Vaccination and Toxic Medicine

Johrei Saves America, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


Now I explain inherited toxins. Acquired toxins are, of course, toxic medicine taken in the body since birth. Then what is an inherited toxin? They are the toxic medicines inherited by their ancestors. A Japanese proverb says that everyone has pride and eczema. This eczema is a general term of skin diseases on the head and face of children. It is generally called so since a long time ago. In modern medical science, it is called inherited syphilis. This is, of course, old toxic medicine and it should be eliminated when removal action occurs. This removal action is called smallpox. Without noticing this reason, vaccination was found by Mr Edward Jenner in 1796. Since then, smallpox could be avoided and he has been admired like a saviour in the world until today.

However, you should know that smallpox is not eradicated by vaccination. It merely weakened the ability to eliminate inherited toxins. Therefore, they still stay in the body and cause various diseases. Let me explain how to cause them. As time passes, the inherited toxins accumulate and solidify in a certain part of the body. Then purification action occurs to them. This process is called a cold, or various diseases such as skin disease, false infantile paralysis, meningitis and infantile scrofulous and so on. The inherited toxins cause other types of diseases, too. As I described in Preface, people in the U.K. and France decrease strength. When examining this reason, you would see that it is caused after a vaccine was found. For this reason, to eradicate smallpox from human beings, there is no other way to throw all of the medicine into the sea. Even if doing so, its effect would not appear immediately. Since medicine has been stuffed in the human body for centuries, it would take at least a few generations to eradicate all of it. Having said that, as the amount of toxic medicine in the body gradually decreases, it is obvious that the symptom of disease would become lighter even if a person suffered from the disease. When adapting our Johrei method, toxic medicine is eradicated in only one generation.

As for general people, therefore, they don’t have to stop vaccination right now. When a person stops taking medicine for their whole life, the symptom would become lighter in the next generation even if they suffer from smallpox, which would be extinct in their grandchildren’s generation. Vaccination enables people to avoid having terrible pockmarks but it gives more negative effects on others than that. For example, injection is one of them. It is very popular today and would get a hint from vaccination. When reading this book, you would understand how terrible damage people receive from the injection. Then I explain the main diseases and toxic medicines. The most terrible medicine is “606” or Salvarsan. In most cases, the addictive of Salvarsan affects the brain and causes brain diseases. When the symptom gets worse, a person might suffer from a true mental disorder. It contains malignant toxic medicine. In medical science, a mental disease is caused by syphilis and Salvarsan is injected to cure it. As a result, it makes a person become a mental disease, even who doesn’t suffer from that disease. What a terrible delusion it is!

Among the diseases caused by toxic medicine, stomach disease is most common. It is first caused by overeating, heartburn, indigestion and so on. If something becomes a little wrong with the stomach, people immediately take stomach medicine and then temporarily feel better. However, they suffer from the same pain as before after a while. Then they take medicine again and feel better but suffer again and so on. While repeating like this, the condition finally becomes chronic and people suffer from serious stomach disease. If people leave the symptom as it is when suffering for the first time, they will recover after the same symptom as before occurs a few times. However, as people contrarily use the wrong way repeatedly, they finally become seriously ill. This ignorance is beyond imagination. Let me explain other diseases related to the stomach. When purification action occurs and it causes pain, this symptom is called stomach cramps. When it happens, an anaesthetic is used to relieve the severe pain, which makes a patient feel at ease temporarily but easily becomes addictive and disease becomes chronic. Then I explain gastric ulcer. It is most apparently caused by toxic medicine. It is because stomach medicine certainly contains baking soda. It makes not only food but also the wall of the stomach soft. When the stomach wall is scratched by something hard, which makes crack and blood come out of it. This is called vomit blood. On the other hand, blood might accumulate on the bottom of the stomach. As mentioned above, the mucous membrane of the stomach loses the ability of resistance. Therefore, blood constantly comes oozing. When it excretes with faeces, you see it as a black clot. Blood is red while it is fresh but becomes black as it gets old. Now I explain the most common disease. That is dyspepsia. It is caused by taking digestive medicine, eating digestible food and chewing it well, which makes room for stomach activity. The stomach consequently becomes weak. While repeating such things, the stomach activity gradually gets worse and a person becomes chronic dyspepsia. In this way, dyspepsia is created by human beings.

Tranquillizer for headache, cocaine for a nose, eye drops for eyes, Lugol solution for tonsillitis, various plasters and ointments and so on. There is one reason to use them. All of them are only temporarily effective and never fail to become addictive. The same things happen when people have a fever. The temperature gradually and steadily gets lower when it is left as it is. If antipyretic is used, it once reduces the temperature. However, the temperature goes up again in reaction and then it is reduced by medicine again. In this way, while repeating such things, the temperature doesn’t become going down. When it occurs, a doctor is at a loss and diagnoses as the fever of unknown origin. Since the doctor created that fever, it naturally becomes an unknown cause. Let us move on to the next topic. People often take a laxative or apply an enema but they affect oppositely and cause addiction. They consequently become more constipated, which becomes accustomed. The swelling is caused in the same way. When diuretics are used, urine volume is once increased. However, the reaction must occur and the swelling gets worse. Then diuretics are used again and so on. While repeating such things, the swelling becomes extremely big and the fluid is unavoidably drained through a perforation. It only works temporarily and the patient’s abdomen finally becomes bigger than the belly of a pregnant woman who is near her time. When it happens, the doctor gave up all hope of saving them.

Then I describe one of the most terrible toxic medicines that people don’t surprisingly notice. That is disinfectant used for surgery. This is a strong poison which has strong sterilizing power. Since it directly penetrates human muscle, which is a serious problem. It also causes various malignant diseases. Among them, many people suffer from extreme pain disorder, which has a persistent symptom. Therefore, it takes time even if it is cured. Besides, the disease in the mucus membrane of the mouth is caused by taking medicine repeatedly, which penetrates and toxifies. When it is about to be excreted, it causes catarrh or swelling.

As explained in various aspects, you would understand that all the causes of the disease are toxic medicine. When doctors examine a patient after knowing this fact, they can almost find the cause of their disease by asking when and what kind of medicine they had, when and for what they had injections, or when and which part of the body they had operated. Besides, medicine has a property to harden easily but hardly excrete. Most of them remain in the body usually for over a dozen years or many decades, or forever. Even I still have toxic medicine caused by peritonitis and tuberculosis about fifty years ago and that applied almost every day when I had toothache more than thirty years ago. Therefore, I still perform Johrei by myself every day.

As for toxic medicine, it is caused by not only western but also Chinese medicine. The causing symptoms are different. Western medicine causes sharp pain, whereas Chinese one causes dull pain. In any case, all kinds of pain and itchiness are caused by toxic medicine. Therefore, people never suffer from the pain of disease if they don’t have medicine in the body. In short, as long as this medical superstition were eradicated, human beings would never solve the pain of disease. I declare it.



Translated by N.H.