Disease is cured by Johrei

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953



The disease affects the body and it is originally caused in the spirit. Therefore, the disease is not healed unless the spirit is cured. I mostly described it until now but explain it further in detail.


Let me explain the nature of spirit and body first. As I have already described, human beings consist of spirit and body which are identically combined. Besides, spirit leads and form follows under the law of the universe. Let me give you a familiar example. The parts of the human body never move spontaneously but are moved by order of the spirit. In this case, the spirit is a protagonist and the body is a subordinate.


Therefore, the disease is caused in the spirit first and then it transfers to the body. It means that disease is temporarily but not completely cured when trying to cure only the body. It is completely cured only when healing the spirit. As science is based on the materialistic idea, however, it is obvious that disease is not cured no matter how it progresses. Medical treatment is merely temporary and external healing as I often said. Therefore, this explanation makes you clear that disease is sure to recur.


As I mentioned above, the disease is caused in the spirit first. Then I describe how it occurs. To explain its route, I should explain the action of toxic medicine. Soon after entering the body, toxic medicine is once penetrated blood and becomes impure blood. If there becomes a large amount of impure blood in the body, it spreads all over the body. In the case of a small amount, impure blood concentrates on a particular part of the body. According to the law that is spirit and body work together, impure blood transfers to the spirit and makes it cloudy as much as it transfers.


Since purification action constantly occurs to the body, purification activity of making impure blood pure is also constantly carried out. The impure blood decays and changes into pus. Then it is followed by the principle; spirit leads and form follows. The decreased amount of spiritual cloud transfers to the body and that amount of impure blood and pus decreases. This process is called disease as I have already described.


This theory also applies to natural phenomenon. When filth accumulates on the ground in the spiritual world, low pressure is generated. Then it is blown away by the wind, washed by the rainwater and dried by the sun heat. In this way, natural action occurs and the fifth finally disappears. This is the purification action of the universe. The human disease also follows this action; purification first occurs in the spirit and it transfers to the body. Then toxin is dissolved by the heat and discharged out of the body as a variety of excrement. In this sense, the more filth is discharged, the more human body becomes clean and the healthier they become. For this reason, the true cure of disease is to promote this purification action.


While look at what has been done on the contrary! This process is misinterpreted conversely and filth is tried to be hardened as it is without discharging. It is because, as I previously described, the pain accompanied by purification is called disease and regarded negatively as dangerous action. What a surprising error it is! This is the idea which created medical science. As long as people realise this false, they are never free from the problem of disease. Now let me describe the principle of Johrei.


Translated by N.H.