Thank-You Report for Curing Tuberculosis

Thank-You Report for Tuberculosis #1
Thank-You Report for Tuberculosis #2
Thank-You Report for Tuberculosis #3
Thank-You Report for Tuberculosis #4
Thank-You Report for Tuberculosis #5
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Thank-You Report for Curing Tuberculosis #1

Reported by M.M. on the 15th of September, 1951


I was held as a detainee in Siberia and forced to live a hard life. When finally going back home, I felt relieved for a short period until I suffered from the disease. I lost my hope. I thought there wasn’t God in the world and determined to commit family suicide. On such an occasion, the light of salvation illuminated me. I was given the joy of living again by Johrei even though I continued to doubt its effectiveness. I was so much obliged that I cannot help but reporting my experience even though my writing is poor.

When I recall, my harsh life started six years ago. When the war was over, I was immediately taken to the backwoods of Siberia. In mid-September, it snowed and the temperature dropped. I ate cocked kaoliang or onion with salt, salted herring soup and a flatfish in the lid of a messtin at every meal. I could hardly have such unfamiliar dish for the first time but gradually managed to swallow them. I got used to POW life but vegetables stopped to be provided and grass on the ground, which we took and ate at random, was all covered with snow in this coming October and November. We gradually couldn’t move the body freely due to lack of nutrition. Besides, it was getting cold and everything froze. My fellows couldn’t endure that extreme cold and they collapsed one by one.

We always said each other, “Hang in there. We endure this until we go home.” However, we became exhausted and people were dying one after another in a foreign land while thinking about their wife, child and home town. In a prisoner’s camp which admitted five or six hundred beds for the sick, more than sixty patients died in a day. The dead bodies were laid in a certain outside place. When they froze, a military doctor split one of them vertically from head to belly with a battle-axe and made out a medical certificate without any examination. The rest of them were packed in a jute bag by Japanese soldiers, sledged and buried in the hole. Everyone cried out for our fellows’ such miserable figures.

While facing such tragedy, I wondered if gods and Buddhas did exist and allowed such things. I felt empty but kept trying to live while thinking of my family who must have waited for my safe return. I made myself feel positive and kept working hard to fell trees while sinking in the snow up to knees. The whole two years passed. The labour became less hard and the meal became a little improved. Our work went well and we as well as the sick were received an order to return home. I finally went back to Japan. I came back in September 1947. I had never suffered from the disease during my stay in Siberia. In this December, however, the left groin became swollen very much. I went to a clinic and was diagnosed as probably the fourth stage of venereal disease. I had a boric acid compress immediately applied and took Zulfamine. It was resolved in a week. I was relieved but had a hole between urethra and rectum in January 1948. A half amount of urine became coming out of the anus. While I was going to Keio Hospital in February, the left testicle got swollen. It caused severe pain. I waited for a vacant room for three months and then had the testicle removed with surgery. While waiting for surgery, I took injections of 300,000 unit of penicillin five times and 20 ml unit of Zarbro ten times. Before the surgical wound was healed, I suffered from left exudative pleurisy. I took Zarbro thirty times. After I was hospitalized for three months, I went to the hospital while working. Only a month after I left the hospital, the right testicle got swollen. I wanted to avoid having it removed. I took penicillin 5 times and Zarbro fifteen times. The pain got severer and the testicle got swollen like an egg. I finally had to take surgery. I still wanted to avoid surgery and took fifty tablets of Diazine. However, the pain and swelling had not yet gone. So, I could do nothing but accept taking surgery at the hospital. I have a boy but my tears didn’t stop when I thought I could never have a child any more. Three months later, the left exudative pleurisy recurred. I recovered from it after six months of sick leave and started to work again. However, I suffered from it again only five months after I started to work. The doctor told me to have absolute rest and I became too weak to stand up. In December 1949, the right lung was affected. I also suffered from intestinal tuberculosis at the same time. When I got a diagnosis, my hope immediately disappeared and I just lived in tears of sadness. The children in my neighbourhood avoided me while calling, “Lung disease! Lung disease!” My innocent son was ignored and played alone because of me. I could do nothing but cry. Because of my son, I endured the anguish of POW. I went through it while dreaming a happy life together. I didn’t want to die. I wanted to recover. I just hoped for my recovery and got streptomycin with the rest of the money. When I took the injection twice a day, the fever went down. I also took Zarbro and the intravenous injection of Salbital eighty times altogether. In March and April 1950, I didn’t have a fever. Oh, I was saved! All I could do was just waiting for my recovery. My wife and I cried with joy hand in hand. In May, however, I got a fever again. My intestine hurt. I frequently got diarrhoea and couldn’t endure severe pain in the back and chest. I couldn’t sleep without an ice pillow. The doctor told me that I had a cavity in the right lung and had to have surgery. I was shocked and devastated. I wanted to be hospitalized but there was no room for me.

