Diseases and Medical Faults

Healing Art for Tomorrow Part Ⅱ
Written by Mokichi Okada, 1943

I have already sufficiently and logically explained the faults in medicine based on the facts. Here I further empirically verify the major diseases.

1. Tonsillitis, Appendicitis and Their Surgeries
2. Stomach Diseases
3. Kidney Diseases and Diabetes
4. Pleurisy and Peritonitis
5. Asthma
6. Heart Diseases and High Blood Pressure
7. Brain Diseases
8. Myopia
9. Eye Diseases
10. Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases
11. Pyorrhoea and Facial paralysis
12. Liver, Jaundice and Calculus
13. Rheumatism
14. Cancer
15. Haemorrhoids
16. Beriberi and Basedow’s Disease
17. Venereal Diseases
18. Mental illness and Epilepsy
19. Women’s Diseases
20. Swelling and its Incision
21. Children’s diseases

1. Tonsillitis, Appendicitis and Their Surgeries

If doctors have many experiences seeing many patients, they must know that there are many misdiagnoses in the present medicine. They would be convinced if those diagnoses are checked against anatomical results at university hospitals. Let me explain them step by step based on the facts. Recently, tonsillitis is the most common disease. Since most people have experienced this symptom, I will take it up first.

In the first place, what is the role of the function called tonsils? Then, why do people get tonsillitis? Those answers are probably not found yet in medicine. It is because tonsil removal surgery is regarded to be the best way to cure tonsillitis. Tonsils are removed by surgery because medicine considers that they are not just needed but rather harmful for humans. If that were true, it would mean that the great Creator, who created humans, has made a useless and harmful function. He needed the function that is regarded not to be needed by medicine. That sounds very strange. If that is the case, we can say that doctors’ brains are better than that of the Creator. It means that they are superior to the Creator. What a surprising arrogance! After all, even doctors were created by the Creator. They cannot possibly create even one eyelash nor 1 millimetre square of skin. Then, why could possibly they say that tonsils are not needed? They actually haven’t found the reason for their existence. They are just misunderstanding that they have found the reason why tonsils are not needed. Nevertheless, they remove tonsils by surgery. In this way, tonsil removal surgery was born.

Then why do tonsils exist? From my discovery, they take a very important role. In the human body, toxins accumulate most likely around the cervical lymph node. Then those accumulated toxins should be discharged by purification action. As mentioned before, the toxins once accumulate and solidify in tonsils. This is called the first purification action. Then the second purification action occurs and heat is consequently generated. The toxins are dissolved by this heat and discharged as a liquid. In a word, tonsils are the opening to excrete toxins. In this sense, when a person gets tonsillitis, the purification action is carried out smoothly and tonsillitis is healed in a few days if it is left as it is. Nevertheless, the purification action is stopped by various medical treatments such as the application of Lugol’s solution, cold-cooling, poultice, antipyretic and so on. As a result, friction occurs between the purification action and the action that stops it. It consequently takes time to cure tonsillitis. Even if it looks as if it’s cured, it is not a true cure. The symptom has just returned to the state it was before purification occurred. Therefore, the solidified toxins still exist in tonsils. Furthermore, the toxins keep accumulating there since then. Therefore, the amount of solidified toxins gradually increases. Then the purification action occurs again but it is stopped by medical treatment, which returns the symptom to the previous state. By repeating this friction, the symptom becomes chronic and the amount of the solidified toxins increases more and more. This symptom is called tonsillar hypertrophy. A patient with this symptom is recommended to have tonsils removed by surgery. As a matter of fact, this symptom is caused due to a medical fault, which makes tonsils big enough to be removed. When tonsils become so huge that they cause tonsillar hypertrophy, furious purification action occurs. Therefore, a patient is sure to have a high fever. Furthermore, the affected parts become swollen very much and close the throat. In the worst case, the patient cannot swallow even one drop of water. Doctors fear such malignant tonsillitis so much that they recommend the removal surgery. However, a natural remedy enables such symptoms milder. When the patient gets tonsillitis for the second time, the symptom gets milder than the symptom that they got for the first time and so on and so forth. In this way, the symptom gradually gets milder and the patient won’t get tonsillitis at last.

