Mental Disease

Johrei Saves America, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


This disease is caused by insomnia. If a person suffers from insomnia for a long time, this condition is critical. I firstly explain how insomnia is caused. It is caused by the anaemia of the forehead. First, toxic medicine solidifies around the medulla oblongata and presses the blood vessels sent to the head. You would easily understand what I mean when touching around the medulla oblongata of a patient. There must be a hardening. When the patient can get to sleep, a mental disease is certainly going to be cured. As for mental disease, there are two types of causes; one is a material cause and the other is a mental one. I have already described the former cause as above and the latter one should be described spiritually and religiously. Please read this for that purpose. From my long experiences, there is nothing wrong with it.

As I previously described, a human being consists of invisible spirit and visible body, which are inseparable. When the anaemia occurs in the forehead, spirits can easily possess there. When the spirit is materialised, it is called blood and vice versa. Therefore, when the blood is full, the spirit is also full and the other spirits cannot possess. However, if a person becomes anaemia, spirits can possess them. For example, when a person becomes anaemia and their blood is reduced from a hundred per cent to ninety per cent, spirits can possess the amount of ten per cent reduction. When the blood is reduced to twenty or thirty per cent, they can possess the same amount of its reduction and gain their energy as much as they possess. In the case of less than fifty per cent reduction, that would be all right but if the reduction exceeds the fifty per cent, the condition enters a dangerous area. It means that the possessing spirits can dominate and control a person as they like. When that happens, this condition is called a mental disorder.

The possessing spirits are a fox, raccoon dog, tengu(long-nosed goblins), python, dog, cat, cattle, horse, birds and so on in Japan. I have not studied them in the U.S.A. but they would be not so different. In Japan, the mental disease is most commonly caused by the possession of a fox and the next common cause is a raccoon dog. Here I have something to note. The condition of cerebral anaemia never becomes stable. It is constantly changing in a day, or a minute. An ordinary person would usually have twenty to thirty per cent of cerebral anaemia, which suddenly exceeds fifty per cent when they are emotionally shocked. In that case, the person becomes out of their mind. You would have experienced to wonder why they have done such a thing even though they are usually very gentle. That is an example and so is female hysteria. As for people who are respected by society, they usually have ten to twenty per cent of cerebral anaemia. Even such people occasionally make a slip of the tongue or commit a blunder. It is because their anaemia exceeds thirty per cent in a moment for some reasons.

In this way, when a person behaves badly or commits a crime, they have more than fifty per cent of anaemia. Therefore, possessing spirits control and let them do animal-like behaviour. It often happens that a criminal wondered why they thought like that at that time and regrets what they did. It is because they were controlled by the possessing spirits. Those who commit suicide or murder are all the same. Therefore, cerebral anaemia is the most terrible disease in human beings. Recently, mental disease patients increase in the U.S.A. It is because that solidified toxic medicine presses the blood vessels in the brain. Therefore, if medicine were abolished, it is obvious that this disease would disappear.


Thank-You Report for Curing Mental Disease


Translated by N.H.