Symptoms of Diseases and Their Elucidation

Healing Art for Tomorrow Part Ⅱ
Written by Mokichi Okada, 1943

The symptoms of the diseases would be roughly classified as follows; fever, pain, itching, discomfort, vomiting, diarrhoea, oedema, night sweats, dizziness, insomnia, depression, paralysis, cough, hot flashes, tinnitus, cramps, coldness, constipation and so on. Here, let me describe the theory about their causes through my research.

1. Fever
2. Pain
3. Pruritus
4. Discomfort and Nausea
5. Diarrhoea
6. Oedema and Night Sweats
7. Dizziness and Insomnia
8. Depression, Paralysis and Cramps
9. Cough and Hot Flashes
10. Coldness and Constipation


1. Fever

The medicine has suggested various causes of fever until today. It says that there is a so-called heat regulatory centre in the human brain and fever is developed when it is stimulated by something. It also says that fever is developed due to limb movements and also from the liver and kidneys. Then medicine says that the body temperature is generated because the body burns foods.

Suppose those theories above were true. Medicine says that the heat regulatory centre is stimulated by a pathogen and then it develops a fever when the disease occurs. If that is the case, it is probably impossible to explain thoroughly what the nature of its function is and how and why the fever is developed when it is stimulated. As I previously described, it is because such a function doesn’t exist at all. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense that it is stimulated by the pathogen, either. Then why is such a wrong theory developed? I think that it is because a patient usually has a high temperature in the head accompanied by a headache if they have a fever due to diseases. Therefore, people in the medical field would have misunderstood that the heat regulatory centre would exist in the human head. For this reason, they recommend cooling the patient’s head with ice for any kind of disease that brings fever. They also say that body temperature rises due to limb movements. They probably think that fever is simply brought by such movements although it is actually caused by the purification action. They also say that fever is delivered from the liver or kidneys. To be honest, most people always have a slight fever around them. Therefore, I think that they misunderstand the fever comes from the liver or kidneys. However, it is actually due to the purification action for solidified toxins.

They say that body temperature is generated because the body burns foods. What a ridiculous theory it is! It means that food is burnt in the digestive organs. What a strange thing they say! They might think of the human body as a heater. They probably think that human digestion is like coal combustion.

From now on, I describe the cause of fever acquired through my study. However, I must say in advance that mine would be an unprecedented theory. So, please read it thoroughly with that intention.

First of all, the whole creation in the universe consists of three elements. In short, everything is generated and raised with those three. Then what are they? They are the sun, the moon and the earth. The sun is the origin of the element of fire, the moon is that of the element of water and the earth is that of the soil. Those three powers vertically and horizontally flow, intercourse and get tightly combined. In the vertical sense, the whole space from heaven to earth is divided into three stages of the sun, the moon and the earth in order from the top to the bottom. That is proved by the solar eclipse. At that time, the sun, the moon and the earth are in line vertically. In other words, the heavenly realm is the world of fire centred on the sun, the middle realm is that of water centred on the moon and the earth is that of soil centred on the earth.

Then horizontal refers to the entity itself on the earth where we human beings are living. In other words, the real world on earth consists of space and substances. Human beings can recognise the existence of substances with their five senses. On the other hand, they have thought that there was nothing in the space for a long time. As the culture developed, however, they have recognised that there is an air or a semi-substance, which I temporarily named it, in the space. Since then, people have thought that only air exists in space. However, I have found that another element in the air and I call it aether. Besides, some religions affirm the existence of the living and dead spirit or the phenomenon of the spirit possession. Ascetics and spiritualists talk about spirits. In the West, there are some books mentioned about spirits such as ‘Raymond or Life and Death’ written by Sir Oliver Lodge, ‘Three Narratives of After-Death Experiences’ written by Mr J.S.M. Ward and so on. They would be quite reliable but my study targets for spirits are completely different.

The element of substances is originally the earth. As everyone knows very much, all substances are created from and go back to the earth. The element of semi-substance is water. This element is dissipated from the moon and filled in the air. On the other hand, aether is not substance, which dissipates from the sun, nor semi-substance. That is non-substance. Therefore, it has not been found until today. To put it very simply, the soil is substance, water is semi-substance and fire is non-substance.

