Stomach and Heart Disease

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953



In the previous part, I described tuberculosis in detail. Now let me describe stomach and heart disease. The lung, stomach and heart are the three most important functions in the human body. Based on these three activities, all human functions actively work, which maintains human health. A human being is said to be like a small cosmos for a long time ago. That is very true. It means that the heart is equivalent to the sun, the lung is to the moon and the stomach is to the earth. It is, so to speak, Trinity of fire, water and soil. Therefore, unless medical science establishes the pathology based on the relationships among these three, it should not be called the true medical science.


Among them, the relation between fire and water is especially important. Needless to say, fire burns vertically and water flows horizontally. Along with this, fire needs water to burn and water needs fire to flow. Their relation is like that of a married couple. If there were no water on the earth, it explodes in a moment, whereas it instantly freezes without fire. This theory is also adapted to human beings. It means that the heart as fire makes the lung as water be active and vice versa.


As for human thoughts, love originally comes from the heart and reason comes from the lung, which is very much described by the words; it is often said the flame of love or the heat of the heart (which represents a heart shape). On the other hand, the words of the cool eyes or rational decision describe the lung function very much. In a word, these functions have the relationship between yin and yang or a give-and-take relationship. When both functions show their true ability, both the spirit and flesh of human beings keep healthy.


Then I explain the stomach. It has a function of digesting food and drink and nourishing the human body. Therefore, the stomach works actively as much as fire and water do the same. Along with the light of the sun and the water of the moon, when the earth is sufficient, the soil becomes active. Plants consequently grow much. Therefore, it is important to promote this Trinity activity of the human body, which is the source of human health. In this sense, even the quality of one of those affects the functions of the whole. For this reason, you would see how wrong to try to cure only affected part as medical science does. In medical science, only the lung is tried to be cured when it gets wrong and the heart is done likewise. From now I explain the stomach and the heart.


As I have explained, any kind of disease is, of course, caused by toxic medicine. Among them, stomach disease is most directly caused by toxic medicine as it enters the stomach first when it is taken. Therefore, no one would deny that all kinds of stomach diseases are caused by the medicine. As everyone knows, stomach disease results from food poisoning, overeating, lack of exercise and so on, or the occurrence of sufferings such as heartburn, stomach upset, stomach ache, indigestion, having a heavy stomach and so on. When they happen, they are naturally cured if they are left as they are. Nevertheless, people never fail to take some kind of medicine due to medical superstition. After taking medicine, they temporarily feel better but suffer from the same pain as before after a while.


It is because medicine stops the first purification. This additional toxic medicine is added to the originally remained toxin, which gradually makes the symptom worse and the period of the onset short. While repeating like this, this condition finally becomes chronicle and people suffer from serious disease.


It means they suffer from gastric atony, chronic stomach pain, stomach cramps, gastroptosis, gastric ulcer, stomach cancer and so on. Let me explain those symptoms. Gastric atony is also called gastric hyperacidity. To encourage digestion, gallbladder usually sends gall constantly to the stomach. However, when a foreign substance called toxic medicine disturbs the digestion, a large amount of gall is needed. Therefore, a patient has lots of acid in the stomach when suffering from gastric atony. Then, chronic stomach pain is caused by the medicine, which is once absorbed in the stomach, returns there and stimulates the wall of the stomach. As for stomach cramps, they are caused when stomach medicine accumulates in the bottom of the stomach, the amount of this accumulation reaches a certain level and purification action rapidly occurs. In this case, an anaesthetic and so on is used to relieve the severe pain under medical treatment, which makes a patient feel at ease temporarily but easily becomes addictive.


The next is gastroptosis. You would understand very well that medical treatment creates this disease. It means, when eating digestible food and taking digestive medicine, the stomach does not need to work anymore. Consequently, it weakens and naturally becomes in a state of sleep and relaxed. Therefore, it is easy to cure this disease. A patient just stops taking medicine completely and eats normal food in the usual way. Here I have one thing to note. It is said to be good to chew well when eating but it is contrarily very wrong. The more you chew, the more the stomach becomes weak. It is obvious so that chewing in a half-way is the best.


Then I explain gastric ulcer. It is caused by continuing to take medicine. It is because medicine certainly contains baking soda as a digestive agent. It makes not only food but also the wall of the stomach soft, which consequently makes bleeding. There are two causes of bleeding. One is that a very small hole is made on the mucous membrane and blood constantly comes out of it. The other is that the stomach wall is scratched by something hard and bleeds.


There are also two ways of bleeding. One is that blood accumulates on the bottom of the stomach, and becomes black clot and excretes with faeces. The other is that it becomes liquid and it is thrown out like vomit. This vomit is coffee coloured old liquid and you can see small clots of blood. The coffee colour shows that is old blood. In this case, a person surprisingly vomits a lot. Someone vomits a basinful of it every day. Even if that happens, they easily recover. While vomiting, you would also see fresh blood. As this is new blood, they might grow weak very much but that is nothing to worry about.


On the other hand, gastric ulcer is sure to be cured when a patient stops taking medicine, eats liquid food while bleeding and then gradually moves to have regular food as less as blood comes out. Here I have one thing to note. When suffering from gastric ulcer, blood is once hardened because of liquid food, rest, haemostatic agent and so on. This hardening is easily misdiagnosed as cancer. In this case, toxic medicine is filled up around the stomach and it becomes impure blood, pus and slimy thing and so on, which constantly return to the stomach. Therefore, the patient vomits them. Because of them, the volume of stomach decreases and most of the patients lose appetite, grow weak and collapse. In the case of stomach cancer, if a person has lots of meat, the toxin of meat worsens the symptom and the course of the disease becomes worse, too. Therefore, people who eat a lot of meat tend to suffer from stomach cancer. For this reason, it is good for you to stop eating meat and have mainly vegetables.


Regarding poor digestion and nausea, I have one thing to notice. It is about pyloric stenosis. Pylorus is the function which the digested food in the stomach passes through before descending into the intestine. When toxic medicine solidifies around it, the pylorus is pressed and narrowed. Consequently, the digested food becomes hard to pass through it and flows backwards. This is sure to be cured when stopping taking medicine.


Then I explain heart disease. The cause of this disease is easily found. It is caused by the toxin which accumulates and solidifies near the heart. Since it presses the heart, it causes arrhythmia and palpitations. Besides, it causes respiratory distress as the toxin also presses the lung. This is called regular valvular disease. When this symptom becomes severe, it is called angina. Angina is caused by the toxin which accumulates all around the heart and contracts to solidify in whole. Therefore, the heart is strongly pressed, which causes intense pain and difficulty of breathing. It is life-threatening. However, it is relatively easily cured by Johrei. What I described above is regular angina. As for cardiac neurasthenia, it is similar to but different from angina. It occurs suddenly and causes intense pain, which is as if the life might be in danger, lasts a few or ten to twenty minutes. After that, however, it is completely recovered. This is caused by the possession of the spirit who died from heart disease. I will explain this later in the spiritual disease part.


Translated by N.H.