Regarding Surgery

Johrei Saves America, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


In the U.S.A. as well as Japan, the advancement of surgery is especially boasted and encouraged in recent years. However, this is very wrong because the progress of surgery doesn’t mean that of medical art. It is rather deteriorated. The true medical art should remove the only disease but leave the function affected by the disease as it is. On the other hand, a person has their fresh cut and the blood come out by surgery, which not only gives them severe pain but also makes them internally disabled. Therefore, surgery is far from medical art or rather anti-medical art. Nevertheless, people believe that it is an advanced method. I have no word for such ignorance.

Besides, since a part of the human body is damaged, it must affect something badly. For example, when appendicitis occurs, it is all right if only pus is removed. However, the appendix is removed together with pus under the medical treatment because it cannot remove only pus. What a barbaric act it is! The Creator would never create unnecessary things for the human body. Regarding this, doctors would say that the appendix is useless or that it is fine if one of the kidneys is lost. They say so because they don’t know any necessity of them. It is clear how immature the present medical science is. It also blasphemes against God in some ways as He created such medical scientists who say such a reason. After the appendix is removed by the surgery, a person seems to become well but never fails to suffer from another disease after a while. It would be because the appendix is the function which eliminates toxins accumulated in the lower body. Let me explain it in detail. Toxins first accumulate and solidify in the backside of the right kidney, then melt little by little, move around the appendix and once solidify. When they reach a certain amount, purification action occurs, which generates a high fever and the solidified toxins are dissolved by that heat. This process causes pain and this condition is called appendicitis. When it occurs, there must be a hardening around the backside of the right kidney. It hurts when pressing it so that it would be easily found. Then Johrei is performed towards it, the pain immediately disappears and a patient has diarrhoea soon after that. Then appendicitis is healed.

For this reason, when a person suffers from appendicitis, it is sure to be cured in a few days to a week if they just lie down without any treatment. There is no danger of life at all. Nevertheless, doctors recommend that a patient has surgery before it becomes too late; otherwise, there is a risk of life. We are astounded how blind they are. As I described, if the appendix as the function eliminating toxins were lost, the toxin, which is about to accumulate there, unavoidably accumulate in the part of peritonitis or kidney instead. They might cause more serious disease than appendicitis. Besides, antiseptic used for the surgery becomes pus and it is about to discharge, which might cause various diseases such as malignant toothache, otitis media, conjunctivitis, swellings formed on the face and so on.



Translated by N.H.