The suffering from illness and economic troubles drove me into a corner. I thought I had no choice but to die. Since then, I waited for a chance of committing suicide.

If I had told my son I gave him a bun, he would be glad to have it. However, if potassium cyanide had been in a bun, how could I have given him? We had already prepared to die but our determination weakened when looking at my sleeping son with a smile. I still wanted to survive and continued to take PAS.

On 16 March 1951, Mr S visited me. He was living in front of my mother’s house and asked to help me as I was dying. He told me about Meshiya-kyo all through the night. At that time, I could no longer pray for god and Buddhas as I experienced a prisoner life in Siberia. I couldn’t believe what he said but I was moved by his sincerity. I said, “It is not difficult for me to stop taking medicine as I am prepared to die, but don’t you mind if I don’t believe in Meshiya-kyo?” He said, “I don’t mind. When you receive Johrei, various changes happen. So, please don’t give the wrong treatment. Otherwise, you dig your own grave.” I thought that I wanted to be cured for my son if I could.

When I received Johrei, I unusually slept well. I could sit up in my bed and had breakfast the next morning. I usually felt hard to breathe and somehow managed to go to the bathroom, but I never felt tired for about twenty to thirty minutes. That was so unusual. Since then, I continued to receive Johrei every day. I could walk around in the home garden in a week. I thought I was saved and cured. I was convinced that Johrei saved me and cured my disease. I could naturally pray for God’s protection. I had purification of vomiting and diarrhoea a few times. I got better day by day.

“You should receive a holy amulet,” Mr S said and lent a gratuity to my wife. We accepted his kindness and we went to town M and took training together. I wobbled on the way to go but I could walk with steady steps when I finished a whole day training and went home. What a surprising thing it was! I could even go up and downstairs that I used to do when I was fine. I could do nothing but did appreciate the divine protection of God. I finished a three-days training with tears of gratitude. I was convinced that God does exist in this world, who is not just an idea but a real existence united to a person. When I received an amulet, I thought a person even like me with sins was permitted to have a part of the divine spirit in my body. My hands were trembling and threw myself on the floor with tears of joy. “I will never say to die. Please save me.” I couldn’t say anything anymore with tears. Everyone including Mr S was also cried in happiness.

My life so far was flashing; the war, POW life, sickbed, depths of despair and so on. Without seeing the truth, I made myself suffer. It was only swelling in the inguinal gland that I suffered from. Since I stopped purification, the disease recurred and recurred. I had my fresh cut. The doctor gave me up. Until those things happened, why didn’t I feel distrust for medicine? All crimes and terrifying wars are originally caused by the medicine. Seeds of unhappiness are spread in the place where people don’t realise. When I comprehended the truth more, it surprised me further. I knew that the truth was opened up, the time had come to change to the happy world from unhappy one, Paradise on Earth with truth, virtue and beauty would appear and so on. I overcame many hardships so that I especially felt great joy.

I went around every day to perform Johrei to many people the day after I became a believer. I couldn’t imagine that I could do that. Since then, I rely on Komyonyorai-sama. I sometimes had purification and became better day by day.

I never fail to join a seasonal and monthly ceremony in the branch office. Before joining the ceremony, I am sure to have purification of vomiting a few times. Every time I have purification, I have deep feelings of gratitude for Meshiya-sama’s protection. When I visited Atami to worship on 1 May and Gora on 1 July, I honourably saw Meshiya-sama and directly gave my sincere thanks to him. I felt so sorry that I was an atheist, sceptical and stubborn but such a man was saved from the hell world. I was deeply moved. I did swear in front of him that I introduce this absolute power of salvation to people who haven’t known it yet as many as possible.


Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Tuberculosis #2

Reported by N.T. in Tokyo on the 25th of April, 1952


I would like to report that I was cured of tuberculosis and my life became full of joy. My writing is poor but I hope my report helps people who are suffering from tuberculosis.

When I was young, I was energetic. Even when I had a slight cold, I kept working. In November 1946, I had a once-a-year group medical examination. I had never suffered from serious diseases since I was a child but I was found cloudiness in my chest with X-ray examination. I couldn’t express how I felt depressed. The doctor told me to have a rest. So, I had to do so. After that, I went to Imperial Household Hospital to examine my chest again. I was diagnosed as a left lung infiltration. I had had a rest while watching at the ceiling for three months. I wanted to recover although it is said to be an incurable disease for a long time ago. I had a rest and got nutrition as the doctor told me but my illness hung in the balance. I was impatient to cure disease quickly.

The three months passed. I was found a cavity in the lung with X-ray examination. The doctor recommended that I took a pneumothorax therapy. I didn’t want to but my parents told me to take it. So, I had no choice. As the treatment caused me pain, I hated the treatment day coming. To flatten the cavity, the lung was inflated with about 300ml of air. When the therapy was applied, it hurt but I patiently continued the treatment. The cavity was finally flattened but the side effect occurred because of too much inflation. Water accumulated in the lung and it caused peritonitis. Nevertheless, I continued to take the therapy while removing the water from the lung. I did about seventy times in two years.

While doing so, I was said that the heart moved to the right and the accumulating water formed pus. I was hospitalized to take an examination but the surgeon said, “There is no pus found.” I was discharged temporarily but the part the therapy applied became swollen and purulent. It became like a boil and then pus came out of it. A boil repeatedly formed and then pus came out and so forth. My skin was torn and ulcers formed all over my chest. I went to the hospital again and I was examined by a surgeon. The symptom was too severe to be cured. The surgeon gave up applying the treatment and said, “You should have surgery.”

I asked the surgeon, “Am I healed when I have surgery?” The surgeon said, “I would not say yes. Can you imagine that you might be run by a car when walking in the street? That is an unforeseen incident. The surgery is the same.” I was shocked to hear what he said. His job directly linked to people’s lives but he simply said such things. On the other hand, a physician said, “You might have a better result without surgery.” I was reluctant to have surgery and decided to have a home treatment. I thought doctors gave me up and felt sad. I was desperate and left the rest up to fate.

Meanwhile, I visited Mr K by chance, who was living next door. It was on 16 January 1949. God extended mercy on me there. Mr K told me about Meshiya-kyo. I was interested and wanted to try Johrei. Then I visited Mr A in Akabane and received Johrei. He told me miracles caused by Johrei and the principle of Johrei. I was half in doubt but single-mindedly kept receiving Johrei. No change was seen from the beginning but I had diarrhoea mixed with blood when I received Johrei in May. It continued for about a week. Since then, I felt lighter. I thought the water in the pleura came out. After that, I was getting better day by day. Ulcers became healed and dried. The wound of pneumothorax therapy was closed, which the surgeon said never to be closed. I was happy from the bottom of my heart.

Two years passed when I stopped medical treatment. I wanted to make sure of my recovery with X-ray examination. Then I went to Imperial Household Hospital again on 28 June 1951. When I sat down waited for my turn, there were many patients on both sides of me. I found someone I saw two years ago, who looked pale and still bad shape. I was surprised he still kept coming. I saw Dr S who took care of me before but he didn’t seem to recognise me for a while. I was completely different from what I was two years ago. At that time, I was nearly dying and looked so pitiful when leaving the hospital.

When I entered the room, Dr S was very surprised and said, “You are not a ghost, aren’t you? You’ve already dead for three years!” Then I made a joke, “A ghost never says something, doesn’t he?” In my heart, I deeply felt I was saved by God and I was full of gratitude. When examining me, Dr S was surprised that everything became better. He asked, “How did you become well like this?” I told him that I became a believer in Meshiya-kyo and healed by Johrei. Dr S said, “There doesn’t seem to be water in the lung. The part of having rales became small.” While examining me, he just groaned and tilted his head in confusion.