Here, I explain cerebral anaemia in outline because it is related to tonsillitis. What if a person loses tonsils that are the exits to discharge the accumulated toxins around the cervical lymph node? They would remain and solidify there. Then they compress blood vessels leading to the brain. The brain consequently has a blood shortage. This symptom is called anaemia and also nervous breakdown. Because of that, I think that there are so many patients who feel foggy or squeezed in the head or discomfort these days. Furthermore, if tonsils are solidified or removed, the toxins accumulated around the cervical lymph node have to find another exit to discharge. Therefore, they move in a different direction. That is, they try to reach the middle ear through the parotid gland and then they discharge by breaking an eardrum. In that case, the toxins dissolve with a high fever and perforate the ear bone, which causes pain and fever. Those symptoms are called otitis media. Because of that, I think that the number of patients with otitis media has recently increased. If a patient gets only tonsillitis, the symptom will be much milder. Nevertheless, the medical treatment causes a much severer symptom, which develops to otitis media. When a patient gets otitis media, they are sure to get ice-cooling treatment. Therefore, the liquid toxins change directions or flow into the brain instead of the middle ear. Then doctors diagnose this symptom with cerebral anaemia due to otitis media. In this way, medical treatment develops tonsillitis to otitis media and finally causes cerebral anaemia. That is totally surprising.

Then I explain appendicitis. This is also a very common disease these days. Medicine recommends surgery for this disease like tonsillitis. The main cause of appendicitis is thought to be food in medicine. For example, it says that grape seeds cause appendicitis. How ridiculous! If they caused appendicitis, people would die instantly when they swallowed persimmon seeds or fish bones. Under the medical treatment, either therapy is done soon; ice-cooling, which stops purification action and the symptom has just returned to the state it was before purification occurs, or warming therapy. If neither of them is done, surgery is immediately performed. If the surgery is not promptly performed, medicine says that it causes acute peritonitis. That is also wrong. Even if the prognosis is good after the surgery and a patient returns to a healthy state, they are prone to suffer from chronic peritonitis or kidney diseases. Now, I explain why they become so.

From the beginning, what is the cause of appendicitis? Before answering this question, I have to explain what the function of the caecum is. It takes the same role as tonsils. It means that tonsils are the organs that toxins in the upper body gather and accumulate by the first purification action. On the other hand, the caecum is the one for the lower body. If you press the caecum with fingertips and feel severe or mild pain, it means that the first purification action occurs there. In the case of severe pain that you feel, toxins accumulate and solidify strongly, which shows the sign that appendicitis or the second purification action will occur shortly. If you feel mild pain, the toxins mildly accumulate and solidify or the number of toxins is small. In that case, if you also feel pain in the abdomen other than the caecum when pressing there, toxins also accumulate and solidify in the peritoneum. It is a sign that acute peritonitis complications occur. However, it should be noted that such second purification action is impossible to occur if the whole body is weakened. The second purification action occurs because a person is very energetic. Therefore, it easily occurs after a person does hard exercise or if a person is young. That makes sense. Since it takes a few or dozens of years before the second purification action occurs, it rarely occurs to toddlers or children.

In this sense, when appendicitis occurs, it will be easily healed if it is left as it is. It means that the accumulated and solidified toxins are liquefied by a high fever and discharged as diarrhoea in three days. Then appendicitis is cured. Medicine fears these dissolving toxins as suppuration. As a matter of fact, this suppuration heals appendicitis. In other words, toxins dissolve before diarrhoea occurs. If it happens, it can be said that appendicitis is already half cured. Therefore, if appendicitis occurs, you just take the following curing method; you eat nothing on the first day and eat liquid food on the second and third days, rice porridge on the fourth and fifth days. In this way, appendicitis is healed in six days by the time when you can eat ordinary food. If appendicitis is healed with a natural remedy, you will feel severe pain for half a day or a day and light pain for about two days. Then you will recover enough to walk indoors from the fourth day. Therefore, you don’t need to fear appendicitis at all.

The fundamental cause of appendicitis is the toxic medicine that accumulates and solidifies hardly in the right kidney, which causes renal atrophy. Because of this symptom, excess urine accumulates and solidifies in the caecum. Therefore, appendicitis will never recur if the solidified toxins are eliminated. The complication of peritonitis is not directly related to the caecum. Since purification action occurs to the accumulated toxins in the peritoneum at the same time when appendicitis occurs, it looks that peritonitis is complicated by appendicitis. In that case, surgery is recommended under medical treatment. If surgery is performed, however, it has a bad prognosis. For this reason, some doctors avoid performing surgery. They stop purification action with other medical treatments instead, which returns the symptom to the state it was before purification occurred. It takes a very long time and therefore, toxins in the abdomen gradually solidify and become hard like a board. Those solidified toxins press the stomach and intestines and cause gastrointestinal disorders. Because of that, a patient loses appetite and becomes so weak that they will die in most cases. Even if a patient receives a natural remedy, they have to endure intense pain for about three days and consequently do fasting. Even so, compare to endangering the life under medical treatment, such endurance for about three or five days would be nothing because the patient is sure to be cured afterwards. As a result of feeling intense pain, they have severe diarrhoea and then completely recover usually in a few weeks, which, of course, will never recur.

