How to Cure Disease

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


As mentioned above, you would roughly understand what disease is. Then I explain how to cure disease. As I described in the previous paragraph, the disease is cured when it is left as it is. It is very true but it takes time. It will be cured soon if a person has toxins a little. However, it is a rare case. Most people have full of toxins in the body.


Besides, the government and doctors discipline and encourage children to take medicine since they are elementally school students. I cannot stand but they think that is the way of cultural living. When you look at the newspaper, you will find that the most common advertisement is for medicine. Therefore, you can imagine that medicine or especially new medicine is sold very much. Besides, present people have inherited toxic medicine, too. They would be so-called the lump of toxins in a human shape. They are prone to suffer from disease and take medicine in each case. In this way, they are passing their days in great fear. Worse still, such people particularly take medicine blindly. Despite caring for hygiene very much, they are in poor health. The more a person care for themselves, the more they become weak. This old saying is exactly right.


As for authorities, they believe in medical theories as a golden rule. They remain alert people to wash hands and gargle after returning home, not catch a cold, refrain from overeating, not overdo things, sleep well, be careful with germs and so on. They also advocate tuberculosis check-up and various preventive injections. They warn children not to get chilled while asleep in bed nor drink raw water but encourage them to chew well when eating, sleep well and so on. I just roughly described but there are too many things to do. In this way, modern life is so complicated that living becomes unbearable.


If we call this a cultured living, it would be as if people live in a kind of prison. The leading cause of this is that people don’t recognise the disease as the grace of God but regard it as their enemy while calling it the demon of ill health or saying to fight against illness. From our point of view, we cannot think anything but as if they fall into so-called a hell of superstition and remain in agony.


On the other hand, we do welcome disease. For example, it is said: “I thank God that I could finally catch a cold,” “I felt better after I had severe diarrhoea and vomited on the other day,” “I am all right and be able to work as I got a fever.” When knowing such situations, people would be very surprised. However, we could say so because we understand the root cause of disease and are sure to recover from it. When being in this state of mind, people must be fortunate people who resign themselves to God’s will. Therefore, when people all over the world throw all medicine into the sea, the disease would gradually decrease from that point and finally disappear. I have no hesitation to say so.


As mentioned above, I boldly and frankly revealed the truth of modern medical science. Then I explain how to correct this false. It is very easy. When you just follow my theory and take natural remedy or receive Johrei if you suffer from the disease, you will be healed. According to our statistics, ninety-three per cent of tuberculosis patients are healed even though it is regarded as the most incurable disease. Other than tuberculosis, ninety-seven per cent of patients are healed. Both numbers show remarkable results. Those patients who fall into the remaining percentage had too many toxins in their body to be healed. If only they had lesser toxins, one hundred per cent of patients would be healed.


Unlike medical treatment, patients have never their body touched when they receive Johrei. This is the most significant characteristic of Johrei method. The main purpose of performing Johrei is to eliminate toxic medicine. It is proved by the fact that the disease is healed as much as toxins reduced in the body. Having said that, modern people can hardly believe it as they persist in medical superstition. Therefore, I will thoroughly explain it to be fully convinced. I also introduce a hundred notes written by those who were healed by Johrei. You would understand it.


Translated by N.H.