Existing Therapies

Healing Art for Tomorrow Part Ⅱ
Written by Mokichi Okada, 1943

I explain the outline of various therapies that are performed to cure the diseases today. First of all, the readers would have fully understood that western medicine treatment stops purification action with the use of medicine or other methods. Here, I tell you what I haven’t explained yet.

From my experiences, 606 or Salvarsan is the most terrible injection therapy. As you know, it was once regarded as a saviour that treats syphilis. As a matter of fact, it brings terrible results. This medicine is, as everyone knows, made with arsenic, which is so poisonous that even a little bit of it takes a person’s life. Therefore, once a patient gets this injection, it strongly stops purification action. In other words, syphilitic rashes or swellings instantly disappear by this injection and therefore, syphilis seems to be healed. However, in reality, latent toxins are pushed to the surface of the skin like rashes and swellings by purification action. Nevertheless, the injection stops the purification action and makes the toxins back to the latent state again. Worse still, the injected arsenic is accumulated in a particular part of the body by constant purification action. The most possible part is the brain. When arsenic accumulates in the brain, a person is sure to get mental illness. In that case, a doctor misdiagnosed a patient’s condition with brain syphilis. As a matter of fact, it is caused by the treatment of syphilis. I don’t know what to say about that. Recently, the number of mental patients is increasing. I think that not a few of them are due to the treatment of syphilis. 606 also causes eye diseases. That is terrible because patients become blind in most cases. Most of them lose sight in one eye and that is hardly cured. Besides, some doctors suspend giving arsenic injections if a patient has an eye disease. It is because they think that the injection gets the eye disease to worsen. Other than those, arsenic injections are sure to cause various diseases. From my experience, it especially takes time for those who had arsenic injections to cure.

Now, I would like to give general people, as well as doctors, a great warning. That is about swellings caused by toxic medicine of preventative injections. As you know, many people have big or small swellings in the legs, especially under the knees. They are toxic medicines that gather and accumulate in the part of legs as time passes and are about to be eliminated by purification action. If swellings are left as they are, they will be cured in a short period. However, people don’t know this fact. They use medicine and therefore, it takes considerable time to cure them. Furthermore, some unfortunately take more toxic medicines by receiving medical treatment. Therefore, the condition gets worse and they have their leg amputated in rare cases. Please be careful that some kinds of injections cause whitlow or gangrene, too. Needless to say, if patients with such symptoms have an operation, they will be disabled mildly or severely.

I also give you the issue to be aware of. That is the opposite effect of diuretics. If a patient with peritonitis gets a swollen belly due to urine, the only way medical treatment does is to use a diuretic. After taking a diuretic, the amount of urinary output temporarily increases and the abdomen region becomes smaller. The patient feels better or the disease is almost cured. However, the patient temporarily becomes like those conditions. Therefore, the belly is sure to get swollen again without exception. Then diuretic is used again and the belly gets smaller. If the patient continues to receive such a treatment, they become diuretic addiction. Then the reverse action occurs. That is, the amount of urinary output contrarily decreases and the belly gets swollen more and more. The symptom becomes stubborn and hardly cured. Therefore, doctors have no choice but create a perforation to pass the urine. However, this treatment often gets poor results and most of the patients die. In this way, when patients suffer due to this opposite effect of diuretic, the more diuretic is used, the more it takes time to cure. Therefore, diuretics should not be used. This opposite effect also often causes hydrocele testicle, which is the disease of swelling testicles, urinary retention and so on.

Let me move on to another issue. When a patient continues to feel intense pain like neuralgia, they get morphine injections to release the pain temporarily. This injection will be used continuously. In that case, the patient will lose appetite. As this condition gets worse, the patient will finally vomit so often and lose appetite very much. They become terribly weak and finally die.

Then I explain diphtheria injection. This injection is regarded to be effective against diphtheria and is frequently used for its prevention and treatment these days. However, there is still plenty of room for this research. According to my study, this injection brought a bad result to so many people. In the worst case, there are not a few people who died due to diphtheria injection. Some became unconscious for about a week and insane after waking up. Some suffered from a gastrointestinal disorder or some had a nervous breakdown. Worse still, their symptoms are very obstinate and it takes a few or dozens of years to cure. Suppose that the injection is effective against diphtheria. Even so, compared to bad effects, I wonder which outweighs, merits or demerits. When patients with diphtheria receive Johrei only once, they are completely cured after ten to thirty minutes.

Let’s move on to the iodine agent next, which is frequently used today. The poisoning of the iodine agent is horrible. It causes headaches and other various diseases such as nervous breakdown, stomach and kidney diseases and so on. Due to the iodine agent, some have sudden convulsions or some become akinesia of limbs. However, not only general people but also doctors seem not to know those facts.