Here, I would like to say a few words about surgery. Whenever describing the progress of medicine today, people are sure to be proud of the surgical progress. It sounds reasonable when taking a listen to it but in fact, it was terribly wrong. It is because surgery removes the function of the affected part. It means that it makes the important function of the human body disappear. It is sure to have a bad influence on other functions. I see, the patient can avoid the danger for a while after the surgery. If they lose the function in charge of the purification action, however, toxins will ruin all the other functions. That ought to happen because it is the consequence that an unnatural method is brought. The human body is highly qualified and delicately organised. Therefore, even just a little damage can harm the whole. Let me compare this to the masterpiece. If a part of the painting is damaged, it can be said that the whole of it is damaged. The value of the painting is greatly reduced. As for a house, if one of the pillars or foundation stones is removed, it reduces the safety of the house as much as it is removed. Besides, surgery doesn’t remove only diseases. It removes them with the functions. Therefore, surgery cannot be said to progress no matter what kinds of reasons are given. I think that the true medical art is to remove only diseases but remains functions. It should leave the original form that humans have since they are born. If even a single finger is removed by surgery, people fear it because a patient visually becomes disabled. However, if an inner organ is removed, people would be not so afraid of it because they might think that it is not directly inconvenient and doesn’t affect the appearance. In conclusion, I think that the progress of surgery shows that medicine doesn’t progress. In other words, surgery is a primitive method that defects the affected area with a scalpel and medicine adopts such a method as the only way to accomplish the purpose of the treatment. In this sense, I would like to say that the progress of surgery, which is admired today, is not the progress of medicine but just the technical advancement.

I am very pleased that I recently found the doctor who advocated the same theory about the appendix as mine. His name is Dr Ochi Shin-itsu. He is the authority in the field of hormone science. The following is written in his book;

An appendix is thought to be a white elephant, which is an already degenerated function. However, would this idea truly and wisely understand nature? I believe that we don’t have enough knowledge to open the treasure house of mysteries. I am convinced that nature will never give us a useless and harmful thing.

2. Stomach Diseases

Stomach disease is one of the most common diseases that the Japanese get. As you know, it causes various symptoms and most of them are mild when they first develop. However, they gradually become chronic because of the wrong therapies or care for health. In most cases, they finally become malignant while getting better and worse. Therefore, stomach disease is rare to be completely cured once a person gets it even though its symptom is mild. When getting stomach disease, a patient first has mild symptoms such as indigestion, heartburn, stomach pain and so on. Let me explain these symptoms from now on.

Indigestion has both congenital and acquired causes. Congenital one is due to inherited toxins and whereas, acquired one is due to uremic toxins, toxic medicine, inappropriate diet and so on. To begin with, the inherited or uremic toxins gather and accumulate outside of the stomach. Then they gradually solidify and the solidified toxins compress the stomach. Therefore, the stomach becomes atrophic and its activity gets slowdown, which causes indigestion.

As for the inappropriate diet as the other causes of indigestion, medicine recently advocates that people should have the right amount of food at the right time. That is terribly wrong. It is because human beings are not machines and the food that they have is not the same. It means that they might exercise or not between meals, which apparently makes a difference in digestion. The time to digest depends on food, too. Some food takes only an hour or some take more than three hours to digest. In this sense, if a person has meals at a fixed time, they might be hungry or not yet. If they are hungry, they will have a strong appetite and good digestion. However, if they force themselves to have a meal because it’s time to eat even though they are not hungry, it is apparently not good for them. In that case, the food that they ate before is still decaying and fermenting in the stomach, which generates toxins. If a person further eats food in such a state, those toxins interfere with its digestion. Worse still, they reluctantly have another meal again because it’s time to come even though what they ate before is not yet digested. In this way, they gradually suffer from indigestion.

For these reasons, you should have a meal after all food that you ate before is fully digested. This is the right diet. You will gain an appetite when all food is digested. This accurately shows whether food is digested or not. Therefore, you eat food when you feel hungry or have an appetite and you don’t eat when you don’t want to do. This is a true diet. In this way, the right diet is to eat what you want as much as you want whenever you want. That follows the law of nature. You want to eat something because your body needs it for some reason. So, you just eat them. In the same way, you just eat the amount of food you need, which means to eat as much as you want. On the contrary, it is wrong that you push yourself to eat what you don’t want just because it is said to be good or nutritious. It is also wrong that you restrain yourself from eating what you want. If you stop eating not to eat too much even though you still have an appetite, it is wrong, too. If you forcibly put food into your mouth even though you are full and don’t have an appetite, it is also wrong. In a word, you should follow the law of nature.

Having said that, not everyone can follow that way. It depends on their circumstances. If you have a meal at the same time every day, you just adjust the amount of food. No matter what you eat, it is delicious if you are hungry. It is nutritious if you think it’s delicious. Therefore, if you follow the diet as I described, you will never get indigestion.

