Infectious Disease

Johrei Saves America, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


Although infectious diseases have recently very much decreased in the U.S.A., they still spread over Japan so that I also describe them. First, I explain infectious disease bacteria. Regarding this, I discovered something that no one can imagine. I don’t think you would easily believe it. As I repeatedly described, however, purification never fails to occur to the impure blood, which is caused by toxic medicine. This is a natural theory and infectious diseases are no exception. God created an ingenious way for them. That is a microorganism, or an infectious disease bacterium, which firstly generates in the blood of a person, whose blood is most impure. This bacterium infects the impure blood of the other person through some substances. It means the bacterium eats into the blood vessel and grows while encroaching impure minute particles in the blood. It is because that impure particles are served as the food for bacteria. Therefore, when all of the impure particles are eaten, the blood becomes pure and the disease is cured. In this way, the infectious disease bacterium is created by God to purify human blood. In other words, it is a cleaner of blood. This bacterium is carried by a fly. It takes an important role for human beings so that we cannot hate it.

For this reason, to eradicate infectious diseases from human beings, human blood mustn’t make impure. However, it won’t be realised soon. Firstly, a patient must have a rest if they are infected now. In most cases, they would be cured when leaving it as it is. You don’t have to worry about it. In this way, the patient with mild symptom should be treated like this and that with sever symptom should receive Johrei. When receiving Johrei, anyone can be completely healed. There is no safer method than this. Since infectious disease causes the most intense purification action, there is no secure way than this. Johrei does cure it. In Japan, dysentery, typhus and Japanese encephalitis are currently main infectious diseases. The patients don’t become better under medical treatment as it disturbs purification. On the other hand, ninety to a hundred per cent of the patients can be healed by the natural remedy which I described above. When receiving Johrei, the patients are more easily cured. It is obvious from the fact that some of our believers suffer from infectious disease but none of them fails to be cured. Furthermore, after the curing of dysentery, a patient becomes smarter and their chronic diseases such as headache and heavy-headed will disappear. It is because that the impure blood in the brain is discharged as diarrhoea when purification occurs to this disease. As for Japanese encephalitis, the solidified toxins from the back to shoulders melt, go through the forehead from the back of the head and discharge from eyes and nose as a lot of bloody pus. Then Japanese encephalitis is cured. It is associated with good prognosis to become clearheaded. For example, a school child suddenly becomes superior. After curing of this disease, patients never become disabled, which people are afraid of. Since typhus is completely cured by several times of performing Johrei, I don’t think I have to explain it.


Translated by N.H.