When looking at X-ray photo, he said, “The lung is clean and had no water.” That made him surprised again. I was convinced that the divine power of Johrei is much greater than the power of medical science. Oh, I was saved. Meshiya-sama saved my life. I give sincere thanks to Meshiya-sama from the bottom of my heart for your protection.


Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Tuberculosis #3

Reported by S.T. in Saga on the 4th of July, 1951


In the spring of 1951, my son becomes seventeen years old enters high school. He didn’t seem to work hard. I thought he was difficult, or rather unable to enter the school. When I look at him leaving the house with joy, I remember what happened to him thirteen years ago.

My son was born on 23 July 1935. Soon after birth, the doctor saw his faeces and diagnosed him with indigestion. He tried to get treatments such as injections of artificial nutrition. However, the more he had treatments, the worse he got. At that time, I had a monthly salary of thirty-five yen. I could hardly afford to pay a lot for treatments. I was gradually unable to take my son to the hospital and doing nothing but waiting for his death. Meanwhile, he suffered from pneumonia. A doctor said, “You buy an inhaler for him.” However, I couldn’t afford it. I had a heart-breaking feeling. I was too ashamed to stay on. I sometimes pop out and absentmindedly walked along a small riverside.

At that time, someone told me that I’d better change a doctor. I stopped going to see a paediatrician and took my son to an obstetrical and gynaecological hospital. The obstetrician- gynaecologist was completely different from the paediatrician. His way was a hands-off style. He said, “I give a half-rotten banana to my children just a little. They will get used to and don’t suffer from food poisoning someday. Look at a beggar child.” “As for me, I take a bath even when I catch a cold and have a fever.” I was surprised but I followed his way as I gave up on my son.

However, he didn’t become better nor seemed to die either. When he was born, he was a plump and healthy baby but he was no longer what he used to be. After he became four years old, he became ill. I took him a noted doctor. At that time, I managed to pay for once or twice of his treatment fee. He said, “Your son suffers from infant tuberculosis. It is already progressing. When I plainly say, he can live only about two more years.” I was very shocked. There was no way to do for my son. No matter what I did for him, he would have died in two years. On such an occasion, I came across the divine light.

I spoiled my son and even I was sometimes annoyed by his selfishness. Nevertheless, Meshiya-sama always performed Johrei to such my son with a merciful face. I was so grateful as his mother. Since then, my son sometimes had surprisingly great purifications. Meanwhile, my younger son suffered from children’s dysentery. He also suffered from meningitis at other times. He was, of course, saved from both great purifications and became fourteen years old now. I have five children and all of them have experienced miraculous salvation and they are now doing well.

I, who is a parent with children would like to say aloud, “Please look at my son. He was told to die at the age of six. He is still here today.” Such a miracle happened not only to us. Someone was saved from a family suicide. Someone was gradually saved by divine power from the idea which should be most excluded from present Japan and lives a dreamlike life. I would like people to see through such countless miracles of protection from God correctly. Now my son plays volleyball. His height is more than 160cm and his shoe size is over 25cm. I always wish that people make sure of this fact.

A miracle of his life, a miracle of his growing up and a miracle of his admission…. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. Please use us for your sacred works to construct Paradise on Earth.


Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Tuberculosis #4

Reported by H.M. in Kanagawa on the 5th of May, 1952


I am full of gratitude that I have a chance to report my experience here.

At the beginning of December 1950, I had a lump swollen in my neck. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with cervical lymph node tuberculosis. A doctor said, “You should see a physician first and have a treatment.” Then I went to the internal department next. I took an X-ray photo of my chest and was diagnosed with lung infiltration. Meanwhile, my baby (who was a year and nine months old) had measles. I was just about to prepare for a coming year but we had to spend the New Year in a dark atmosphere, which should have been fun.

After curing of measles, my baby didn’t feel good. I had to have a rest but, I carried him on my back and went to the hospital every other day. I continued to take him to the hospital for a month but he still didn’t become well. Then my baby and I took an X-ray photo. My symptom got worse and had to have an absolute rest. Since my baby didn’t get infected, my baby was left at a welfare facility to escape infection.

