What is Disease?

Johrei Saves America, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953



As I describe in Preface, the number of sick is gradually increasing in the U.S.A. Now I explain the fundamental cause of this problem. First of all, I describe how to cause disease. Surprisingly, it is created by medical treatment or especially medicine that is the main cause of disease. In other words, the disease is not healed by the curing method and the number of the sick is increased by the decreasing method of that. What a delusion they are! It’s so obvious that it doesn’t need to explain. Nevertheless, no one realises this truth. That would be the mystery of the twentieth century. Far from that, people rely on medical science more and more and firmly believe that disease will be solved when medical science is progressed. Then why did such a mysterious thing happen? It is because medical science regards the facts oppositely. It means that disease is regarded as a negative meaning. Now let me explain what I mean.

Without exception, a human being has inherited and acquired toxins in the body by nature. Obviously, the inherited toxin means the toxic medicine inherited by the parents and the acquired one is that medicine taken in the body since birth. When hearing this, everyone would be surprised. As it has become common sense since a long time ago that medicine cures disease and promotes health, people believe that the disease could be cured when good medicine is found. That is the main purpose of medical treatment. As everyone knows, especially in the U.S.A, people focus on medicine and make a great effort to create new medicine. Therefore, if medicine cures disease, the number of diseases must be gradually reduced. However, truth is that it increases more and more. Why does that happen? There is no such story that doesn’t make sense. There is originally no medicine that existed on the earth. All kind of medicine is a toxic substance. Because of toxin, it is effective. It means that disease seems to be cured when the symptom of the disease becomes lighter by poisoning. However, it doesn’t mean that the disease is cured.

Then I explain why medicine is said to be a toxic substance. At the same time when God created people, He prepared food that they eat to live. It is naturally divided into two types; one is for people to eat and the other is not to eat. In other words, human beings are given palate and things they eat have a taste. Therefore, when they eat what they want with pleasure, they can have enough nutrition. Considering only this, you see how God is very well prepared. In this sense, we don’t have food to live but rather can live by having it. It is like sexual reproduction. Not to have children, a baby is born on another purpose without intention. That is very mysterious.

As mentioned above, apart from things decided as food, human body function doesn’t completely process foreign substance. Since medicine is a foreign substance, nutrients contained in it can be absorbed but other things have remained in the body. These remaining things are toxins. The trouble is that they concentrate and accumulate in the parts of the body and harden as time passes. They exclusively accumulate in the parts that nerves work, which are in the upper body and especially from the neck up. Therefore, toxins once harden around the neck to concentrate in eyes, ears, nose and mouth and so on with a focus on the brain. Anyone can find a hardening around the neck and shoulders. That is called stiffness. When this stiffness reaches a certain amount, natural elimination, or purification action occurs. In this process, toxins are melted into a liquid by heat and about to be discharged as cough, phlegm, nasal discharge, sweat, diarrhoea, febrile urine and so on. This is called cold. Since cold is in the process of discharging toxins, it is a little painful but really fine. Because toxins are steadily discharged, the body is cleaned and cold is cured when being patient and leaving it naturally. In this way, cold is a simple physiological action and divine providence so that people should appreciate it. However, they don’t notice it and contrarily consider the pain of purification as a negative thing. They consequently produced medical treatment to stop it. Therefore, you would see how it is wrong. The more energy a person has, the more easily purification occurs. Therefore, weakening human vitality is the best way to stop purification. For this reason, people used poison called medicine. Since a long time ago, people sought it out from roots of herbs and barks of trees, minerals, organs of animals and so on. Then they made liquid medicine, tablets, ointment, injections and so on out of them by decocting, powdering and extracting, which are used to sop purification. If they are poisonous enough, they threaten human life. Therefore, they are diluted and taken little by little. Consequently, people take a certain amount of them, or at several times in a day. In this sense, effective medicine contains strong poison but doesn’t cause addiction.

In this way, people have solidified toxins which were about to melt and excrete. As a result, people today have a lot of toxin in the body and easily suffer from the disease. Therefore, people recently speak loudly about preventive hygiene and they are afraid of catching a cold. People are also pleased that life expectancy became more than sixty years old. That is completely wrong. It is because people could easily live to be more than a hundred years old if they didn’t suffer from the disease. It means that people die under a hundred years because they suffer from the disease, which also means they died unnatural deaths. If the era without disease came, people would naturally die and consequently live longer. As mentioned above, medical treatment doesn’t heal disease but temporarily reduces pain. Therefore, the treatment has to adopt the hardening method such as absolute rest, compress, ointment, ice treatment, electrotherapy, phototherapies and so on. Among them, moxibustion and thermotherapy are slightly different, which stimulate toxins by heat and move them towards an affected part of the body. The pain is temporarily relieved but returns as the time passes so that there is no point in doing it. There is also radium therapy undergone for cancers. As it destroys normal cells along with the cancerous ones, there are more disadvantages than advantages.

In conclusion, all existing treatments until now thoroughly adapt the hardening method. On the other hand, melting and excreting toxins is only the true way of curing disease. It is clear from the fact that doctors never say to cure the disease but to harden it. It is a medicine that is the most effective way to solidify toxins and consequently causes disease. Therefore, it is obvious that the more a person receives medical treatment, the more easily complication arises and worse the condition becomes. As a result, it becomes life-threatening. Regarding this, I often hear from a doctor that a person can hardly get better when they frequently take expensive medicine to cure disease. On the contrary, a patient is easy to cure when the doctor doesn’t care for them very much. A person becomes weak as they take care of hygiene, whereas a person becomes healthy as they don’t care for it. I also often hear that the family members of a doctor or nurse often suffer from the disease. When asking a very healthy or long-life person, they say, “As I’ve never suffered from the disease, I don’t have to take medicine nor go to see a doctor.” That is very interesting. From our point of view, because they are in such condition, they are healthy and because they are healthy, they are in such condition. You should experience this very much.



Translated by N.H.