Health Liberalism

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953



The disease is the purification action of the human body and the pain accompanied by this action. In medical science, those meanings are misinterpreted and stopping purification is regarded as the curing method of disease. The most effective way to stop purification is weakening the human body. Therefore, a poison called medicine started to be used. For this reason, the more poisonous medicine is, the more effectively it works. Thanks to the progress of the present medical science, medicine successfully becomes poisonous to almost kill people and the mortality was consequently decreased. Therefore, you should know that is not the progress but deterioration of curing disease. Let me explain what it means.


Since the disease is the natural purification action, when anyone suffers from the disease, purification naturally occurs and it is quickly healed if it is left as it is no matter how severe pain they have. However, they are blind to this theory, they rush to go to see a doctor. The doctor is also blind. He tries to stop the purification as much as possible, which causes friction with the natural healing action. It means the friction between the purification and anti-purification.


Consequently, purification is stopped. The person keeps getting better and then worse again, and finally leads to debilitation and death. This is the reason for the high mortality rate so far. As I described, however, medical science has succeeded to control purification while keeping human life. It is because that the strong medicine as I mentioned becomes available. Therefore, longevity is enhanced to a certain extent.


However, it doesn’t mean that the disease is cured. It is sure to recur as time passes. In this way, human beings gradually become weak. Therefore, the progress of medical science doesn’t mean the progress of curing the disease but of the slightly extending the life. The debt is the best example of this. When the capital and interest money are charged, they become bankrupt if paying all at one time. Therefore, a person patiently pays by instalments. It is the easiest way but they merely avoid bankruptcy for a while. This is the same way that medical science does.


As I described, the progress of medical science means that of the delaying method of the debt payment. It never means the debt repayment. In this way, human life is extended even for a while. On the other hand, however, the disease remains and solidifies. Consequently, people never truly become healthy nor energetic. In that case, a doctor would say, “Your body is as if it’s cracked. So, you should take care of yourself very much. If you behave rashly, you return to your original condition.” Hearing from this, a patient lives in fear. I call this kind of person a passively healthy person and more people are becoming like this.


For example, people in highly civilised countries are more likely to become so. When you look at the people in the U.K. and France, they seem to be extremely out of spirits. Contrary to our nation, they are worried that their population growth rate is down. Nevertheless, people make an effort to lead an easy life and the future of their nations is of secondary importance. In this way, their national prestige is completely down. They cannot maintain their colonies, which are apt to be independent.


Their sense of international justice become insensible, too. When the Chinese Communist Party invaded South Korea, they were just looking. Even the U.K. approved without delay and made the U.S.A. surprised. Even after that, it just obligatory followed the U.S.A. Furthermore, food shortage is a serious problem in the U.K. It is more serious than in a defeated country like Japan even though the U.K. is a victorious nation. This also shows how weak English people became. What a pity!


As for France, people have no fighting spirit at all like those in the U.K. It is unresponsive no matter how U.S.A is concerned about that situation. They seem to think only that they spend each day in peace while indulging in pleasure. When comparing these situations with those in the past when the seven seas were dominated by the U.K. or brilliant days in France under the rule of Napoleon, we are rather full of emotion. It was caused by the progress of terrible medicine. Therefore, Japan does not have to look far to find precedents, which is warning us. We have to be careful.


Then I move on to the U.S.A. As medical science recently progresses, the number of sick increases and people are in the state of screaming for help. Unless noticing it, the U.S.A. would naturally follow the U.K. and France sooner or later. As I worry about this, I published the book titled “アメリカを救う.” However, not only the U.S.A. but also Japan might follow them. Who can say that it doesn’t?


I described what medical science is in a large sense as above. When looking at it individually, it is understood more clearly. As everyone knows, the national health system was found based on the principle of medical science today. It is not only the case in Japan. All the other civilised countries are the same though they might have some differences.


Now let me describe it roughly. In any case, how poor human health becomes today! Therefore, the authorities call for the attention of social hygiene in detail. It would be annoying. They say, “Don’t work too hard. Sleep well. Don’t catch a cold. Don’t eat and drink too much. Eat nutritious food. Be careful about toxic gas…” They treat people like a fragile article. Furthermore, they are really afraid of disease infections. They say, “Stay away from tuberculosis and infectious disease patients. Wash hands and gargle. Disinfect. Wear a mask. Don’t breathe cloudy air…” That is so cramped that we rather feel to hate being alive. If this is a civilised way, we rather curse the civilisation very much.


On the contrary, how blessed we are! We can eat as much as possible what and when we want. We can sleep and work as long as we want. We can force ourselves. Catching cold is fine. We don’t care about infectious disease and tuberculosis bacillus. In this way, we freely and cheerfully live our daily life without any angst, as long as we do not bother people and as far as we don’t disturb our occupation. There is probably no such happiest life. I call this health liberalism.


This is incomparably happier than what people call “liberalism” today. Then what happens after putting this in action? It is also wonderful. Not only I but also hundreds of thousands of my followers are entirely carrying out and we consequently suffer from very few diseases. Compare to the morbidity for general people, ours is less than one-tenth. We would say that we don’t worry about the disease at all. It is because our thoughts are just opposite to the idea of today’s medical hygiene. Therefore, when reversing that idea, it becomes a true health management method.


In conclusion, you would see how the ignorance of medical science restricts the freedom of human beings, makes them a waste of their effort and money and cause negative productivity. Worse still, it makes every cause of misery. If that is the case, this is the most serious problem at present.


Now I want to say a word about religions. The mission of religions is originally removing the anxiety of all people and letting them have spiritual peace and enlightenment. If they cannot achieve that mission, there is no meaning of their existing. I also dare to ask for your consideration of this.


Translated by N.H.