Strange Facts

Healing Art for Tomorrow Part Ⅱ
Written by Mokichi Okada, 1943

A patient was so glad when they were cured of a severe illness by Johrei after they were given up by the medical experts or major hospitals. They believe how many other patients will be saved by such wonderful medical art. Therefore, they sometimes report to the doctor how they were cured by Johrei in detail. However, the doctor never pays attention to their words at all. That is really strange to me. I cannot understand their attitude. Even when their family are cured by Johrei, they are just surprised but never intend to study Johrei. Since Johrei is incomparably effective with western medicine, I think that they should actively study it as long as they are physicians. However, they have never done it.

On the other hand, they show tremendous interest in what western scientists have discovered. They immediately undertake it. This fact shows how deeply Japanese physicians and doctors worship the West. I think that they assume most great medical discoveries are made by western people. Even if the Japanese were able to discover something, they might think that only scientists would do it. Needless to say, western people have created most cultures until today. Therefore, they still think so. I think that they are fixed on such an idea.

We should correct their narrow-sighted view immediately, which I think is the first step to make all people aware that Johrei is outstanding. Johrei doesn’t need any complicated facilities or methods such as machines or medicine. It just exerts the outstanding power of curing disease only with human hands and fingers. Moreover, it is invented by the Japanese. We cannot understand at all why they ignore these facts. No matter how outstanding the effect they see, they don’t care about Johrei at all. I even think that their attitude looks like religious practice. They seem to regard everything as heresy except for what they believe in. Regarding this issue, I will give you some examples as references.

Last year, I cured an old ophthalmologist of his eye disease. He has run his clinic in Tokyo for more than forty years. He first got soap in his eye when he had a bath. The eye condition gradually got worse and was never cured. Then he came to see me. He said, “Since my son is an ophthalmologist at a certain university, I got the latest treatment there for a few months. However, my eye condition got worse and now I have 20/200 vision.” When I performed Johrei to him for the first time, his vision became 20/50. He was completely recovered in a week. The old ophthalmologist was surprised at the effect of Johrei. He attended a class on learning Johrei and mastered it. A few months later, he visited me again. I asked him, “Did you try Johrei on some people?” He replied, “Not at all. If I did, I would be excluded from Medical Association. So, I keep it as secret as possible. I will never tell even my wife and son.” I was stunned by his words.

When I was engaged in treatment with Johrei, I cured a young wife of severe asthma. She was twenty-four years old at that time. Her symptom was unusually severe. She was hospitalised for twenty days a month and stayed home for other days. Her asthma attack was not predictable. Therefore, her husband learnt to give an injection. He always carried a syringe and never left her alone. As a result, she got addicted to injections. She got injections twenty to thirty times at the most in a day. She sometimes became unconscious and was sometimes dying. The doctor gave her up so many times. However, she got better and better with my treatment. Her husband was so moved. He thought that Johrei should be applied to medicine. He visited a doctor at a certain university hospital to explain Johrei. He gave his wife medical treatment for a long time and was also an authority specializing in asthma. The doctor studied asthma hard enough to forget to sleep and eat. He was surprised at the effect of Johrei and said to want to study it. He decided to have a meeting with me. However, the doctor didn’t visit me on the day he promised. Her husband had several meetings with him after that but he never fulfilled his promise. He got angry with the doctor and firmly said, “Such a great therapy as Johrei was created. Nevertheless, you never intend to study it. I cannot understand why. Your attitude is very strange as a doctor and also from a humanitarian standpoint.” However, his effort came to nothing.

The next example is about a man in his early fifties. He suffered from cancer of buccal mucosa. He got every possible treatment for a few years. He finally went to the cancer institute. Then he was told that his cancer was incurable. Even so, he was completely cured with my treatment in a few months. As for the cancer institute, they sometimes ask about the patient’s condition even after they left. Therefore, he was asked about his condition one year after he was completely cured. He immediately went to the institute and showed his cured condition. The doctor was surprised and asked how he was cured. Then he explained in detail that he was cured by Johrei. However, the doctor didn’t show any expression and left him with a rather grumpy look.

Another one is about a woman in her early forties. She had swelling around the right ankle. She got any possible treatments for a few years but her condition got worse. She finally got unable to walk and was in agony on the bed for more than a year. Then she came to see me. After receiving Johrei, her swelling was healed and she was able to go out without any problem. Then she occasionally met the doctor who gave her treatment when she was in bed. He was surprised to see her and said, “How did you get better?” She said, “I was recovered by Johrei.” He said, “It was a charm.” She explained to him it wasn’t. The doctor said, “Then, it uses fox spirits, doesn’t it?”

If Johrei is something like what he said, it follows that a charm or fox spirit is more effective than modern medicine. I was surprised at his words. Something must be wrong with his brain. Needless to say, those examples are too many to count. Here I tell you another case. A certain doctor sends his patients to my disciples because he thinks that they are difficult to treat. He, of course, knows that Johrei cures the disease that modern medicine cannot cure. He believes the effect of Johrei but never tries to study it. I think that it is strange. It may be due to the relationship with Medical Association. If he studies Johrei, he might complicate the relationship with it. Even so, considering what the doctors’ mission is, his attitude is contrary to cultural progress. It would also disobey the holy mission to handle human life.

I simply think that they should study Johrei immediately without suspicion. If they found it inferior to western medicine or worthless, they would just give it up. On the contrary, if it is great medical art as I said, they should recommend it to the medical society very much. If it becomes the beginning of solving human diseases, they will be able to bear the honour as a pioneer. In short, it depends on doctors’ conscience. In this sense, I do hope that conscientious doctors will appear as soon as possible.

Translated by N.H.