Despite this, people have minor stomach trouble while being on an unnatural diet. Then most of them take stomach medicine. Stomach medicine is a digestive agent, which helps digestion and relieves pain. Therefore, they think that the disease is healed. As a matter of fact, it is not a true cure. They suffer from the disease again. Then they take medicine again. While repeating such things, they really suffer from stomach disease. The primary role of the stomach is to make the swallowed food soft by its activity. Likewise, stomach medicine or digestive makes food soft because its main substance is baking soda. Therefore, the digestive shares the role of the stomach if people take it. As a result, the activity of the stomach function gradually degenerates, which causes indigestion. Because of that, people take stomach medicine again. While this vicious cycle is repeated, the stomach is gradually weakened. Worse still, the absorbed medicine becomes toxic and returns to the stomach. Then they infiltrate the stomach wall and solidify. The stomach is compressed by those solidified toxins and becomes atrophy more and more. The activity of the stomach function slows down and the stomach consequently relaxes. This symptom is called gastroptosis.

To eliminate toxins, bile is sent to the stomach by natural action. This symptom is called hyperacid. When the purification action occurs to the solidified toxins in the stomach, it causes stomach pain. There are two types of pain; one is caused when the solidified toxins compress the stomach and the other is caused when they dissolve. The former occurs when a person is full. It is because the stomach and solidified toxins oppress each other when full. In the latter case, the dissolved toxins infiltrate the stomach and accumulate on a certain part of the stomach wall. When hungry, the stomach contracts and it hurts. The former usually causes intense pain and the latter causes mild one. The sharp pain of stomach cramps belongs to the former. It is caused at the peak of the first purification. It means that the solidified toxins become hardest and strongly compress the stomach. Under medical treatment, this symptom is paralyzed with morphine injection and the pain temporarily goes away. The patient rests and has liquid food. Therefore, the purification action becomes weak and the toxins slow down to solidify. Due to having liquid food, the stomach becomes weak and the resistance to the compression also becomes weak. As a result, the disease is in a state of remission. When the solidified toxins are dissolved, a fever generates in the chest, which causes heartburn.

A stomach ulcer is mostly caused when a person continuously takes digestive, which softens not only food but also the stomach wall. When the solid food touches the softened stomach wall, it breaks and bleeds. This bleeding is the symptom of a stomach ulcer, which causes pain. In most cases, a very small defect occurs in the part of the stomach wall and a small amount of blood constantly exudes. It accumulates in the bottom of the stomach and may disturb the digestion. This bleeding may also infiltrate to the outside through the stomach wall and accumulate on the upper part of the intestine or in parts other than the stomach. If it accumulates a lot, the part from the stomach to the peritoneum gets swollen. When the purification action occurs there, a patient vomits a surprisingly large amount of blood, which has a coffer colour. When it is looked at closely, it includes small blood clots. If this accumulated blood compresses the pylorus, it may cause pyloric stenosis, which encourages a patient to vomit. From these facts, the digestive terribly harms the stomach.

The stomach ulcer is also caused by drinking a lot of alcohol in rare cases. It is because a heavy drinker often takes stomach medicine while or after drinking. Therefore, they suffer from this disease due to medicine rather than drinking alcohol. In very rare cases, a person vomits blood or coughs up phlegm with small blood clots without any reason even though they don’t take medicine or have pain. This symptom bothers doctors. It is similar to that of a stomach ulcer and is caused when a small lump is developed in the part of the stomach and blood exudes from there. Therefore, it is naturally cured when it is left as it is even if a patient temporarily vomits blood.

3. Kidney Diseases and Diabetes

Kidney disease is the second most common in Japan. There are acute and chronic symptoms but most of them are chronic and acute ones are quite rare. For acute symptoms, a patient has a fever of around 40 degrees and severe pain in both or either left and right dorsal kidney. Because of severe pain, they cannot move the hip. Most of them bend their body and just groan in pain. They also pass urine with a large amount of protein. This acute kidney disease is steadily healed in a few weeks even if it is left as it is.

As for chronic symptoms, they are, as you know, urinary protein, oedema, lower back pain, fatigue and so on. If there is oedema in the body, the amount of urine decreases. Doctors think that the more patients have protein in the urine, the severer their symptom gets. Therefore, they try to eliminate urinary protein. They prohibit the patients from taking salt or encourage them to drink a large amount of milk. They also give them diuretics. Those methods are all wrong. Here let me explain how kidney disease develops based on my discovery.