In this way, the element of substance is earth, that of the air is water and that of aether is fire. When those three elements are tightly combined, they generate force. Scientifically speaking, unimaginably minute three elements join and act together. That is the real existence of the universe. In the space where we breathe, suitable temperature, dryness and moisture are well prepared for living things. It means that the element of fire and water harmoniously fuse together. If the element of fire were gone and the only element of water reminded, the earth would freeze in an instant. On the contrary, if there were no element of water but the only element of fire on the earth, an explosion would occur in a moment and everything would go to nothing. When those two elements are tightly combined with soil, the soil exerts the power that gives birth and nurtures everything. In this sense, the fire burns vertically and water flows horizontally. That is nature. Fire burns with water and water move with fire. This is shown in the figures below.

It is said from a long time ago that a human being is like a small space. This also applies to the human body. In other words, the heart is comparable to fire, the lung is to water and the stomach is to earth. The stomach digests things made from soil. The lung absorbs the element of water. The heart absorbs the element of fire. In this way, the heart, the lung and the stomach are the functions that absorb each element of fire, water and earth. Since they are the most important functions in the human body, you would agree with my theory. However, the heart was regarded to be the function only for blood. It means that the heart just sends impure blood to the lung and reabsorbs the purified blood with oxygen. It is because no one has known that the element of fire exists.

As I described above, the stomach swallows food or the element of earth from the mouth through the oesophagus, the lung absorbs the element of water by breathing and the heart absorbs the element of fire by heartbeat.

In this sense, having a fever when the disease occurs means that the heart absorbs the required heat or the element of fire from the spiritual realm to dissolve the solidified toxins in the diseased area. In other words, the heartbeat is the pumping action to absorb the element of fire from the spiritual world. The heartbeat or pulse rate increases before having a fever. It is because the heart frequently absorbs the element of fire. The patient feels chilly at that time because the amount of the element of fire for the body temperature is temporarily reduced and it is sent for the use of the purification of the toxins. Therefore, when the patient’s temperature goes back to normal, it means that the dissolve action of toxins has finished.

In this way, the heart never stops absorbing the element of fire from the spiritual world. This action is called human temperature. As for the lung, it constantly absorbs the element of water from the realm of the air. Therefore, except for the water drunk from the mouth, a considerable amount of body water comes from the absorption of the lung. In this sense, when a person dies, the body temperature instantly has gone and the body becomes cool. The moisture has also gone and the blood solidifies. Then the body starts to dry. It means that the spirit immediately gets out of the body and enters the spiritual world when the person dies. For this reason, the body loses the element of fire that the spirit possesses and therefore, the moisture condenses. In other words, the spirit as the element of fire goes back to the spiritual world, the moisture goes back to the realm of the air and the body returns to the earth.

Here I tell you the point to note. Doctors and general people think that it is the best way to use a thermometer when measuring body temperature. That is less than perfect from my point of view. Let me explain why I say so. When a person has a fever, it originally generates from a certain area. On the other hand, people think that they have a fever all over. That is terribly wrong. When I examine a patient who has a fever of about 40 degrees, they have an about fingertip-sized hardening somewhere. That is caused by the purification and the cause of the fever. After the hardening dissolves, therefore, the fever of the whole body immediately goes down. When an intense purification occurs, a whole body has a fever. In the case of a mild purification, however, the purification affects only around a certain area and spreads radially from there. Therefore, a person has a temperature only in that area, though the size of the area depends on the condition. It means that the person has no fever other than that area. In this sense, when a patient puts the thermometer under the arm, they will measure a high temperature only in the case of that area affected by diseases such as the purification of solidified toxins in the shoulder joint, intercostal neuralgia or so. However, in the case of the diseases affecting between legs or in the area of kidneys or the head, they cannot measure the right temperature under the arm. Besides, the body temperature is different even between the right and the left armpit. In the extreme case, there is even 0.5 degrees difference between them. For these reasons, I say that measuring temperature under the arm is incomplete.

On the other hand, my measure method of body temperature works very well. I can measure any slight fever in this method. When placing a hand on an affected area, I can accurately recognise even the slightest fever of 0.01 degrees. This method, of course, requires considerable skill but anybody would be able to master it if they experience it for about a year.

