Thank-You Report for Curing Mental Disease

Thank-You Report for Mental Disease #1
Thank-You Report for Mental Disease #2
Thank-You Report for Mental Disease #3
Thank-You Report for Mental Disease #4
Thank-You Report for Mental Disease #5
Thank-You Report for Mental Disease #6


Thank-You Report for Curing Mental Disease #1

Reported by N.Y. in Akita on the 15th of May, 1952


I was possessed by a fox. People said, “You are insane,” and “We are very sorry for you at such a young age.” A person like me usually had to admit himself to a mental hospital but I was cured in just about a week because my cousin introduced Meshiya-kyo to me. He said that Johrei could even cure mental disease. When I was insane, I didn’t remember what I did and said. I report what I heard from my family and relatives. By reporting my experience, I want people who are suffering from mental disease as I did to return to normal as many as possible and as soon as possible. I also want to call out that people are all saved by Johrei no matter what kind of disease and disaster they get.

I am working as a plasterer. I visited my master in the next town and worked there. I think it was the beginning of October 1950. When I came back from work, I realised that my new bicycle was gone. I soon reported to the police what happened. The policeman said, “Since it happened just before. We might be able to find a thief wandering around. Let us find them.” The truth is my bicycle was at my master’s house since I parked it in that morning. I assumed that I rode a bicycle to go home and it was stolen on the way.

I had already become insane. Worse still, my incident was published in a local newspaper. Because of me, my family was too embarrassed to face in public for a few days. In this way, everything I did and said was weird and completely wrong. People took pity on me and said, “Y is insane. We are so sorry for him in such youth.” All my family and relatives were really worried about me. They took me to a medium and fortune-teller to have a prayer but they had no progress.

One of my relatives said to my parents, “We cannot leave him like this. You should take him to a university hospital. He should be examined well. He will be cured with electrotherapy. I lend you money if you need it.” Another relative said, “It is not bad to ask gods but you should take him to a doctor.” Then I was taken to a government hospital. However, the doctor said, “There is no treatment for him.” He politely declined. Meanwhile, relatives talked together and decided to take me to a university hospital in Hirosaki.

At that time, my cousin said to my parents, “It is fine to take him to Hirosaki but why don’t you take him to Meshiya-kyo first? Johrei cures all kinds of diseases including mental illness. I am a believer and recommend that you take a branch office in town K.” Some relatives opposed to his idea but they finally decided to take me to town K first and then Hirosaki if Meshiya-kyo didn’t cure me. I was taken by five or six relatives to the branch office. My cousin talked about me to Mr S who is a chief of the office in advance. So, I immediately received Johrei.

When Mr S chanted a ritual prayer in front of Dai-Komyonyorai-sama and made a spiritual examination, I did a headstand and turned over. I also made a weird sound loudly and stared at Mr S with a strange look. He found possessing spirits through my mother. He said that I was possessed by the spirits of fox and cat. When I was taken to have a prayer before, it was said, “Three fully experienced foxes are possessing him. They are mean. The ritual should behold in front of him to drive them off.”

Mr T said to my attendants, “Most of the mental disease is caused by the possessing spirit of a fox. When the cloud is removed from the spirit and body, the fox can hardly possess a person. Then they are healed. So, you don’t have to lock him in a mental hospital and make him suffer.” He also said, “A person who suffers from mental disorder rarely catches a cold even if they get naked in the cold. They also rarely have diarrhoea no matter what kind of food they have. When they have diarrhoea or catch a cold, that’s fine. They are sure to be cured. So, please don’t worry if Mr Y has diarrhoea when he receives Johrei. It is a good sign that he is recovering. You should be rather pleased.”

I visited the branch office to receive Johrei every day. Every time I received Johrei, I acted violently with great force, shouted nonsensical things and annoyed attendants and Mr T. On another occasion, I acted so violently that even five or six people couldn’t hold me down. When I received Johrei five or six times, I had a large amount of diarrhoea. After that, I gradually came to my senses. The day after we visited the branch office, a training session was held. So, my elder brother took training and received a holy amulet. He tried hard to perform Johrei to me at home. Only about a week after I started to receive Johrei, I completely came to my senses.

I was said to be insane and not to be healed. A person like me was saved by Meshiya-kyo in such a short period. It was like a dream. I just shed tears of gratitude. When I came to my sense in a week, I visited the branch office to give my thanks. People being there were very surprised. My family was poor and lived from day to day but I wanted to receive a holy amulet somehow. I worked hard in good health every day after coming back to my sense. Thanks to God, I could take training soon after that and finally received an absolute power of the holy amulet.