We were relieved that I could have a rest and my husband could work at a factory again. Soon after that, however, he bruised his wrist. He couldn’t work and returned home. How long did we suffer? I even wanted to die. His bruise was not healed even after a week. We got worried and he went to the hospital and took an X-ray photo. A doctor said, “There are no abnormalities in the bone but peritonitis may occur. So do not work too hard for a while.” We didn’t know when he became able to work. At that time, we borrowed money for our medical treatments. We felt so uneasy.

Then I just remembered that my husband was healed from low back pain by Johrei three years ago. We decided to go to Koyasu and ask to receive Johrei. I first received Johrei on 23 March. On the next day, my husband visited local office A alone to join a monthly ceremony. Mr T, who is an instructor, performed Johrei to him and encouraged him in many ways. My husband bruise got better and returned to work on the next day. Since then, we studied hard to read Meshiya-sama’s teachings and newspaper “Eiko” as much as we could afford. Mr O, who is also an instructor, kindly visited us to perform Johrei at night as my husband was out to work during the day time. Thanks to him, my husband recovered while working. His bruise was completely cured. He became able to keep doing rough work for a week.

On 8 April, my husband received a holy amulet when he joined a monthly ceremony at branch office B. Since then, I received Johrei from him every morning and evening. I became better day by day and could do things around me. I could visit the local office A in six months and become much better. My cervical lymph node tuberculosis was completely healed in four months.

Meanwhile, my husband visited our baby. He suffered from infant tuberculosis. He lost his appetite and took a nutrition injection every day. He became skin and bones. My husband was shocked. When he returned home, we talked to each other and decided to bring him back. We also ask Mr O to ask Meshiya-sama to protect us.

We left my baby by taking the complicated procedure. Therefore, it was not so easy to bring him back. A person in charge of the facility said, “Unless you are completely healed, we won’t let him out. Otherwise, you and your baby might fall together.” So, I had to take an X-ray photo to prove my cure. I took it at a public health centre. I was said, “Your tuberculosis is progressing. You’d better have surgery.” We couldn’t bring my baby back with that photo. We were lost in thought and visited local office A to see Mr O.

He said while smiling, “You pray to Komyonyorai-sama for your protection. God will make everything go well for you.” Even I as an amateur found the worst affected part of the photo. How could an expert say yes? However, I thought Mr O delivered the message from God. Then we prayed to Komyonyorai-sama for our protection and took that photo to the welfare facility. Surprisingly, we easily got permission to bring him back. We don’t know what to say but were overwhelmed with gratitude for God. I, just in case, asked if I needed to have surgery. The doctor said, “You don’t have to. It is not so progressing. Please have a rest for a while.” We finally brought my baby back for the first time in three months. We felt on top of the world.

It was miraculous that my baby got an appetite since we prayed to Meshiya-sama. When we pick him up, he had a usual meal and took only one injection or so. We were repeatedly protected in such ways. We are moved to tears.

Since then our family visited the local office A together every day and became better day by day. On 18 June, we joined a monthly ceremony and I received a holy amulet with tears of joy. Then we enshrined a holy folding screen of Kannon-sama at home.

Now my son has become much more mischievous than other children and my husband works hard every day. We have already paid back debt and become a happy family full of divine light.

We would like to reward the great mercy of Komyonyorai-sama even a little.

We give sincere thanks to Meshiya-sama.


Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Tuberculosis #5

Reported by S.T. in Nagasaki on the 29th of March, 1952


I received a holy amulet on 15 June 1951. My wife (who was thirty-four years old) became sick in bed at the beginning of April. She went to a clinic and was diagnosed with laryngeal and pulmonary tuberculosis. A doctor said, “Your wife will be temporarily cured by taking medicine and injections but not completely cured.” I felt down. My grandfather lost his wife when he was in his forties and my mother died at the age of forty-three. I thought that I might also lose my wife and this idea was bothering me day and night.