Next, I tell you how wrong people cool the high fever with ice. The ideal body temperature is 36 or 37 degrees. It means that that temperature is suitable for humans to live. Nevertheless, if ice is used to cool the fever, it obviously interferes very much with the activity of the function in the cooled area. It is because the temperature of the ice is 0 degrees and the cooled area will become at the same temperature as ice. In the case of cerebral haemorrhage, pneumonia, typhus or other diseases with high fever, the head is cooled with ice under medical treatment. Therefore, the head becomes a freezing condition, which paralyzes the head and it becomes anaemic. As a result, brain function interferes with its activity. In this way, patients often die not from the disease but because their head is cooled with ice. Cooling with ice not only brings a bad result but also intensely stop a purification action. Therefore, this method must be abolished.

Let me tell you the one more important thing. That is the reaction of antipyretic, which general people or even experts would never imagine. In the case of using antipyretic for diseases, the reaction against it steadily occurs if it continues to be used for more than a week. It is as if the reaction occurs when you press an object. In the same sense, a person has constipation because they have laxatives or a patient reduce urine output because they use a diuretic. A patient uses antipyretic because they have a fever. Then the temperature goes up because they use antipyretic. While repeating such things, the patient may have a temperature of more than 40 degrees at the end though they had just the temperature of 37 or 38 degrees from the beginning. When it happens, doctors are confused with the fever for an unknown reason. The lung patient has a persistent high temperature, which is mostly due to the continuous use of antipyretic. They use it to lower the temperature. As a result, it contrarily goes up. Although they have not realised yet that antipyretic creates the cause of fever, it would be a tremendous truth.

2. Pain

What causes pain? As I previously described, solidified toxins are dissolved by the heat generated when a purification occurs. Then liquid toxins move in search of the way out to discharge. This movement stimulates muscular nerves. The usual pain is caused through this process. This pain is caused by various symptoms such as appendicitis, acute peritonitis, acute nephritis, toothache, headache, otitis media, rheumatism, various neuralgia and so on. As for the bone-related symptom called osteomyelitis, the pain is caused when solidified toxins on the periosteum are dissolved by purification. It is because they move to the muscle from the periosteum and stimulate muscular nerves.

If solidified toxins exist inside of the periosteum, they are dissolved by the purification and make a very small hole in the bone to come out to the surface of the periosteum. The number of holes depends on how many toxins are there. Needless to say, the more holes are made, the severer pain a patient feels. The pain of costal caries, otitis media, toothache and all kinds of osteomyelitis is caused through the same process. If there are countless holes in the bone, doctors think that the bone is going to rotten. That is wrong because the bone is completely mended after the toxins are dissolved and discharged.

Next, I tell you about the pain in special cases such as whitlow in fingers, gangrene in or near toes and anal fistula. Like other pain, those pains are caused when solidified toxins are discharged by purification action. Since those toxins are very poisonous, a patient feels severe pain. Purification is usually done in the order of first and second one but in that case, the first and second one occurs at the same time. Therefore, such a vigorous purification often occurs in adolescents because they have the strong ability to purification. Regarding those diseases, doctors think that the affected part gradually moves to the adjacent area and gets rotten. This is completely wrong. According to my numerous experiences, the number of toxins will never increase if they gather and accumulate to some extent. When they accumulate and swell out enough, the hole is naturally made and pus and toxic blood comes out of it. Then the disease is completely cured. Since that condition looks rotten at first glance, people in the medical field would misunderstand that the affected part gets rotten. Because of this misunderstanding, they perform open surgery and a patient becomes kind of disabled. Based on my long experience, here again, I declare that whitlow and gangrene never putrefy the affected part.

Then I move to the pain caused by gastric spasms. This pain is different from those mentioned above. I will explain it in the part of stomach disease so that I omit explaining it here. Burns and injuries also cause pain. Since they are not diseases, they are naturally healed as time passes. If a person continuously feels pain with them or they are not healed, that is due to an antiseptic solution or so. Therefore, when the patient stops using medicine and washes the affected part with clear water, burns and injuries will be naturally healed.