I continue to be saved in various ways and live without worrying about anything. I am a lucky person indeed. Some time ago, when coming back from work, I got on the trolley with work tools. It suddenly stopped and seventeen out of eighteen workers in the trolley was slightly and seriously injured. However, I didn’t know why but only I stood in a safe place without any injury. At other times, when I just started to plaster the wall at a high place of the school building, the rope of the scaffold was suddenly broken and the scaffold was collapsed. All plaster and tools were dropped but I held on the window flame on the second floor for the moment. My brother was working right under the scaffold but escaped from there and was saved even though it momentarily happened.

I was cured of mental disease and permitted to become a believer. Moreover, we were saved from many life-threatening dangers. We are believers of Meshiya-kyo who are saved with great miracles by praying for Meshiya-sama. I want to give back to Meshiya-sama to help to construct Paradise on Earth he advocates.


Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Mental Disease #2

Reported by A.T. in Fukuoka on the 1st of January, 1952


I humbly reported my experience with gratitude in front of Meshiya-sama. I with my wife and a stepchild lived in happiness together. Around February in 1949, my stepson (who was seventeen years old) seemed to become something wrong. I kept feeling that for two months. When I went to the hot springs, I got a telegram from my son’s house. It said, “Your stepson became insane. Go home.” I hurried to go home and found him completely different than usual. He acted violently with force. Relatives gathered and decided to put him in the mental hospital. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and said that he would become to his sense in a month and leave the hospital in two months. However, he didn’t become normal even after three months. He rather got weak and weak. After four months, he finally became in critical condition.

Then we discussed together again and let him leave the hospital. We made prison and put him in. At the very time, Mr M of my acquaintance came to see him and said, “You should rely on Meshiya-kyo which we believe in. Otherwise, your son won’t become normal.” He eagerly recommended that. Then my wife and I took training and received a holy amulet. When we performed Johrei to my son soon after that, he rapidly changed and became normal enough to get out of the prison in about a fortnight. I couldn’t express enough my feelings of appreciation. I only had the three-day training but God gave me such a great power. It was beyond my imagination. I have no words to give thanks.

One month after that, he stopped doing bad things and followed what we said. Around the beginning of November, we became busy to harvest rice. When I took him to the rice field, he helped me well. Now he changed a lot and became almost normal. Because of toxic medicine, which he took by injections in the hospital, he has purification little by little. Thanks to Meshiya-sama, a permanently disabled madman was saved by God.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama again. I am full of gratitude. Now I would like to introduce the Gospel of Heaven to people in the world and construct Paradise on Earth.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Mental Disease #3

Reported by Y.S. in Hiroshima on the 7th of January, 1952


It was forty days after my wife delivered her second daughter on 22 October 1950. She suddenly shouted loudly and then became insane. She sang and danced from the beginning but her condition got worse. She sometimes broke through her guard and went out of the house. She also broke paper sliding doors and acted violently which was too terrible to look at. I spent many sleepless nights and spent days with tears. Meanwhile, I tried everything that was said to be good; doctors nearby, mental hospitals and so on. However, all of them didn’t help her or she rather got worse. When I took her to pray for a tutelary deity or ancestors’ grave, she did something bad a lot and laughed at them without compunction. I tried all possible things for her but she didn’t become normal. I thought there was no gods and Buddhas in this world and once cursed the world and had a grudge against gods.


At that time, my relative came and said, “I know the person who cures such disease in a day.” I believed that the god brought her to save my wife and asked her to bring that person. On the next day, an old woman came, who was over seventy years old. She and my family had a prayer all through the night. Then she said, “I am very sorry but she won’t return to normal. After giving birth, she kicked off a great god called the deity of wind with her impure body. The deity got so angry.” I cried loudly. I thought everything was done except one last thing, which was asking a god for his mercy. Even when I did it, the answer from him was “hopeless.” My sincerity didn’t reach god. I felt as if I was pushed down in the darkness. However, I thought that she had to be completely cured somehow and that was my duty. I regained my energy and tried to give her various treatment of acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and so on but nothing had changed.