Why do patients with kidney disease have protein in urine? Medicine seems not to have found the reason yet. Then what is protein? As a matter of fact, it is an inherited, uremic or medical toxin that accumulates and solidifies on the backside of the kidneys. They dissolve with a slight fever, which cannot be measured with a thermometer but you notice if you place your hand there. They become a kind of liquid, infiltrate kidneys and discharge with urine. It is obvious that it occurs due to purification action. For this reason, the more a patient discharges protein, the better they get. This is proved by my experiences. I have treated many patients with kidney diseases. When I give them the treatment to dissolve toxins, they get a slight fever and temporarily pass urine with a large amount of protein. Then the amount of urinary protein gradually decreases and urine no longer contains protein. Finally, the patients completely recover. All patients with kidney diseases I treated followed the same process as above and completely recovered.

Here I give you a very important notice. The truth is kidney diseases develop even if a person has no protein in the urine. Protein in urine is the only symptom that doctors diagnose patients with kidney diseases. It means that kidney diseases don’t develop if patients have no protein in the urine. Therefore, they cannot make a diagnosis with patients who have the symptoms of oedema but no protein in urine because they cannot find the cause of oedema. I often hear such cases and I think that doctors often experience them. Then why do kidney diseases develop without symptoms of urinary protein? It is because purification action has not occurred yet to the solidified toxins on the backside of the kidneys. It apparently shows that the patients without urinary protein have more malignant symptoms than those with one. In that case, they don’t have a fever on the affected parts. It means that the solidified toxins don’t dissolve. Therefore, they don’t have protein in the urine.

Here I give you an important notice again. That is how badly the solidified toxins in the region of the kidneys affect. Those toxins compress the kidneys and as a result, kidneys become atrophy, that is, renal atrophy. Therefore, kidneys cannot perform their function completely. It means that they cannot process all urine. Consequently, some unprocessed urine infiltrates outside of the kidneys. This excess urine accumulates in every part of the body and solidifies. It mostly accumulates in the shoulders, which causes stiff shoulders. It also often accumulates in the peritoneum, which causes peritonitis. Other than those symptoms, it causes all kinds of diseases as well as appendicitis, stomach disease, asthma, pleurisy, so-called pulmonary tuberculosis, lymphadenitis, alveolar pyorrhoea, stiff neck, eye diseases, brain diseases and so on. A certain German doctor puts forward the theory that all diseases are caused by uric acid. His theory holds the truth in a sense. Therefore, renal atrophy must be completely cured and the only way to cure it is to excrete protein. That is the most important action required to cure kidney diseases.

However, medicine has not yet found this reason. Therefore, protein excretion is the most terrible symptom for doctors. They prohibit the patients from taking salt. Without taking salt, however, people become weak. Likewise, drinking a large amount of milk makes them weak. Rest therapy brings the same result, too. When a patient gets all those three therapies, they completely become weak and purification action is stopped. As a result, a slight fever in the region of the kidneys become none. The patient consequently has no urinary protein and doctors misunderstand that symptom for healing. However, it is obviously not the true cure. Once a person suffers from kidney disease, therefore, the symptom becomes chronic and it goes up and down. The disease can be hardly cured. In this sense, to cure kidney disease promptly, patients exercise very much, have a high fever and pass urine with a lot of protein. That is the best remedy and they can, of course, eat ordinary food.

Let’s move on to another kidney disease. Kidney tuberculosis is a rare disease and there are many misdiagnoses with it. The patient with this disease is recommended by doctors to have either kidney removed. Even if the prognosis is good after surgery, the systemic vitality reduces and it would be impossible to act like ordinary people. Kidney tuberculosis is diagnosed with haematuria in medicine. From my experience, however, urinary haemorrhage may result from other causes than kidneys. Let me explain them. When a person has a slight fever on both inguinal glands or a mild fever due to pyelonephritis, the area around the ureters is always heated. Because of that heat, urine is also heated when flowing through the ureters and then it passes through the urethra. If the mucous membrane of the urethra is weak, this membrane is burned by the heated urine. Then blood infiltrates the burn and causes haematuria. This symptom is easily and completely cured in almost a few days if the toxins in the area with a slight fever, which I described above, dissolve.

Although it is a rare case, a person suffers from true kidney tuberculosis. In that case, the person feels pain in the region of the kidneys first and then in the bladder, the prostate gland and testicles in order. This disease is malignant and the patient feels severe pain. It is quite difficult to cure. Then let us move on to diabetes. It is categorised as a pancreatic disease in medicine. It says that it develops due to insulin insufficiency. Therefore, the patient takes insulin injections as medical treatment. This treatment temporarily has a considerable effect but is not a fundamental one. Therefore, diabetes often recurs and is impossible to cure completely. If a person suffers from diabetes, they have to have extreme dietary restrictions and cannot have sugar contents under medical treatment. They also have to eat prescribed food so that they suffer a lot from the pain and financial burden. Furthermore, rice is restricted to eat. That is the biggest trouble for Japanese people. From my research, however, this disease is completely cured by dissolving solidified toxins that compress the lower part of the pancreas and liver. When I treat patients with diabetes, I never give them food restrictions because it is healed by ordinary food. Some doctors allow the patient to eat ordinary food as well these days. So, they have finally awakened.