She grew weak day by day and suffered. She became within an inch of dying. Neighbours and relatives left soon when coming to see her and the numbers of visitors to see her gradually decreased. The house was dark and I felt down. I was busy looking after my children and taking care of domestic animals and so on. Since I couldn’t concentrate on my work at all, I fought with my father. I had no hope ahead and got desperate. However, I wanted to save my wife somehow. I visited shrines here or there to get prayed. I also tried herbs and even a kind of pit viper but my wife continued to get worse.

At that time, I occasionally saw Mr T standing at a certain storefront. He is living near my house. He is a believer in Meshiya-kyo and talked about religious belief. I put off my things to do and listened to him. His stories attracted me as I had a sick wife. When listening carefully, he talked about not only religious faith but also science and spiritual matters. I thought Johrei cured disease much better than the present medical science. So, I asked him to come home and said, “I will cooperate with Meshiya-kyo if my wife is completely healed.”

He visited us the next morning. After he performed Johrei to my wife, he said, “I don’t think your wife is suffering from tuberculosis. She will be healed when she continues to receive Johrei and becomes a believer.” My wife and I didn’t think she is healed by just holding a hand up to her. Besides, he was a farmer like me and became a believer only six months ago. How could he simply say such things even though my wife was given up by the doctor? I could hardly believe him but I remembered what he said at the storefront. Then I asked him to continue to come.

Since then, he visited us every day. He also gave us a holy paper and so on. When my wife received Johrei four or five times, I wonder why but her temperature went down and she stopped coughing and became relieved very much. How could I express my feeling of joy? Mr T said, “I will be able to come every day but I think it takes time for your wife to recover. Why don’t you become a believer?” On 15 July, I, fortunately, received a holy amulet and became a believer. I started to perform Johrei without understanding. Mr T visited us to teach me how to perform Johrei every two to three days. When I kept performing Johrei to my wife, she had diarrhoea fifteen times in a day.

She also had diarrhoea ten times and phlegm after a while and got better. On 8 August, we received a holy holding screen of Kannon-sama. My wife was completely healed. On the night of the 8th, however, my second son (who was two years old) suddenly had a fever of about 40 degrees. He looked dead and had only a very weak pulse. He seemed to suffer from Japanese encephalitis. I performed Johrei to him all through the night but he didn’t get better very much. In the next morning, I hold my son and took him to Mr T’s house. I prayed to Komyonyorai-sama for the protection of my son. Mr T performed Johrei to him. Then we go home. My wife also took my son to Mr, T’s house that evening. She prayed and my son received Johrei again. On the next day, he got better and then completely recovered.

On 11 August, my wife visited a local office on foot to worship for the first time. The office is about sixteen km away. She received a holy amulet and then walked back home safely. My joy at that evening was beyond your imagination.

On 26 September, the eldest son’s (who was eight years old) whole body became swollen. He suffered as if he got kidney disease. We performed Johrei to him every day and also took him to Mr T’s house to receive Johrei. At that time, we visited my wife’s parent to hold a memorial service. All her family said, “You take your son to the hospital soon.” As he, fortunately, had purification, I felt ease about my son. However, he didn’t get better very much so that I took him to a local office to join a ceremony by car on 5 October. My son received Johrei especially from Mr N who was a chief of the office. After that, he was soon getting better in a few days. Mr T recommended that my son received a holy amulet and he did on 18 October.

On 13 January 1952, we were given a holy object of worship and enshrined it at our house. The holy light shone our dim house. The house became bright and was completely different from the previous day. I thought that it would be fun in the future. I visited Karatsu branch office and received a holy amulet of “Komyo” on 15 February.

I worked for Meshiya-kyo and talk to people about Johrei. I also started natural farming of wheat from this year. Here my story was finished. I do hope that people understand Meshiya-kyo and are saved by God as many as possible.

I give my thanks to Meshiya-sama and Komyonyorai-sama. I got countless protections from them and hope they last. I reported how we were saved since we became believers, which are the bare fact. Here I would like to give my thanks to Mr B, N and H who taught me a lot. I conclude my report with Meshiya-sama’s verse.