As I described above, there are various disease pains but most of them are caused by toxic medicine. The types of pains or symptoms are different depending on the medicine that the patient uses. As for Chinese medicine, in my experience, it causes dull pain and affects the wide area. On the other hand, western medicine distinguishingly causes intensive pain such as lightning-like flashes of pain, stinging pain or squeezing. It affects the limited part. The toxic medicine caused by injections often brings sharp pain. Apart from the pain caused by medicine, uremic toxins bring pain but they cause mild ones in most cases. The inherited toxins bring almost no pain. Therefore, I think that medicine misunderstood it as congenital syphilis.

3. Pruritus

Everyone knows that physical pain suffers them. On the other hand, no one would know how painful itching is until they experience it. Pruritus is as painful as physical pain indeed. There are three causes of pruritus; toxic medicine, inherited toxins and food poisoning. I first explain toxic medicine among them. The most popular disease that causes itchiness is hives. The most cause of hives is a calcium injection. A person who has this injection is sure to get more or fewer hives. After they get a calcium injection, a rash appears in a year at the earliest, usually in a few years and in five or six years at the latest. For the treatment of hives, medicine uses a calcium injection itself. It temporarily works somehow but a patient gets hives again after a while. For the treatment of addiction, the use of the medicine that causes the addiction is temporarily effective. As everyone knows, this is the same effect as using morphine for a morphine addict. It temporarily frees them from pain. A rash appears because toxic medicine is removed from the skin by purification action. Therefore, it is healed even if a patient leaves it as it is while enduring pain for a certain period. There are various symptoms of hives but all of them are easily diagnosed with hives as they bring itchiness. Hives might be caused by the poisoning of antipyrine or other kinds of injections. In any case, they are naturally healed.

Then I explain another disease that causes rashes. They look like hives but not. When a patient suffers from hives, they have millet-sized rashes. On the other hand, they have a bit larger rash when suffering from this disease. They might have even bean-sized rashes when the symptom becomes serious. Rashes appear in a limited area when the symptom is mild. When the symptom is severe, however, a patient might have rashes all around the body. Furthermore, they feel so itchy and thin pus constantly comes out. In rare cases, pus accumulates and swells in a certain area. In that case, it takes a long time to cure; half a year at the shortest or a few years at the longest. Patients with the most serious symptoms feel so much pain that some of them think to commit suicide. What a terrible disease it is! In most cases, rashes remain even after the treatment, which needs a few years to be healed. It is caused by inherited toxins with no symptoms. Genuine smallpox is an acute disease and whereas, this should be called chronic smallpox. Needless to say, this symptom is caused as a result of taking vaccination that weakens purification. When you look at a seriously suffered patient at the worst time, their skin is very like that of the smallpox patients. Hives are caused by fish poisoning, too. When a person suffers from this, their skin partly becomes red. They also have a fever and rashes and feel itchy. However, they are healed in a few days. It is obviously food poisoning related to the intestines. For this reason, doctors mistake the cause of hives due to calcium injection for that due to the intestines. Therefore, they give medical treatment to the intestines. Since this treatment is apparently misguided, it has no effect.

4. Discomfort and Nausea

There are various types of discomforts. Their symptoms are different but the major ones would be nausea, convulsions, chills, motion sickness, a feeling of dimness and impatience and so on. Among them, I think that nausea is the most common symptom. It is caused due to the reaction of the stomach caused by cerebral anaemia, a high fever, food poisoning, drug addiction, acid reflux, pyloric stenosis and so on. I think that the first three are not needed to explain. Then I explain the following three causes. As for nausea due to drug addiction, the medical solution is once absorbed through the gastric mucosa and then inflates and accumulates around the stomach. As time passes, it becomes poisonous, returns to the stomach and then congeals there. When purification action occurs, it melts and makes a patient feel nausea and vomit. In this case, the vomiting fluid smells like medicine that they drank. As for acid reflux, it is the excretion of the bile. The bile constantly flows into the stomach. However, when this flow is disturbed by food stuck or medicine, which interferes with its role of helping digestion. For this reason, a person vomits the bile to eliminate. As for nausea due to pyloric stenosis, because of its contraction, the digested food in the stomach can hardly pass through the pylorus to flow down. Therefore, it contrarily flows towards above. This causes nausea. It is proved by the fact that a person doesn’t feel nausea when swallowing liquid but they do when having solids. It is because liquid can pass through the pylorus even though it becomes narrow due to pyloric stenosis.

5. Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea is the most common symptom and is roughly divided into two types; acute and chronic diarrhoea. In most cases, acute diarrhoea is caused by food poisoning. Generally speaking, diarrhoea is due to chills caught in sleep. This is almost wrong. This cause is quite rare. When a person has diarrhoea due to food poisoning, they try to stop it with medicine or contrarily promote it with castor oil or so. Both methods must not be taken. It is good to be excreted naturally.

Other than diarrhoea due to food poisoning, a person may have sudden and intense diarrhoea. In this case, a patient has diarrhoea more than ten times or dozens of times in a day. In the rare case, a patient has countless watery diarrhoea even without noticing it. Some patients may have diarrhoea with blood or something like rotten meat. All of them are solidified pus or poisonous blood, which are discharged by intense purification. Therefore, they discharge none of their fresh nor organs. Such intense diarrhoea rarely occurs in elder people. It would be said that it exclusively occurs to young people. Therefore, it must be a vigorous purification so that it will be healed when it is left as it is. However, the doctors, as well as patients, are very afraid of this symptom and try to stop it. If patients take medical treatment to stop it, the symptom naturally gets worse or they are in danger to die in the worst case. So, please make sure of it.

As for chronic diarrhoea, it continues for a few months or years. Most doctors diagnose this symptom due to tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a feared disease for them and therefore, they give medical treatment to stop it. That is terribly wrong, too. As a matter of fact, the pus that accumulates and solidifies in the peritoneum is dissolved by slow purification action little by little. Then it is discharged as diarrhoea. Due to the contracted kidney, the pus always accumulates in the peritoneum. Therefore, it is obvious that this diarrhoea will never be cured unless the kidneys become healthy. Having said that, the contracted kidney is healed if it is left as it is for a long time. As a result, the peritoneum is healed and consequently, diarrhoea stops.

6. Oedema and Night Sweats

There are two causes of oedema; kidney or bladder failure. As mentioned in kidney diseases, oedema due to kidney failure is caused by excessive amounts of urine, which is caused by renal atrophy. Oedema occurs in the part of the body if the symptom is mild but it occurs in the whole body if the symptom is severe. Some get swollen especially in either right or left body. In this case, renal atrophy is caused on that side. In most cases, oedema is caused due to renal atrophy. In the rare case, however, it is caused due to bladder failure. In that case, granular pus is stuck in the opening of the ureter or the urethra, which disturbs urine to pass. This condition might cause oedema. In both cases, anyway, oedema is completely healed when solidified toxins dissolve.

Acute oedema is immediately diagnosed. As for chronic oedema, however, patients, as well as doctors, don’t realize it. It is because the patient’s body gradually gets swollen without noticing it. In this case, excessive amounts of urine congeal under the skin in a few or dozens of years. This symptom is common in obese people. Because it is morbid obesity, they are always prone to get sick. Here I tell you a funny story regarding that. I had a schoolgirl patient who was plump and solidly. She looked in excellent shape at a glance. As a result of the school physical examination, therefore, she was chosen one of the three most exemplary healthy students in the prefecture. However, she happened to feel pain in the chest and heaviness in the whole body, especially around the hip. She also felt that her belly was bloated. She came to see me. Then I examined her. What a surprise! Her whole body swells due to the congealed excessive amounts of urine as I mentioned above. After the treatment, the amount of urine rapidly increased to discharge and she lost her weight more than 7 kg. She finally became a truly healthy girl. A symptom like that is very common. So please be very careful if a person has a healthy physical appearance like her. If a patient with oedema has no protein in the urine, doctors say that it is caused not due to the kidney but heart failure. That is ridiculously wrong. The heart is not related to urine. This misdiagnose occurs because kidney disease is decided only by the presence or absence of protein in the urine. They don’t know the kidney disease that brings no protein in the urine.