4. Pleurisy and Peritonitis

Pleurisy and peritonitis are also very common in Japan. I explain pleurisy first. This disease is divided into three types in medicine; wet, purulent and dry pleurisy. To begin with, pleurisy occurs when a gap is formed between membranes surrounding the lungs. If fluid or urine accumulates in the gap, this symptom is called wet pleurisy. If pus accumulates, this state is called purulent pleurisy. If neither of them accumulates there, which means that only the gap is formed, this is called dry pleurisy. Those pleurisies develop due to both forced and spontaneous factors. The former factors are chest or back bruises or exertions such as physical labours, gymnastics and so on, which often cause pleurisy. In the case of the latter factors, pleurisy develops without any cause.

Wet pleurisy is caused by both factors but in either case, it develops due to renal atrophy, which causes excess urine to gather and accumulate in the gap. When a patient catches wet pleurisy and gets medical treatment, fluid is discharged by diuretic or perforation. However, diuretic causes the opposite effect and the patient’s condition usually gets worse. Perforation rather makes good progress than a diuretic. However, even if the patient once recovers, wet pleurisy easily recurs because the solidified urine still remains.

The cause of purulent pleurisy is the almost same as that of spinal caries. It is caused by pus in the spinal cord, which infiltrates the pleura and then accumulates. The amount of pus is considerably large. If the symptoms become malignant, the pus is discharged by perforation under medical treatment. A considerable amount of pus comes out every day for about a few months. Purulent pleurisy might occur from the beginning but it also develops when fluid becomes pus after a long time. Some doctors give the patient rest therapy without perforation. In that case, pus gradually solidifies as time passes and the chest becomes hard like a board. When looking at such a symptom, some doctors think that the lung becomes corrupted and disappears. That is terribly wrong. In that case, such a symptom occurs in either right or left lung. The lung with solidified pus becomes incapable to breathe and therefore, it doesn’t move. For this reason, the other healthy lung must get twice active. Consequently, the patient must breathe deeply so that they have difficulty breathing. You would see very much what I mean when looking at the patient from the backside. One lung doesn’t move but the other moves strongly. When we dissolve the solidified pus in the inactive lung, the pus is frequently discharged as sputum and the lung gradually moves to breathe. From those facts, you would know that the lung doesn’t decay nor disappear. We have a patient before, who were not able to be helped as both lungs decayed. However, one of my disciples treated them and they completely recovered. They are still living healthy. This purulent pleurisy is said to be almost incurable in medicine.

In either case of wet or dry pleurisy, the accumulated urine and pus are discharged by natural purification action if they are left as they are without medical treatment. In most cases, they are completely cured. Among three types of pleurisies, wet pleurisy is the most common and purulent pleurisy is the second. Dry pleurisy rarely occurs. From my experiences, patients who are diagnosed with dry pleurisy are mostly misdiagnosed. In fact, they suffer from intercostal neuralgia.

Here I have to explain intercostal neuralgia. The symptoms of this disease vary from light to severe. It is easily misdiagnosed as pleurisy. That is one of the characteristics of intercostal neuralgia. If the symptoms are severe, a patient can hardly endure the pain even when breathing. Like pleurisy, the patient has a fever and then sputum comes out if they leave the symptom as it is. Then intercostal neuralgia is completely cured. However, if the patient undergoes medical treatment, they will receive all kinds of hardening therapies such as poultice, ice-cooling, injection and so on. The patient might get better once but even so, this disease never fails to recur. All three types of pleurisies and intercostal neuralgia has the following same characterised symptoms. The patients feel pain when breathing deeply and are hard to breathe. Other than them, they sweat at night, sleep a lot and feel dizzy.

Let’s move on to peritonitis. It is a similar disease to pleurisy. There is wet and purulent peritonitis but no dry one. In the case of wet peritonitis, urine accumulates in the peritoneum. As I explained above, if a patient undergoes medical treatment and gets a diuretic, the symptom gradually gets worse. If the patient gets perforation to drain fluid, the opposite effect intensively occurs. The symptom consequently gets worse every time they get the treatment. In addition to that, the patient’s belly becomes swollen very much and finally bigger than that of a woman who is soon to give birth. In that case, they are sure to die.

As for purulent peritonitis, the patient’s belly doesn’t get swollen with the accumulated urine very much, which rather solidifies. Therefore, it seems to be in a normal condition just by looking. For this reason, doctors may not be able to find this disease even if the symptom is serious. Furthermore, the patient may be misdiagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis. That is incredible. Even I am surprised since I often experience such a thing. Having said that, it might be inevitable that doctors misdiagnose purulent peritonitis with pulmonary tuberculosis. It is because, when purification action occurs to purulent peritonitis, the symptoms are similar to pulmonary tuberculosis, which are fever, cough, phlegm, loss of appetite, weakness, weight loss and so on. Even so, I feel so sorry for the patients and therefore, I want to improve medical diagnostic methods. For such patients, therefore, I gave treatment only to their peritoneum and kidneys. In this way, I experienced a lot to cure them completely of pulmonary tuberculosis.