I thought that all I could do was just wait until the time was ripe. When I thought like that, Mr S in the next village visited me and said, “I have a guest in my house now. He cures all kinds of diseases with holding up a hand. Why don’t you try to have your wife examined?” I did everything but I still couldn’t see the exit. So, I didn’t think she would be cured by that thing and I would have none of it. However, I had second thoughts. I decided to try one more time for her. Then Mr K visited us. He performed Johrei to her soon. He stayed one night and talked about Meshiya-kyo. After hearing his story, I wanted to become a believer. On 3 April 1951, I became a member of Meshiya-kyo.


Since then, Mr K worked hard to perform Johrei to my wife. I also tried to perform Johrei to her even after just becoming a believer. While we did so, such a bad illness of her got better day by day. When looking at her getting better, I just appreciated the great power of God and I felt so sorry for my doubt at the beginning. Thanks to God, she almost became normal at the end of April. I kept performing Johrei to her after that. In the busiest farming season, she completely recovered and could work together. When looking at her working, I called out, “Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama!”


When I remember the past, I had lived in the dark world for about half a year since she got ill. However, Meshiya-sama led us to the world of divine light. Not only I but also the rest of my family do appreciate His divine power. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama again. I don’t know how helpful I can be, but I will do my best to practice this divine light of faith as much as possible. I don’t know how to give thanks to such a great Meshiya-sama but I’m full of gratitude. Thank you indeed, Meshiya-sama.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Mental Disease #4

Reported by A.T. in Toyama on 18th of December, 1951


Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama for protecting us day after day. We were saved from the edge of despair and experienced the great act of God. I cannot keep our gratitude to only ourselves. My writing is poor but I would like to report my experience and let people know it.

I have been married to my husband for seven years. He was delicate and certainly sick in bed for a few weeks of a month at the longest at every turn of the season. He frequently needed a doctor. At the end of the last year, he was sick in bed and had a fever of 37 to 38 degrees for about a month. The doctor said, “Because of tuberculosis, he had a fever. In his case, taking PAS is better than an injection. He will become better.” So, he took PAS five times a day for three weeks. As we worshipped Myojin deity, we also had medicine from there. So, my husband took medicine ten times a day altogether.

It cost a lot for that. I asked my father in law. He said, “I don’t think taking so much medicine is not the only way. It’s enough for him to go to see the doctor.” Hearing that, my mother in law was worried and went to pray for Myojin deity. She was said, “Let him taking medicine for more ten days or at least a week.” I thought the deity would never tell a lie. Then I persuaded him. I didn’t know how much I bought medicine by doing an internal job but his fever could hardly go down.

Then we decided to change a doctor as we were told that the only one doctor wouldn’t always cure the illness. So, we changed a doctor and his fever went down in a day. However, he became gradually unable to sleep. Then we asked the doctor and he said, “I will also give him another medicine.”

Meanwhile, when going to pray for Myojin deity, I was said, “He is suffering from a nervous breakdown. Take his mind off. Have a small talk with him. Now, it is the most important time to take care of him.” However, my husband became too ill to listen to me. Then I visited the deity again, I was said, “In that case, why don’t you try to take the injection for a nervous breakdown?” However, I couldn’t find the injection around us. My husband said, “I feel a tightening in my chest. I will die but still help me if I die. I have to fall to the animal realm. What fear! I’m over! I’m over!!” He became like a beast and lost himself in eating food. He was like an animal. When looking at him, my family couldn’t swallow any food.

My mother in law had heard about Meshiya-kyo a long time ago. She said, “We should see Mr M. If he didn’t cure my son, we would have no regret.” Then she asked him to visit our home. He accepted her offer with pleasure and visited us. Since I had never seen or heard of Meshiya-kyo, I was surprised but explained to him what had happened to my husband from the beginning. I was sensitive to his mood. Then he clearly said, “Your husband is sure to be cured.” My heart was filled with joy and I didn’t know what to say.

I had never heard that someone said my husband was healed. I was really glad. I immediately told my father in law about Meshiya-kyo. He didn’t permit me to become a believer. Money didn’t matter if he was cured. I asked my father then. He said, “I don’t mind lending money if you insist but I heard Meshiya-kyo (which was called “Kannon-kyo” at that time) was oppressed very much last year. So, please don’t do anything making us trouble.” He lent me the money. I soon asked Mr M if my husband and I could become believers.

He said, “People usually go to the head office in Takaoka and received a holy amulet. If it is difficult for you, I will ask someone to visit you.” I asked him to visit our house. On 23 February, the vice-chairperson of the head office visited us and we became a believer. At around the time when he arrived at the station, my husband did the action of strangling his neck with a towel and a cord around there a few times. When receiving a holy amulet and Johrei, my husband said, “I did something bad to Sumiyosi-Daimyojin. I have to apologise to him,” and he moved violently. He shouted something nonsensical, which got worse during the night time. We didn’t know what he said, which troubled us very much.

