with a magnification of several hundred. The cloud is generated in that ether. It means the clusters of the impure spirit of water generates, or foreign substances are mixed with the pure spirit of water. Then why does such impure spirit of water generate as above? It is because the impure blood is spiritualised.


As I mentioned, human beings follow the principle; spirit and body work together as well as that spirit leads and body follows. As time passes, this cloud becomes thick and a kind of bacteria generates. These bacteria are essentially a botanical and inorganic substance, which becomes an organic substance as time passes. This is the lava of a germ. When it grows and becomes full, it is called a bacterium which can be seen under the microscope. Therefore, the intermediate particle is called a virus while lava is becoming a bacterium. Even for medical science, it recognises this existence even if it is not found under the microscope. When understanding like this, it is too clear the cloudy spirit as above is the generation sauce of bacteria.


In conclusion, even if medical science were able to kill bacteria as expected but the generation sauce still existed, it would be like drawing water in a sieve. It is because bacteria infinitely generate one after another. This is very much proved by the fact that various antiseptics and sterilization methods emerged but disappeared for a while. Then how can the generation sauce as its root cause be destroyed? Let me explain it in the following part.


Translated by N.H.