As a matter of fact, this purulent peritonitis occurs so often that I want to say almost everyone would suffer from it even if the symptom may be mild. Perhaps, no one is free from that symptom. It is easily diagnosed when you examine it with fingertips. It means that you find a tumour near the navel. That is solidified toxins. If you sometimes have diarrhoea like food poisoning even though you didn’t eat anything, you should know that it is a purification action occurring to the solidified toxins. Some people feel no pain, too. Therefore, they haven’t noticed it and are surprised when I explain it. If a person has a thick pus mass in the peritoneum, they certainly have a bad complexion. Therefore, I sometimes empirically know whether the patient suffers from purulent peritonitis or not and how serious or mild their symptom is. The cause of peritonitis is, of course, renal atrophy. For this reason, it will be never cured as long as kidneys are healed.

5. Asthma

The cause of asthma is said to be unknown and it is an incurable disease in medicine. Since this disease is also quite common in Japan, I explain it in detail. Asthma is divided into two types in medicine; cardiac asthma and bronchial asthma. The former occurs suddenly. When it happens, the patient has severer difficulty breathing. If the symptom is severe, the patient has terribly heavy breathing and they look like just before death. They are unbearable to see. As for the latter type of asthma, the patient suffers from intensive and frequent coughing. Because of that, they suffer from insomnia, loss of appetite, dyspnoea, too. Their pain is tremendous. Both types of asthma occur periodically; for example, just in every winter or summer, or the patients suffer from them all the time.

If patients with asthma undergo medical treatment, an injection is the only way to relieve their pain temporarily. Once they get an injection, the suffering immediately disappears no matter how severe it is. However, it recurs after a while. The patients cannot endure the pain and take another injection. However, the effect of medicine gradually reduces every time they get the injection. They consequently get an injection very often. As a result, some patients have to get one about 120 to 130 times. It means that they severely get poisoning of medicine by taking injections. Even so, I completely cured such patients. Needless to say, asthma attacks or cough is purification action and injections obviously stop the purification temporarily with the toxic medicine contained in them. Today, there are various opinions about the cause of asthma in medicine. As far as I know, they are far from the true cause. It seems to be searching in the dark. Vagus nerve disorder is one of them and it is far beyond the mark.

Here I explain the cause of cardiac asthma that I found. We first look at the patient’s lower diaphragm or upper part of the stomach and liver. There is swelling with a fever there. Because it solidifies, the patient feels some pain when touching it. It shows very much that toxins accumulate and solidify there. This is the first cause of cardiac asthma. Likewise, solidified toxins are found in the back of the dorsal heart. The patient also feels considerable pain in the chest, armpit, and costal part when pressing them with fingertips. It shows that toxins accumulate and solidify there and this is the second cause. Then the solidified toxins are found around the navel and in the region of the shoulder (especially on its left side), the colon (mainly on its right side), inguinal gland (mainly on its right side), and the dorsal kidney (on either right or left). That is the third cause.

As above, I described the causes of cardiac asthma but the main cause should be the first one, which is the original cause of asthma. In particular, an asthma attack is mainly caused due to the first one and secondly due to the second one. An asthma attack is never caused by the third one, which only develops a cough. Then let me explain why the attack occurs. When the purification action occurs to the solidified toxins as the first cause, which accumulate in the diaphragm and dorsal heart, they dissolve and attempt to infiltrate the lungs to discharge as sputum. In that case, if the sputum is thick or the lung membrane is thick depending on the patient, the sputum may be difficult to infiltrate the lungs. Therefore, the lungs themselves attempt to suck the sputum and act intensively to breathe. This condition is called an asthma attack. It is proved by the fact that the attack is sure to stop at the same time when the patient coughs up sputum after getting an injection. It is also clear from my following experience. When I treat patients with asthma, the attack gets lighter as they cough up sputum. Asthma attack makes the patients lose appetite without exception. It is because the toxins always compress the stomach. It means that the swelling in the affected part gets soft and small as the patients get better. Then the stomach starts to act and the patients gain an appetite. The second cause or the toxins in the costal part also has the almost same effect as the first cause. As described above, the third cause develops only cough but it may promote the attack or difficulty breathing. Therefore, it must be eliminated.