Other than those above, oedema occurs in a limited part of the body. For example, oedema occurs in one or both of below the knees or wrists. In that case, most oedema suddenly occurs. These kinds of oedema are not directly caused due to kidney failure but when solidified toxins, which are caused by injections or so, are dissolved by purification action. They are easily healed.

Then I describe night sweats. Medicine regards that people get night sweats when they are weak. That is completely the opposite. It is caused as a result of vigorous purification. Even if a patient doesn’t have night sweats, they are recovering when they start to have night sweats after getting my treatment. Given this fact, it proves that having night sweats is caused by a purification action. Night sweats rarely occur in elder people but often occur in young people. This also proves that night sweats are a purification action. By the way, I explain sweating here. Usually, a healthy person sweats a lot and whereas, a weak person sweats less or gets no sweat. However, some people sweat in a limited part of the body. They usually sweat on either right or left side of the body. In that case, the kidney in the side of the body that gets sweat is in an atrophied condition. Therefore, uremic toxins slightly but always accumulate there and they discharge as sweat. Some sweat without reason. This type of sweating occurs for the same reason above. Therefore, this is diseased sweat.

7. Dizziness and Insomnia

Dizziness is a quite common symptom but medicine has not discovered the cause of dizziness yet. As a matter of fact, that is obvious. There are two causes of it. One is the toxic medicine that accumulates and solidifies around the right side of the medulla oblongata behind the neck. It compresses blood vessels leading to the eyeballs. Human beings see objects with eyes. This is enabled by optic nerve activity, which owes to the blood that flows continuously into the eyes. If the blood vessels leading to the eyes are compressed by solidified toxins, the amount of sent blood reduces. At the moment when it reduces, the optic nerves weaken and the eyesight becomes poor. These solidified toxins are further solidified by the first purification. This purification irregularly occurs and therefore, the eyesight becomes weak every time it occurs and then recovers. In this way, the eyesight instantly and intermittently changes. This condition causes dizziness and it is the most common cause.

Whenever purification occurs in toxins that accumulate from the forehead to near the eyeballs, slight fever generates and affects the eyesight. This is another cause of dizziness. For the same reason, dizziness occurs when a person has a fever or headache or when they get drunk. It also occurs when a person directly sees the flame of the fireplace or bonfire. However, those types of dizziness rarely happen.

Let us move on to the subject of insomnia. This cause is also obvious. It occurs for almost the same reason as the cause of dizziness. As I described above, dizziness occurs when the blood vessels are intermittently compressed by solidified toxins. In the case of insomnia, however, they constantly compress the blood vessels, which causes cerebral anaemia. This anaemia makes a person nervous and they start to think too much. When I give treatment to such a patient, there is no exception that they fully recover in a short period after accumulated toxins are dissolved.

8. Depression, Paralysis and Cramps

Depression has various causes and symptoms. The most common cause is due to neck and shoulder strain. As mentioned in the section on stiffness, it compresses the blood vessels and decreases the amount of blood for the brain, which consequently causes cerebral anaemia. An interesting thing is a reason why infants are always peevish. Even paediatricians cannot find the cause so that they are in trouble. As a matter of fact, that is usually caused by their stiff shoulders. You might think why they have stiff shoulders at their age but it is an obvious truth. It cannot be helped. This is proved by the fact that their mood immediately improves and they become normal when I treat their shoulders. If there are toxins in the forehead or the back of the head, purification action occurs there and a person gets a slight fever. This slight fever might cause depression. If toxins exist around the stomach, purification action occurs there, too. A person consequently gets a slight fever and it might cause depression. Most depression is caused by toxic medicine. However, it occasionally occurs due to spiritual causes. I will explain it in the section on the spiritual disease.

Paralysis also has various causes and symptoms. It is mostly caused due to beriberi and I will explain it in the section on beriberi. Other than that cause, paralysis occurs due to toxic medicine caused by injections. This paralysis often occurs in the hands and fingers. Paralysis also happens around the surgical scar after it is healed. Those types of paralysis are naturally healed little by little as time passes. Paralysis occurs due to palsy, too. In this case, it occurs in a limited part of the body. This paralysis can be hardly healed but in rare cases, it is cured naturally.

