Johrei Saves America, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


Tuberculosis is created by medical science. As I previously described, toxic medicine accumulates and solidifies in each part of the body. When a cold is caused by purification action, the toxin is melted by heat and becomes liquid. Then it is about to come out of the body through the lung as phlegm. In a sense, the lung works as an intermediate station for sputum to be discharged. Phlegm once accumulates in the lung and comes out through the throat by the pumping action called chough. Therefore, the more a person has a cough and phlegm, the more they are purified. Nevertheless, medical science considers this action oppositely and stops the symptoms of cough and phlegm as much as possible. What a surprising mistake it does! Phlegm consequently remains in the lung and solidifies as time passes. After a while, purification action recurs and the person catches a cold again. Then they go to see a doctor. Because of the fever, solidified phlegm in the lung, cough, phlegm and wheezing sound, the person is diagnosed as an early stage of tuberculosis. Since the patient also suffered from mild pleurisy when they caught a cold before, the solidified toxins in the peritonitis also melt and come out of the lung. This symptom is called lung infiltration. When stiffness around the neck and shoulders melts and penetrates the upper part of the lung, this symptom is called hilar lymphadenitis or catarrh of the pulmonary apex.

When examining the order of causing tuberculosis, you would see that it is created by false medical treatment. In a word, the medical treatment stops purification which excretes the filth from the body. Such medical treatment as taking medicine, injection, having a rest and so on are all the same. They are all solidifying methods. Therefore, it is obvious that the progress of medical science merely means the progress of solidifying methods of toxins.

As for mycobacterium tuberculosis, it is considered to be infected in medical science but it is wrong. It naturally generates. Bacteria are generated because the solidified phlegm in the lung gets old and decays as time passes. When something decays, the microorganism is naturally generated. This is the theory of substances. Besides, body temperature encourages it. In this way, if medical treatment creates tuberculosis, I have no hesitation in saying that tuberculosis patients never decrease but more people suffer from it unless they notice this. The following fact shows it very well. In the U.S.A and Japan, the mortality rate of tuberculosis became in decline but the number of its patients don’t decrease at all. That is a contradiction. Because of highly toxic new medicines and surgeries, the way of stop purification has progressed. Patients are temporarily saved from death indeed but it doesn’t mean they are completely cured. Therefore, people don’t die but cannot work. Such betwixt and between people increases. Besides, people still suffer from tuberculosis. We hear someone yelling that there are not enough beds. This happens in Japan. Putting aside the U.S.A., it shows such a contradictive situation.

Now I thoroughly describe mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is said that tuberculosis medicine has recently progressed very much. From our point of view, however, it doesn’t even enter the entrance of the study. It is because medical science is caught up with a germ. It mistakenly believes that tuberculosis is solved when the germ is killed. However, it is obvious that even a germ never generates in the air by chance nor generates in the human body without a reason. There must be a generation sauce somewhere.

This is I who have finally found it. Let me explain it in detail but you should know how the human body is structured in advance. In medical science, the human body is regarded as a mere substance. This is completely wrong as it cannot explain how human life and death occurs if so. Here is the most important matter. That is the human spirit or heart. It is invisible but even science would not deny its existence. It is because human beings consist of not only the body but also an individual peace called spirit. It is the same shape as the body and almost non-existent but does exist. In this way, the spirit and body are inseparable. The death means that the spirit comes out of the body and the body consequently stops its activity. As for the heart, it works without a second rest. When something motivates a person, it immediately moves to the body and it takes action. The body never moves spontaneously. If that is the case, the nature of human beings is in the heart or spirit. The spirit is a master and the body is a subordinate. It means that the spirit leads and the body follows. In this sense, even disease generates in the spirit first and transfers to the body. This is the truth. Therefore, the primal thing is to make the spirt healthy. Let me describe it in further detail. The nature of spirit is originally a colourless and transparent thing. When the cloud generates in this transparent spirit, this condition is called an origin of the disease. Scientifically speaking, when the spirit is materialised, that is called blood and vice versa. Therefore, when the cloud in the spirit transfers to a part of the body, the blood in there becomes impure. When the impure blood transfers to a part of spirit, that part becomes cloudy. In this way, the spirit and the body work together.