If Kannon didn’t save me, I would be still wandering, in a bottomless swamp


Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Tuberculosis #6

Reported by S.I. in Hyogo on the 1st of January, 1952


I would like to report my experience with my deepest gratitude. At the beginning of November 1949, I suffered from right lung infiltration. I was told that it took more than a year and a half to cure completely. I had to have absolute rest and home treatment as I was told. During my home treatment, I took a pneumothorax therapy and vitamin injection. However, my fever didn’t go down but I kept having a fever of 37 to 39 degrees. One month had already passed. I just continued to look at the ceiling every day in December. I had to get medical treatment and feed five-member of my family other than me on a small salary. The New Year was nearly coming but I was sick in bed. We lived our lives with disease, poverty and conflict.

In the middle of December, my acquaintance (who was not a believer of Meshiya-kyo) visited me by chance. He said, “Meshiya-kyo cure disease with just holding a hand up.” I didn’t understand what he meant at all but I thought I might be healed with it. An old saying says that a drowning man will catch at a straw. So, I asked to receive Johrei. On 20 October, Mr F visited me. He is a believer and performed Johrei to me. He just held his hand up to me. It was the first time for me to receive Johrei. I wondered if I would be cured by it. Thinking back now, I was deeply sorry for thinking like that.

Mr F himself suffered from infiltration of both lungs and was cured of it by Johrei. Since I sometimes saw him doing farm work, I did believe that Meshiya-kyo would cure my disease. Then I received Johrei every day but I was half in doubt as I had little experience of faith. Therefore, I also kept taking pneumothorax therapy once a weak or ten days while receiving Johrei.

To tell the truth, I couldn’t decide which way I should take, religion or medical science. I took both. Meanwhile, my temperature went down and I felt lighter. When I heard about faith more, I no longer needed to measure my temperature. However, I still took the pneumothorax therapy, which was taken fifteen times until the middle of January. At the end of January, I finally decided to rely totally on Meshiya-Kyo. I started to receive guidance by Mr T who is a chief of branch office O. On 12 February, I received a holy amulet and finally became a believer. When I kept receiving Johrei, I had diarrhoea ten times all through the night. I also surprisingly passed gas and had phlegm, which lasted long.

Because of my work, however, I had to submit a medical certificate to get my sick leave. Therefore, I had to go to the hospital about once every 10 days. Since I stopped taking the pneumothorax therapy, I put the doctor into a bad mood. He repeatedly said, “Why don’t you continue the therapy? You won’t cure without therapy.” He scolded me many times but I had more staying power than he did. So, he seemed to abandon himself and almost stopped saying such things. When I went to the hospital to take an X-ray examination at the end of February, the doctor found that water accumulated in the pleura. The doctor said, “You have to have this water removed when you come here next.” I got more anxious. I went home while wondering how to remove the water. I soon asked Mr T. He said, “You don’t have to worry. The water in the pleura is discharged as night sweats and urine while you are receiving Johrei.”

I believed his words and kept performing Johrei by myself for ten days. Then I went to the hospital and took an X-ray examination. I got very nervous. The doctor said in the darkroom, “Oh!” He asked my name twice to make sure and said, “What’s this? There is no water in the pleura.” I was surprised much more than him. I was overjoyed and able to experience the great power of Johrei for the first time.

At the end of March, I was permitted to enshrine a holy holding screen of Kannon-sama. Soon after that my wife also received a holy amulet. We became a happy family full of divine light. The time had passed soon and at the beginning of June, I took an X-ray photo and was told that I was almost healed. Then the doctor said, “You may work from tomorrow.” I was very much surprised and thanked Meshiya-sama. He healed me in such a short period. I did appreciate the kindness of Mr H, T, F and N. I would never forget that day.

On 30 July, I was permitted to enshrine Komyonyorai-sama. When I recall the past, I was sick in bad and we always relied on medicine but now it seems to be a long time ago. The whole family no longer need to worry and have lived without medicine for two years. What would happen to me, if I didn’t meet this great power of salvation at that time? I must have lived in pain or died.

When thinking about it, I would like to let people know Johrei, who are suffering from all kinds of diseases. I strongly wish to realise Paradise on Earth without the disease, poverty and conflict which Meshiya-sama advocates. I would be happy to devote myself to help the great act of God even a little.

If Kannon didn’t save me, I would be still wandering, in a bottomless swamp

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.



Translated by N.H.