Let us move on to cramps. They have two causes. One is the most abrupt purification action. This action causes a sudden high fever. This symptom is very common in brain diseases. Gastric and intestinal cramps are also rapid purification action, too. When cramps happen to infants, they suffer intensely and appear to be in very danger. However, cramps would rarely prove fatal and they are usually cured as time passes. The other cause is a spiritual one so that I will explain it in the related section.

9. Cough and Hot Flashes

I have already explained the cough in detail. Here, I give you a few additional explanations. As I previously explained, the cause of cough can exist in every part of the body. On the other hand, medicine says that cough occurs only because a throat gets in bad condition. This is terribly wrong. Furthermore, the patient gets inhalation treatment to stop coughing. It has no effect as I mentioned before. Here, I just explain the cause of intense and mild cough. The intense cough occurs because a patient has a lot of thick sputum, which is required effort to be sucked. As for the mild cough, it is contrarily thin and its amount is less. If a patient has a light cough, they might have no sputum because it is fine. In this case, a patient has a little sputum after a long time when they cough.

Sputum, which is the cause of coughing, might come out of unexpected parts of the body. They come out of the legs, a head or face. Medicine cannot imagine this fact but there is no room for doubt. It is because patients start to cough soon after I give the dissolving treatment of toxins on those parts.

Then let us move on to the hot flashes. General people think that they occur because blood goes up. That is wrong. They occur due to accumulated toxins in the face. When purification action happens to them, a person gets a fever in the face. Because of that fever, the face is sure to become red. Therefore, hot flashes are cured when those toxins are dissolved.

10. Coldness and Constipation

A person becomes chilled due to a fever or toxins, which accumulate and solidify, in a particular part of the body; usually in the hips, lower abdomen, legs or toes. When purification action occurs to accumulated toxins in those parts, fever is developed there and it makes a person feel a chill. If a person feels a chill all over the body, they feel that sensation as chills. In the same sense, if a person feels a chill in a particular part of the body, they feel it cold. For the same reason above, if a person feels a chill all over the body, the body never gets warm no matter how many clothes they wear. In the same sense, if women feel cold in the lower body, they still feel cold even though they wear many pieces of underwear. Some feel very cold from below the knees to the toes. It is because they have poor blood circulation due to accumulated toxins. Furthermore, those parts are easily exposed to the air. Therefore, they get colder and that condition becomes chronic.

Constipation is a very common symptom and people suffer from it for a few or dozens of years. It is caused due to toxins that accumulate and solidify in the peritoneum or from around the navel to the lower abdomen. They compress the rectum and therefore, the passage of the stool becomes narrow. A hard stool can hardly pass through it. When those toxins are dissolved, therefore, constipation is easily cured. When I give treatment to those who suffer from constipation, they are all healed without exception. Then I explain the reason why a person, who tends to be constipated, barely manage to have a stool with a laxative. People get food poisoning if it contains poisonous substances. They consequently vomit or get diarrhoea. That is a natural purification action to eliminate the poison. Medicine applies this reason to laxatives. In other words, a patient takes medicine that causes poisoning. Therefore, they develop poisoning and get diarrhoea or liquid stool. Then liquid stool liquefies hardened stool and pushes it out. It becomes easier to pass through even the narrow rectum because it is liquid. Due to this, however, if a patient continues to use laxatives for a long time, the harm of this poisoning gets severe and causes kidney or other diseases. It may cause death in the worst case.

As for medicine, it regards constipation as a cautious symptom because it develops other diseases. That is terribly wrong. Here I tell you about my experiment. I had a patient who was over forty years old. He was suffering from stomach cancer but healed in about two months. He had not had a bowel movement for twenty-eight days during the period of treatment. However, it never affected cancer at all. He is still good in health and engaged in farming now. After that, I heard about him from another patient I treated. He had had no bowel movement for two months. The other patient had no bowel movement for six months, too. Even so, constipation had no effect on both patients. From those facts, you would see that constipation has no negative influence at all.

In addition to that, medicine regards that a patient gets self-poisoning and it develops other diseases if they leave constipation. This is also wrong. Why is such a theory come up? Medicine would imagine that stool impaction enters the blood. I think that the word of self-poisoning will disappear when the truth in the body is discovered.

Translated by N.H.