Johrei as Medical Art

Johrei Saves America, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


Considering the current disease statistics in the U.S.A, I list thank-you reports written by those who were completely cured by Johrei, which is the curing method I created. Since each report was written by each person, there are no incorrect contents in there. Compare to the present medical science, Johrei has an outstanding ability to cure disease. Therefore, when reading the reports, not only specialists but also general people cannot believe them. Furthermore, Johrei is performed about one metre away from a patient. The practitioner just holds a hand up and finishes in a short period; about ten to thirty minutes. No equipment nor expense is needed. Besides, tens of patients can be received Johrei by only one practitioner in a day. This is the most advanced and ideal medical art. They wrote “Meshiya-sama” in the reports. That is, of course, about me.

What is further surprising is that everyone can master how to perform Johrei after a few days of training. They are those who just receive ordinary education with no medical background; a merchant, labourer, farmer, officer, office worker and so on. When people are received Johrei, they are not temporarily but completely cured, even if they were given over by a large hospital or informed that they are dying by doctors. That is the miracle of the twentieth century indeed, or rather the unprecedented great miracle since the world was born. Compare to the effect of medical science, it is not too much to say that ours is one hundred times more effective. Therefore, if this medical art spread all over the world, we should expect that the world without disease has come.

Then why was such wonderful treatment born in the twentieth century? When explaining the reason thoroughly, I have to do religiously and you have no choice but to be willing to become a believer of ours. Aside from this, this book is published now as the first step of warning. It is because I cannot possibly keep quiet after I knew the current state of America. Regarding this, the most important thing is why such surprising pathology was found and along with this, why such an ability to cure disease was given. It is because God Jehovah activates His providence and I was given the mission to execute the last salvation. I hope that the readers of this book deeply keep it in mind. That’s why hundreds of thousands of my disciples show miracles of cure day by day as Christ showed. The number of miracles they show is as large as that He showed. Among them, I only introduce several miracles in this book.

The number of reports now reaches one hundred and several dozen to two hundred in a month and is still increasing month by month. They are listed in the newspapers and magazines we publish but recently became so many that cannot be listed all of them. We are crying for joy. Since cancer, tuberculosis, mental disease and infantile paralysis are four of the most troublesome diseases in the U.S.A., I list at most six reports for each disease. Other than them, three reports are listed at most. They are not specially chosen but at random. As there is no significant difference among them, we don’t need to choose.

I think that many people in the U.S.A would be moved and immediately like to receive Johrei after reading this book, but I am sorry that it is impossible to do so right now. Please wait for a while. We are now preparing to send excellent practitioners of Johrei to the U.S.A., who will go during the first half of the next year at the latest. Besides, if only a person read through this book, they understand the cause of disease and the nature of medical science to some extent. That must have a considerable effect. From now on, I explain each disease.


Translated by N.H.