Human Longevity

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


You’ve already understood what disease is. It is the pain which is caused when the toxin in the body is excreted by natural action. In other words, it is cleaning in the body and blood purification action. When understanding this theory and following it, people become healthier and possibly live to be more than a hundred years old. Needless to say, because of disease, people die under a hundred years old. It means people die an unnatural death. If people died a natural death, it is obvious that they can live out their lives, which was given by God. If so, they wouldn’t be happier than ever.


However, people haven’t noticed that theory until today. They spend a lot of money on the wrong medical science, purchase the cause of all sufferings instead and shorten their life. Worse still, they regard what they are doing as cultural progress. I have no word for such ignorance. Therefore, when looking at only this medical science, you would understand the present culture is not a true one. It is true that cultural progress contributes to human happiness on the one hand but creates misfortune on the other hand, which is caused by medical science. When looking them through a fair eye, it would be appropriate that their merits and demerits balance each other.


As I have explained, people until today have a surprisingly large amount of inherited and acquired toxins in their bodies, which causes all kinds of diseases. Therefore, they cannot be immediately excreted, even if people understand and follow what I described. All of the toxins should be excreted somehow by purification action for many times.


However, whenever purification occurs, it is surely healed if it is left as it is. You don’t have to worry at all. Furthermore, the severe you feel pain, the more rapidly and larger quantities of toxin decreases. Therefore, you would be rather pleased. Besides, there is a corner to turn no matter how severe pain you feel. You only have to hold on until you turn it. I described only the case without Johrei as above. When performing Johrei, it surprisingly promotes the purification. Therefore, I recommend doing so.


A long time ago, people said there were four hundred four types of diseases which people suffered from. However, it is said there would be more than a thousand and hundreds of diseases at present. Diseases must be decreased as medical science progresses but I don’t know why they are contrarily increased. Medical scientists would reply for this, “Because of the medical progress, the diseases which have not yet found was found. Therefore, the disease seems to be increased.” It is just a sophist or if not, it is a misunderstanding.


To tell the truth, we think that diseases are increased because the types of medicine are increased. It means the body parts which toxin comes out are more needed as a large amount of toxic medicine is accumulated in the body. On the other hand, medical science seems to think that disease varies depending on the symptoms. Therefore, the treatments are supposed to vary for each symptom. From our point of view, however, the only cause of disease exists but it occurs on the different parts of the body. Medical science misunderstands this truth. This fault is proved by the fact that any kind of disease is cured in the same way, or by Johrei.



Translated by N.H.