When Mr M came, he told my husband something we didn’t understand until he was convinced. Then he became quiet. We were relieved but that didn’t last long. A few hours later, he started to do such things again. I couldn’t sleep well and had to look after children. I just said in front of Mr M, “I’m so tired.” He said with a smile, “Which way would you prefer, suffer for a few months or forever?” I did agree with him and changed my mind.

Mr M said to my father in law, “Your son’s wife has to look after her children. Besides, you are the father of him. I would like you to become a believer and perform Johrei to him. Since I have a family, too. I have to go home.” However, he never said yes. When my father came, he encouraged my father in law to help us. He finally decided to become a believer.

He soon became a believer and perform Johrei to my husband but he didn’t go better or seemed to become worse. The whole family continued not to sleep. When my father in law visited a relative and talked about his son, he was said, “That was a long time ago. Now medical science is progressing. You should send him to the hospital.” Then he visited a certain hospital and even asked about my husband. As for my husband, he moved violently more than before and said, “I go to the hospital. You all deceive me.” He was still in such condition. Mr M said, “He will become calm down a little in a week.” I begged my father in law to be patient for one or two weeks.

After a while, he sometimes felt better a little. He visited Mr M’s house and stayed in front of Dai-Komyonyorai-sama for a few days. He received Johrei and gradually became better. I felt as if I found the light in the darkness for the first time. Before the rice planting season came, my husband started to help us. I was full of joy and gratitude. We do appreciate the divine power of God and now we are living with happiness.

It passed ten months since we became a believer. At that time, my father was cured of intestinal cancer without surgery, which he had to have an operation. He also became a believer and received Johrei. He is glad to become very well. We enshrined a holy holding screen of Kannon-sama in November and had the very much grace. The happy days have finally come to us for the first time since I married. It is as if the spring light illuminates us. I cannot help but hope that unfortunate people rely on Meshiya-kyo as many as possible. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I would like to express my deepest gratitude.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Mental Disease #5

Reported by T.T. in Okayama on the 29th of July, 1952


My daughter married in January 1951. She was always good in shape and worked hard. Her husband’s family were fond of her. On 17 October, however, her father in law suddenly visited us and said, “Your daughter worked hard but she suddenly changed. In the last morning, she cheerfully went to the mountain to cut grass and came back after a while. She completely changed and seemed to lose her energy. She looked so pale. The whole family got worried about her and asked her what happened. She never answered, silently lowered her head and kept sitting. She seemed to think something and never moved. So, please come to see her.”

When I heard his story, I took a big breath and placed my hand on my chest. I just thought she would be protected when I asked a favour to God. Then I felt relieved. I said, “I will go soon.” I told Mrs. K, who is a devout believer of Meshiya-kyo, about my daughter and we visited his house together. We left at 2 p.m. and took the way of fourteen kilometres by bus. When we arrived, just like he said, my daughter was not herself. Mrs K and I performed Johrei to her several times. She seemed to recognise me.

She seemed to want to go home. Her whole family looked at her and said, “When you come here, she seemed to want to go home. Please take her to your house and ask God to save her.” I asked Mrs K to give me an advice. She said, “Since they said so, we’d better take her. I think the best thing to do is to perform Johrei to her in front of God.” Then I decided to take her my house.

In the morning of the 19th, we took her to my house. She seemed not to understand anything. On the way back home, we prayed for Meshiya-sama to catch up the train but she didn’t want to walk. We had to walk a few kilometres to the station but she didn’t walk very much, took off shoes and push herself backwards. She was holed under her arms by two people and lifted. Another person pushed her back. Even by doing so, we couldn’t make her move. I finally hold her on my back but couldn’t go so far. While doing such things, time went by. We don’t know what to do.

I asked Mrs K, “Will we catch a train?” She said, “Please don’t worry. We are all right. We already prayed to Meshiya-sama.” Then we finally arrived at the station. It was almost 7 p.m. I gave thanks to God in my mind. The train was crowded but we found a seat only for her. We arrived at station A. When looking at the time table of the bus. A bus was coming in five minutes. Thanks again to God, we could have a seat to sit on. So, we safely went back.

