Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


You or the readers of this book would almost understand what I explained so far. When describing it from the broadest point of view, you would clearly understand that medical science until now was created by human intellect, whereas the true medical science was created by divine wisdom. In other words, the former adopts the hardening method of the cause of disease and the latter adopts the melting method. The former aims not to excrete toxins and the latter aims to do. The former is the adverse theory and the latter is true theory. The former is in a savage way and the latter is in a civilised way. When you read through the descriptions as above, you would fully understand them. However, they are just theories. Without the facts, we cannot say the embodiment of the truth. It means that medical science doesn’t cure the disease but Johrei does. That’s all.


From this clear fact, we cannot deny that the present medical science is naturally approaching the destiny of dying out. It is because the longstanding false of medical science is now revealed by me. It is as if the lights begin to shine in the dark night. This means that the idea of the great undertaking called the medical revolution doesn’t come out of my will. It was planned By God. I just obey God’s order, tell people the fundamental cause of disease and cure the disease. This is my mission and now I carry out it with all my heart, mind and strength.


In this way, medical science is destined to be revolutionised. It means that the false never lasts so long. When a certain time has come, it dies out. On the other hand, the truth becomes shining in the world when the time has come even it was covered for a certain period. This is everlasting truth and far beyond human power. For this reason, I have to save those who take part in medical science, too. It is because I also have to save unfortunate people who don’t notice this truth even though they are certainly in the situation of being destined to be died out. I just give the first alarm with this book for now.



Translated by N.H.