Modern Medicine Argument

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


In compiling this book, I strongly made up my mind. It is because everyone cannot help but be astonished when I describe the bare fact of medical science. People of the world think modern medical science has made remarkable progress and provides benefits for them. In this way, they do trust it. However, I squarely crack it down on. Even if I say that it aims to save humankind, it is quite unbearable.

Since God gave me the great duty to save all the lives of humankind, I should obey the command given by the Absolute. Besides, I cannot feel relieved when I look at people in society are now suffering from hellish anguish because of disease. That condition is caused by the fallacy of medical science. Therefore, if this delusion were to continue, how would humankind be in the future? I am terrified when just thinking about it.


When I explain the fallacy of medical science, I should fundamentally make it clear first. Therefore, I start with the idea of scientism that modern people believe. As I mentioned in the chapter “Introduction”, people think everything is solved as long as science is progressed. This idea occurs to people who overestimate the ability of science. They consequently think that theories are more important than facts. They reject and don’t take up any discoveries and inventions just because they don’t match the existing theories. The trouble is that they regard their prejudiced view as a cultural approach. It is a rather treasonable act against culture. In the process of cultural progress, something should be taken up without hesitation if it is worth breaking through typical scientific principles. Through this process, culture must be progressed.


Nevertheless, people have a feudalistic idea to dismiss it completely and it is modern science which represents this idea very well. That is a rather new feudalistic idea than the prejudice that shouldn’t exist in science. For this reason, you wouldn’t easily believe what I describe in this book. It is far beyond your expectations. However, the fact proves it very much. As you see, the sick are in flood everywhere even though medical science has progressed like today. We hear someone yelling that there are not enough hospitals or beds. It is not too much to say that everyone suffers from some kind of disease and no one would be truly in good health.


As you can see these facts if the present medical science had truly made progress, types of diseases and the number of the sick would decrease, hospitals would have to be closed and all medical staff would lose their jobs. It should be like that. However, the reverse is the present situation. If that is the case, the question must arise. Nevertheless, there is no such sign at all. On the contrary, people go forward more and more in the maze. I just cannot see such a critical state. Therefore, I thoroughly describe the false of medical science along with the facts to support my description so that everyone would suddenly wake up to it.


By the way, modern people fear diseases very much. Once they suffer from the disease, they immediately go to see a doctor. They wouldn’t expect that disease is not completely cured. It seems to be cured but it is only healed for a certain period. Consequently, most of the diseases either become chronic or recur. As doctors always see that happens, they should notice it but they don’t. It is because they believe in the superstition.


When a patient is not cured as expected, the doctor has to ask another doctor to help him or advised the patient to go to another hospital. When the patient is hospitalised, they have an operation in most cases and have their organ removed. The disease that they suffered will consequently never occur but they suffer from other diseases instead. The doctors would always experience such cases. That is the quite common process they have or some patients are recommended that they should admit to the hospital or take an operation even though doctors are not certain that they should do so. They just do as the doctor advised. Even if doctors are sure that patients would recover, they can hardly recover. It is needless to say that patients cannot possibly cure diseases without their conviction. As a result, they give money to become like a guinea pig as research material. It often happens but most of them cannot help but cry themselves to sleep.


Despite that patients have an operation and continue to receive all kinds of medical treatments, they do not only recover from diseases but also get worse. They run out of money and get in a hole. Some of them commit suicide in the end. They are often reported in a newspaper. Even if things are not too serious like them, everyone knows that they cause disgusting problems.


When we try to find the causes of all tragedies today, they are surely related to diseases. It has been often said that “Cherchez la femme.” Instead of this saying, I would like to say “Cherchez la Maladie,” or there must be disease behind the tragedy. On the contrary, when you are given our medical art of Johrei, no matter how serious disease a person suffers from, they will be healed in a short period without spending a lot of money. It is hugely different from medical treatment. It is because Johrei is suited to the truth. Therefore, no matter how people don’t believe in God, they realize their lack of wisdom, immediately become believers of ours and have spiritual peace and enlightenment.