Then I explain how to cause cloud in the spirit. Religiously speaking, it is caused by the accumulation of sins. Materially speaking, it is caused by the accumulation of toxic medicine. Then what is the nature of the cloud? It is an impure spirit of water. It becomes dense and shrinks as time passes. Then a bacterium generates in it. This bacterium should be called a botanical inorganic matter but gradually changes into an organic one and then becomes an animal one. This is the egg of a germ. When this egg grows and becomes full, or a substance, it is found as a bacterium under a microscope. Therefore, a virus is an intermediate particle which is becoming full from the egg of a germ. It is not found under a microscope but does exist. This existence is recognised even by medical science. To explain this, I give you a familiar example. That is a maggot in the trash. Medical science only tries to kill a maggot but doesn’t notice the trash. That is the same meaning.

In this sense, to eradicate tuberculosis, there is no way but to eliminate the cloud in the spirit which is the cause of bacteria. However, the study of present medical science has not reached that level. It consequently studies only bacteria. It means medical science never touches the root cause. Therefore, it is nothing but a wasted effort no matter how it tries hard. It would be, however, understandable as finer particles than viruses are not found under the present microscope. Fortunately, I found the cause of disease. Therefore, the problem of tuberculosis has been already solved.

Let me explain how to eliminate the cloud in the spirit. When explaining this, I should describe the essence of the cloud in advance. As I mentioned above, an impure spirit of water means that the spirit of water contains impure molecules, which are ultra-fine particles and cannot be found even under the microscope. It is a Johrei method which extinguishes these particles. By performing Johrei, only impure particles are burnt out. It means that the pure spirit of water remains and the cause of the disease is completely removed. When performing Johrei, a practitioner radiates an invisible ray. The nature of this ray is called the spirit of fire. In short, the body of fire generates heat, whereas the spirit of fire doesn’t, which is wonderfully more powerful than the body of fire. Regarding this, science refers to the spirit of water, or hydrogen but not the spirit of fire. This is strange. Then why is this spirit of fire radiated from the palm? When explaining this, I have to explain it religiously. Please read it for that purpose. It is because modern science ignores the spirit and only recognises substances. Therefore, readers cannot believe it. In this way, science has progressed only in the field of substances. It would be one-sided and imbalanced progress. Therefore, it is natural that it cannot found the true pathology nor treatment. For this reason, I always say that medical science doesn’t have a scientific but mechanical view. The following fact proves it well. If patients asked the cause of disease, doctors could not answer clearly but made an excuse to gain time. I think every doctor has experienced such a case. On the other hand, we can proudly answer any questions with a scientific theory no matter how deeply asked. Therefore, any patients are convinced and relieved.

We go back to the previous subject. This purification power comes from the spiritual light ball, which should be said to be the origin of the spirit of fire. This ball was given to me by God Jehovah (which is six cm in diameter and which is in the centre of my belly and some people can see with the naked eye) and radiates light waves infinitely. As a transmission method, I first write “light” in a Japanese character on a fifty centimetre square of paper with ink and a brush. Then it is folded and given to practitioners. When they hang it around their chest and hold their hand over a person, the light is immediately emitted from the hand towards them thorough the spiritual line from me. This is like the system of a radio which needs a broadcaster, antenna and receiver. We call this receiver an amulet which is mentioned in thank-you reports. Then why did God give me such a method? It is because the time has come when “the kingdom of God is at hand” as Christ prophesied. For this reason, it is essential to banish disease from human beings in the first place. God taught me the way to do so. I explained mycobacterium tuberculosis and others as above and will describe the bacteria of infectious disease next.


Thank-You Report for Curing Tuberculosis


Translated by N.H.