My daughter seemed to understand she went home. We took a break for a while and then went to Mrs K’s house to pray to a sacred object. I took my daughter’s hand and tried to leave with her. She didn’t want to move. We managed to take her to Mrs K’s house somehow and performed Johrei to her in front of God. From that day, we stayed at her house and slept in front of God. My daughter received Johrei from believers several times every day. I thanked God.

At that time, she just drunk water and tea a little but became not to drink any more. She sweated and became soaked at night. She had to change her clothes several times during the night, which lasted seven days. She finally became unconscious. Her cheekbones stood out. We could count her libs. Her belly was pulled, hip bones stood out and legs were so thin like a mantis, whose bones were covered with just skin. She looked pale as a dead person. I thought my dearest daughter would die soon and her life would finish.

On the 9th day, she was mumbling. I thought she wanted something to have. When I gave her a small spoon of water, God let her drink it. I couldn’t express how I appreciate His grace. Since then, she could not only drink water and tea but also had fruit and rather meal. She became to eat more and more. I gave thanks to God again. Mrs K performed Johrei to her countless times day and night. My daughter became better day by day and put on weight little by little. She finally became well enough to walk around in the house.

She could gradually sleep at night but at the same time, suddenly stood up, raised her arms forward, put her wrist down and wave hands. Then she walked around in sleepwear. She looked like a ghost. At another time, I thought she was possessed by the spirit of her unsaved ancestor. She grumbled at night, which lasted a few days. She also drew something like a wave with her finger on the floor at another night. Then almost a month had passed.

When the festival of a tutelary deity was nearly coming, we had stayed at Mrs K’s house for about a month. I took my daughter to home for the festival and hold a ritual on 14 and 15 October. She was still well at home. She received Johrei from chief persons of the headquarter several times. We were permitted to enshrine Komyonyorai-sama on 5 November. People came all the way and performed Johrei to my daughter. I told them, “Thanks to God, my daughter, who didn’t eat anything, became well like that. I will rely on Him.”

When Mrs K did something funny, she became to laugh loudly but had not yet spoken. She sometimes could not return from the bathroom. We visited a worship hall in Okayama for the first time and Mr N performed Johrei to her. We visited there four times. When the last time we visited there, my daughter had a sticky runny nose after receiving Johrei from Mr Y who was a chairperson. It was the first time for her.

While my daughter was saved by God, her husband’s family stopped coming to see her. They first thanked for God’s grace and sometimes came to see her. However, they gradually became to think badly of God. I felt so sorry for God and I removed my daughter from their family register in January 1952.

She gradually gained her appetite but she didn’t want to eat together. In short, she stole and ate a meal alone. Moreover, she ate it enough for two persons. I was very surprised and also worried. I didn’t think that was good for her. I sometimes hid food. Now she became so fat and her belly was like a drum.

One day, when we made rice cakes, she silently helped us. I was so glad that I shed tears of joy. I just gave thanks to God. After that, she got better as she received Johrei. She mostly recovered in twenty days and completely became normal spiritually and physically. After enshrining Komyonyorai-sama, now we are living in peace together. People in our village was surprised by the divine power of God.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. Here I conclude my report with full of gratitude for His protection.


Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Mental Disease #6

Reported by K.S. in Oita on the 1st of October, 1951


At the end of February 1951 when I cut down the raw lumber for charcoal, I accidentally fell into a valley in a depth of 18 metres and became unconscious. I was saved by a person who was working there. I didn’t feel pain very much so that I continued to work in the morning. After having lunch, however, I suddenly felt a pain in various parts of the body and soon became ill in bed. I went mad. Five or six days after the accident, Mr S suddenly visited me and performed Johrei. He was an instructor of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo (“Meshiya-kyo”). I thought God brought him. When receiving Johrei, my head became clear and I felt to come to my senses. A few days later, He visited and performed Johrei to me again. Then I was completely cured. For about a month after that, I occasionally felt heavy in the head but never split my personality. I gradually recovered and finally went back to work.

If I took modern medical treatment, I would never recover in such a short period and I would be still insane. Not only I but also the rest of my family would live unfortunate lives. I felt so grateful so that I became a believer on 8 March. I performed Johrei to my family every day. I sometimes perform Johrei to my neighbours, too. We received the grace of God a lot and I will report them the next time.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama and Dai-Komyonyorai-sama. From now, I eagerly want to guide people who surfer to Meshiya-kyo as many as possible while working as a farmer. That would be the way to return the favour of God. I am sorry that my writing is poor but I conclude my report here.



Translated by N.H.