Then I explain an iodoform agent. This is used for the sterilization of external wounds but it is the most terrifying medicine. As for surgical wounds, they often take time to be healed. In that case, surgeons wonder why so. As a matter of fact, it is caused by the poisoning of disinfectant. If surgeons stop using this medicine and just wash a wounded part with clear water, it is smoothly cured. I often experienced that and it brought good results. Then I explain why an iodoform agent is so horrible. When this medicine penetrates the muscle through the wound, blue-white purulent spots forms around or near the wounded area. Those spots gradually spread and they look as if they are going rotten. Surgeons do believe so and recommend that patients have their limbs amputated. Since the patient feels severe pain, they finally accept their offer as they want to free themselves from such pain. Namely, the wound, which is healed even if left, is worsened by iodoform agents. It consequently makes patients disabled. We would be just surprised at this fact. Today, we often hear that the wounded soldiers had their limbs amputated. I guess that most of them were due to iodoform agents. If so, I just have to be concerned about that. In conclusion, surgeons fear bacterial invasion and therefore, they disinfect a wound. As a matter of fact, this disinfection brings much more horrible results than bacterial invasion. This is as if the remedy may be worse than the disease.

Let me explain poultices and ointments next. Their toxic medicines penetrate the body through the skin, too. Since they stop purification action in the penetrated part, pain is temporarily relieved. However, toxic medicines remain there and cause various bad effects. I tell you a few examples of those from my experiences. I had a patient who had a stiff back and continuously applied popular over-the-counter plasters on the back for a few years. Then the toxic medicine of plasters gradually accumulated on the backbones and around them. The patient consequently felt severe pain in addition to stiffness. This fact shows that the patient suffered from the poisoning of plasters. I had another patient who was troubled with rashes on the face. The rashes were slightly larger than acnes and had not been cured for more than ten years. They were first ordinary acnes. However, as the patient applied various ointments to cure rashes, the ointments penetrated the skin and the patient got more rashes, which became an obstinate symptom. Then the patient applied ointments on them again. The ointments penetrated them and they became toxic eczemas, which gradually spread to the whole body. Even if it happens, ointments continued to be applied under the medical treatment without noticing its fault. Therefore, the condition extremely got worse. The skin became purple-black due to erosion, which suffered the patient very much. The condition became absolutely beyond help. When I looked at the patient, I couldn’t help but give a deep sigh for medical faults. Other than poultices and ointments, tranquillizer for headache, sleeping pills for insomnia and cocaine for nasal obstruction cause poisoning but as you would have already known, I omit to explain them.

Then I move on to Chinese medicines. They cause poisoning as well as western medicines. Compared to western medicines, however, they don’t cause strong poisoning. As for the symptoms, those caused by Chinese medicine are not so complicated as western ones. It is because new Chinese medicines are rarely produced. They don’t have many variations, either. They keep old traditions, indeed. The most common symptoms caused by Chinese medicines are loss of appetite and vomiting. Vomiting habitually occurs and a person usually returns to normal after vomiting once. Vomiting, however, has a certain smell, which is like Chinese medicine that the person took before. Therefore, it is sure to cause poisoning. The Chinese medicine addicts often suffer from kidney diseases. They have a dark yellow complexion and look dull somehow. Regarding this, I think that most Chinese people have a blue-yellow complexion with no hint of red because they take Chinese medicines from generation to generation.

The more people take medicines, which are both Chinese and western ones, the more they lose their skin gloss and elasticity. Even if they are young, they look old. However, even so, they get younger as the symptom of toxic medicine disappears year by year after they stop taking medicines. From this fact, you would see how terrible toxic medicine is.

I will give you the outline of electrotherapy and phototherapy next. The basis of those therapies is to solidify toxins. Therefore, they not only stop the dissolving action of toxins but also solidify them more than before when purification action occurred. For this reason, the volume of toxins becomes much smaller, which looks as if a patient is healed. As a matter of fact, the toxins are just solidified harder. Therefore, the patient feels different pain than the first when the disease occurred. The first pain is caused when dissolving action occurs to toxins but the latter one is caused when the toxins contrarily solidify. Pain varies from place to place where toxins exist. The patient might feel no pain, which depends on where toxins exist.

On the other hand, I have heard that a seriously injured dying person is revived by electrotherapy. A hardening method like that would work if it suits the patient’s symptoms. Such a patient would praise it. From my experience, however, X-ray therapy is bad because it hardens toxins the most.

Since I have already explained ice-cooling and poultice therapies, I move on to inhalation therapy. This therapy is provided for a cough but it is ridiculous. As I previously mentioned, the cause of the cough is not in the throat. Therefore, this therapy doesn’t work no matter how much it is provided. There is another therapy called thermotherapy, which is the method to warm an affected part. This therapy temporarily relieves the pain of certain diseases but makes some other diseases get worse. If a person catches a cold, it is said to be better to sweat them by warming the body. This is also wrong. They are healed when they leave as they are, which is a much better way than making them sweat. It is good to make everything natural. For cancer patients, radium therapy is provided but this treatment has no effect at all. Here I give you only one example as proof. Marshal Togo suffered from laryngeal cancer. Therefore, radium, which costs three hundred fifty thousand yen at that time, was used for his treatment but he had died in half a year.

Translated by N.H.