Reiki Theory

Healing Art for Tomorrow Part Ⅱ
Written by Mokichi Okada, 1943

I mentioned earlier about Seiki theory or vitalism.* On the other hand, Johrei is based on Reiki Theory. Western scholars proposed many theories as mentioned earlier. I admit being worth listening to some of them. Here I will take up some theories among them that we should pay attention to.

Let me take up Heraclitus theory first. He said, “The source of all things is one and it is created by the power of fire.” Regarding this, I can say, “The souls of living things are formed by the spirit of fire, which is created when so-called Seiki or vital spirit that fills the space enters the body.” I can also say, “The more the soul contains the spirit of fire and the less water, the more it is equipped and embraces profound wisdom. In other words, the more it contains water and the less fire, the more it is dull.” Heraclitus also said, “To act sustainably, we should constantly ingest vital spirit from outside rays and air by the action of five senses and breathing.” This roughly corresponds to my theory; “The nature of the soul consists of the element of fire. The purified spirit contains the element of fire a lot. On the contrary, the impurity sprit contains water a lot. However, his theory is partly wrong. He said, “Vital spirit is ingested from rays and airs by breathing action.” The lungs control the breathing action. Therefore, in my theory, the vital spirit is ingested by the beating action of the heart.

Then I refer to Paracelsus theory. He said, “All things are made of one element. This element has no form, no colour, no sound. Therefore, we cannot measure it. I call it a mysterious thing. This mysterious thing includes all force, which is a kind of mysterious power or the will of God. Everything is created with this power. Therefore, all things come from the same origin. They just appear in different ways and styles.” He called this power Archeus. He also said, “The human body should be regarded as a microcosm of the universe.” Although he was active during the 15th century, I think he had good insight at that time. However, it is pity he thought that medicine contained the divine power of curing disease. He called that power Arcana. Needless to say, this perspective is wrong.

As for Descartes, his vitalism seems to be incomplete. However, in any case, he recognised animal spirits. That would be worthy of praise. Then let us move on to the theory of Anima, which was proposed by Stahl. This theory appeared at the beginning of the 18th century. Stahl said, “Disease is a various phenomenon that Anima acts to eliminate or extinct toxins when they invade the human body.” In a sense, this idea is one step before the theory of purification action that I discovered. Stahl also said that natural healing power was important to cure disease and anatomy was worthless. We accept those opinions.

The next theory is animal electricity, which was found by Galvani. He is Italian. This theory was gradually developed by many scholars who appeared after him and it was finally extended to the theory of plant electricity. It would be an immortal achievement beyond his intention. At the beginning of the 19th century, animal magnetism was advocated by Mesmer. He tried to apply it to treatments. Furthermore, he found that humans generated magnetism from their palms. I think he is a great discoverer. However, it is pity his discovery was neglected due to material medicine that had appeared after that. I cannot regret this fact enough. Even so, the more people in the medical fields researched by using experimental physiology, the more questions arose. As a result, so-called new vitalism appeared but it was not significant enough. The power of materialistic science was overwhelming and it kept controlling cultural ethnicity. As you know, it is still going on.

In this way, we cannot deny that many significant theories were found in the West until the beginning of the 19th century. It cannot be also denied that people were climbing up the stairs of progress at any rate while right and wrong were mixed together. It is because they progressed spiritually and materially. However, machine civilisation made a sudden rise in the middle of the 19th century. People were dazzled by its brilliant aspects. As a result, they firmly thought that everything was solved only by materialistic science. That would be a natural consequence. Therefore, even humans had to be treated materially or animal-like, which has become a concept of modern medicine. In a word, western medicine has strayed from the right course. It can be said that it has strayed far down the wrong course and run recklessly on that way.

Unless people awoke to this fault and returned the right path, they would end up falling into the fate of destruction. Regarding this, I found a good example in the newspaper article. The following article was published in the Mainichi Shimbun on the18th of April 1943;

The UK population census recently took place. It says the population of England and Wales, which forms the core of the U.K., are now about 41 million. However, it will become less than 20 million in 60 years unless the declining population growth rate is held back and appropriate measures are taken to increase the population. This report is generally affirmed by academic circles in the U.K., as well as William Beveridge, who was an authority on population issues.

Then the following article was published in the Yomiuri-Hochi Shimbun on the 3rd of June, 1943;

Recently, London Preschool Education Association held an exhibition. At the opening ceremony, Home Minister Herbert Morrison frankly said that signs of the decline of the British Empire clearly appeared in the birth rate. He said as follows; The population of England and Wales are 41 million today. However, only 24 million of them are children. This number is the same as that in 1876. Even during Boer War, the number of children in those regions as mentioned were 1.5 million more than today. If this condition continues, our population will be reduced by half at the end of this century. Furthermore, half of that population will be elder people over 60 years old. In that way, the U.K is being destroyed. If this condition is not changed right now, annoyingly plentiful long-term reconstruction plans will become nothing more than a daydream. He grieved over the decline in childbirth rate. It should be said that he prophesied the fate of their own country by himself. British birth rate drastically decreased due to this war, which obviously shows the end of British history.

This article proves that my estimation cannot be wrong. I said in the introduction of this writing that cultural ethnicity will be destroyed in two or three hundred years. Why did the population decline in the U.K. like that? Needless to say, it is obviously a result of improper medical progress. There is not a shadow of doubt about it. It is said that people in the U.K. recently develop the least infectious diseases in all civilised countries. It is difficult for British scholars to study typhus because no typhus patients exist in the U.K. Therefore, they can hardly obtain bacteria. In addition to this, Britain has few tuberculous patients and the lowest infant mortality rate in the world. In this way, infectious diseases and tuberculosis patients dramatically decreased in the U.K. Nevertheless, why is the U.K. facing population decline so seriously that they cry out their critical situation? It happens because the physique of the British people has declined and their purification action has become weak.

Then how about Japan? Look at the present medical hygiene measures. They adopt every possible way of western medicine to decrease infectious diseases and tuberculosis patients. They just follow the way that the U.K. did. Therefore, if Japan continues such measures, needless to say, infectious diseases and tuberculosis patients will decline in decades like Britain. The infant mortality rate will be reduced, too. At the same time, it is obvious that Japan will suffer from population decline like the U.K. There are still many infectious diseases and tuberculosis patients in Japan now. As I previously described, it means that Japanese people have strong physical strength. It owes to delayed vaccination. Japan started vaccination decades later the U.K. did. Oh! Wise people, who are trying to make Japan the second U.K., what kind of feeling do you have when reading this writing?

*) To explain vitalism, Meshiya-sama used an excerpt from the book written by Tsunezo Ishii as a reference, whose title is ‘Summary in Law of Vital Spirit.’

Translated by N.H.