God’s Providence

Healing Art for Tomorrow Part Ⅱ
Written by Mokichi Okada, 1943

In the first place, what is the universe? As everyone knows, the sun, the moon, the earth and stars exist in an infinitely large space. The earth we live in is the centre and the master of the universe. The sun, the moon and stars exist for the earth and the earth exists because of their existence. Needless to say, human beings are created as the agents of God to carry out His plan and all the other creations are created for human beings. In this sense, human beings have a very important mission. Since they are made to be born to manifest God’s ideals on earth, they cannot be true human beings until they are aware of that. For this reason, human beings should not focus on their self-interests nor hinder the progress of the nation and society at all. They just follow the way of nature or the idea of ‘Kamu-Nagara.’ They should do their loyalty and filial piety and despise idleness. They should work hard to do their duties. Only after achieving them, human beings can fulfil their own nature.

The profound purpose and plan of God are sure to be beyond human imagination. We can only imagine that God creates people who are needed to carry out their own mission under God’s plan from time to time. Heroes, great people and people of lofty virtue and great wisdom are certainly among them. War outbreaks and peace is brought about for the same reason. In this way, everything in the world is steadily and infinitely progressing, which everyone can actually see. People feel dark and gloomy at the major-scale war or great natural disaster. No one knows when they will end. When time goes by, however, the light of peace starts to shine and people enjoy the blessing of peace. In this way, the world is ever-changing and that is the true nature of the world.

When looking calmly at the history from ancient times, we vaguely understand the providence and purpose of God that is consistent and solemn. In that sense, I predicted a few years ago that Japan would unify the world and create new Japanese culture combined with west and east culture, which would be spread to the world. Now, the time is steadily coming to realise it, which everyone can know clearly. For this reason, various incidents happen; the Greater East Asia War that is now outbreaking, Shina-Jihen, Tripartite Pact, the Washington Naval Conference, the withdrawal from the League of Nations, World War I, Japanese-Sino War, the Russo-Japanese War. You would understand that all those incidents have happened to fulfil my prediction. In faraway time, Emperor Jinmu made a great prophecy that the whole world would become one. I presume that it is the great oracle that refers to the current situation.

We spent a few years for Shina-Jihen and that was a careful preparation for the Greater East Asia War. The U.S., the U.K. and Holland have developed the South Sea area for a few centuries. That was also the preparation. Because of the Soviet–Japanese Neutrality Pact, Japan can fight in full force without regret in that war. It would also owe to the Federal Republic of Germany that caused heavy damage to the Soviet Union. Because of the Washington Naval Conference, the Japanese navy had no choice but to be trained hard. However, due to that, Japan is achieving a great result like today in the war. If all those conditions above didn’t occur due to God’s profound providence, then why would they happen? When thinking about them, I presume that God has been carrying out His profound plan to make Japan a world leader for thousands of years. I think that everything proceeds with God’s will and history are just a process of His plan.

Translated by N.H.