Then you should know for what on earth humankind is born and who created them. Everyone would want to know these answers for a long time ago. It is sure that they were not created by scientists but must to be created by the Creator, or God. No one would deny it except an extreme materialist. Humankind is born to create the ideal world which is God aims for. Therefore, they should act in good health as long as they live.


Nevertheless, it is something wrong to suffer from the disease. It is because there must be a point out of truth. When people notice this point and correct it, the disease is naturally healed. However, everyone is blind to it and depends on science which is nothing related to the truth. Therefore, it is evitable the disease is not healed as people forgot the vital Creator.


Until now, the disease is roughly described in pathology as follows; it is caused by fatigue or incongruous of the internal organs in Herbal medicine and by a bacterial infection in western medicine. Both descriptions are quite shallow and irrational theories, which don’t grasp the root cause of disease at all. Furthermore, everyone would be surprised if I said the latter doesn’t have a scientific but mechanical view. However, the following fact shows it. When doctors are asked by the patients, they cannot explain the pathology, the cause or the probability of disease from a scientific viewpoint. Even they would admit it. In other words, they haven’t found the true cause of disease.


The fundamental false of medical science is caused by the misinterpretation of disease and pain. In other words, medical science regards that pain itself damages the human body, harms human health and threatens human life. Therefore, removing pain is understood to be the way of curing disease. This idea is the greatest false. Now I explain the reason in detail.


First of all, I explain the true cause of disease. The disease is caused by accumulated and solidified toxins which should not exist in the human body. When the amount of toxins exceeds a certain level, they are physiologically and naturally excreted. We call this process purification action. The purification action causes pain, which is called disease. Therefore, the disease is the process of purification action in the body. Since human blood is purified and human good health is kept by this action, it is a disease which is the only action to maintain human health. It should be very much welcome. This is the truth so that you would surely understand it when reading this book. I don’t know when and how people misunderstood the meaning but this action is interpreted as the oppositely. This misinterpretation did create medical science. For this reason, no matter how much this paradox of medical science progresses, it is nothing to do more harm than good.


As I described above, medical science regards that disease is namely pain. It consequently stops purification as it is the only way to relieve the pain. Medical treatment has been developed based on this idea. The healthier a person is, the more often purification occurs. This is the principle of purification action. Therefore, weakening one’s health stops purification. Then taking toxin was considered as the way of weakening one’s health. This toxin is called medicine so that all kinds of medicines are toxic substances.


In short, by taking medicine, purification is stopped and dissolving toxin is solidified as it was. The pain is reduced as it is solidified. This process was misinterpreted as the healing process. What ignorance it is! Therefore, medical treatment is merely a way of relieving pain. It never cures the disease. It is a rather way of not healing disease. It is clear from the fact that doctors never say to cure the disease but to solidify it.


For this reason, to cure disease truly, dissolving toxins are encouraged to dissolve more, discharge smoothly and become non-toxic. This way should be called true medical treatment. This treatment takes the worry out of recurring disease or suffering from other diseases, and make people truly healthy.


However, as I explained, the medicine is taken to stop toxin from discharging and becomes toxic and causes disease. In short, taking medicine causes additional disease, which complicates matters more. This is proved by so-called complications. Patients suffer from other diseases despite receiving medical treatment. Naturally, diseases should become fewer as the medical treatment is undergone but the truth is just the opposite. Nothing is more unreasonable than this story. Medical science doesn’t realise it but you would see how wrong it is.


As I described above, medical science interprets the true theory as the opposite. The stronger the toxin is, the more effectively it works. It means medicine, which is poisonous enough to be taken, works more effectively. Therefore, injections become popular these days. New medicines, which are continuously emerging these days, are all the same. They contain toxin just not enough to get poisoned. The famous doctor Genpaku Sugita, who practised Western medicine during the Edo period, said, “Poison drives out the poison. According to this theory, we use medicine for diseases.” That is a very wise saying.


Therefore, fever, cough, phlegm, runny nose, sweat, diarrhoea, urine and various bleeding are all the action to discharge toxins. Swelling, rash and purulence of scratch or after burns are also the same. They are very well. Therefore, when you just leave any kinds of diseases without any treatment, purification action smoothly occurs and they are promptly and certainly cured.



Translated by N.H.