Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


Human beings have made a terrible mistake until today. Nothing would be greater than this misjudgement. What I’m talking about is a medical science that is critical to maintaining the most precious life of humankind. Nevertheless, if it were as mentioned above, nothing would be more serious than this problem. At present, we are given welfare through the great progress of culture. We cannot praise and thank enough for it. Therefore, this medical science would do more than destroy all these achievements, if it were so.


It is rather strange, however, why people have not noticed such a great false. However, the great love of God does not leave it as it is forever. Here He took decisive action. That is to revolutionise medical science.


Since a long time ago, so-called revolutions sometimes happened. However, they just happened in one nation or one race, or a certain period or thought. On the other hand, the medical revolution that I’m going to carry out aims to save all human lives forever. We don’t know how much it promotes human welfare. We cannot express with words how unprecedented or epoch-making it would be. In short, God gave me the wisdom and power required to make people realise the false of medical science that is the root cause of all human sufferings. This is the realisation of truth and fundamental condition to save human beings.


Humankind hasn’t found the truth for thousands of years, nor did God have them realise it for some reasons. However, the time has finally come. God has disclosed the truth and started the unheard-of great revolution. That is to transform civilization. It is also “the end of the world”, “the last judgement” and “the great global liquidation”, which were prophesied by Christ.


At this time, God saves the greatest number of human lives with His great compassion and mercy. They are just about to be drawn into the vortex. By this great liquidation, God reveals the defect of the established civilisation, teaches what the true civilisation should be, and realises the ideal world as the great purpose of Him. That is “The Kingdom of Heaven” told by Christ, “the world of Miroku” by Sakyamuni and “the world without disease, poverty and conflict” as our motto. To realise those worlds, it is most essential to eliminate the disease from human beings.


As I mentioned above, I boldly make a declaration that no one has ever dreamt in all ages. Because of God’s words, there is no mistake. In this sense, you would wide-awake when you carefully read this book.


Translated by N.H.