My theory as above is right, which is no room for doubt. It is because patients completely recover from any kind of asthma with Johrei. Here let me further explain these three causes of asthma. Asthma often occurs due to inherited causes. However, it occurs due to acquired causes rather than inherited ones. Let me explain those acquired causes. If a patient undergoes medical treatment when suffering pneumonia, it prevents a lot of sputum from discharging. Therefore, a considerable amount of sputum remains even if it discharges to some extent. As a result, the sputum is brought down, which means that it infiltrates out from the bottom of the lungs, accumulates in the lower diaphragm and then solidifies.

The solidified toxins, which accumulate in the dorsal heart, are excess urine caused by renal atrophy. This excess urine is the first cause of asthma. Then the second cause is due to uremic toxins and toxic medicine that accumulate in the stomach, the upper lungs, costal part and around it. In that case, toxic medicine is the major cause and it develops a high temperature without exception. Some patients may feel the same pain as intercostal neuralgia. The third cause develops a cough, which is the same symptom as a cold. Child asthma will be explained in the section on children’s diseases.

6. Heart Diseases and High Blood Pressure

Heart diseases are roughly divided into three symptoms in medicine; angina pectoris, cardiac valvular disease and hypertrophy. Angina pectoris is an attack that a patient suddenly feels severe pain and squeezed in the entire chest and has rapid breathing. The suffering is beyond description. It is a terrible disease indeed. If the symptom gets worse, the patient may die in a single attack. In most cases, however, they recover once. Angina pectoris is caused when the first purification action occurs to the toxins that accumulate around the heart. They strongly press the heart from its surroundings towards the centre. This is hardly cured naturally. Even if the patient undergoes medical treatment and gets an injection, they only get a lull temporarily. On the other hand, Johrei easily and completely cures angina pectoris.

Let us move on to the next symptom. The cardiac valvular disease occurs due to the same cause as angina pectoris if it is serious. Since the first purification occurs to it more slowly than angina pectoris, the patient doesn’t feel severe pain. The major symptoms of this disease are palpitations, irregular pulse and mild dyspnoea. If the symptom is mild, the toxins, which accumulate and solidify in the costal part near the front and back of the heart or around the diaphragm, have a slight fever due to the purification action and excite the heart.

As for cardiac hypertrophy, it is a rare disease. Even if doctors diagnose patients with this disease, most of them are misdiagnosed. In that case, they misdiagnose the lump of the solidified toxins near the heat as cardiac hypertrophy. True cardiac hypertrophy only occurs in heavy drinkers or sportspersons. It rarely occurs to ordinary people. When purification naturally occurs, most of the solidified toxins are discharged as sputum and cardiac hypertrophy is healed.

Let us move on to high blood pressure. This symptom is common in people over the middle-ages these days. Furthermore, people with high blood pressure are said to be prone to having a cerebral haemorrhage in medicine but it is not so much to say that. Although people with high blood pressure do not always have a cerebral haemorrhage, it is statistically true that those who have high blood pressure suffer from a cerebral haemorrhage more than those with low blood pressure. As I previously described, cerebral haemorrhage is caused due to the toxins that accumulate and solidify in both sides of the neck (around parotid glands) and around both sides of the medulla oblongata. However, the toxins that cause high blood pressure exists in a place other than those four places as above. They accumulate and solidify slightly anterior to both sides of the neck, that is, immediately beneath the tonsils. They compress the artery that leads to the arm. Therefore, it affects blood pressure measurement.

Here let me introduce the ideal example of that. I had a visitor last year, who was around sixty. His blood pressure was 300 but he said that it might have been more than 300. A sphygmomanometer can only measure up to 300. Therefore, his blood pressure was always 300 whenever it was measured. Despite such high blood pressure, he had never missed a day of work for about five or six years. They had no abnormality, either. His case clearly shows that the place where to cause cerebral haemorrhage is different from high blood pressure. For your information, he has worked as ‘Hikko-sha*’ for more than thirty years. As I explained above, neck stiffness compresses the artery, which raises blood pressure.

*) Hikko-sha is a person whose profession is to write a certificate of commendation or other papers with an ink brush.

7. Brain Diseases

Let me explain the brain diseases that are typical of modern people. Brain fog would be the most common disease of all. The symptoms are headache, dizziness, fullness, dimness, frustration, melancholia, insomnia and so on. Among them, chronic headache is the most common symptom. Let me explain its cause. First, a person has a headache when they have a fever due to cold or other conditions. Then they get ice treatment. This is the main cause of chronic headaches. People usually have a headache when having a fever. It is because the toxins in the brain are dissolved by purification action and they start to flow, which causes pain. If a patient gets ice treatment, the toxins stop dissolving and solidify again. Therefore, slow purification action constantly occurs to the solidified toxins. This is the cause of chronic headaches. For this reason, if you touch the head of a person with this slow purification action, you certainly feel a slight fever. They may have a fever in the whole head or only in the part of the head; in the forehead, the back of the head or a certain part of the head. In any case, chronic headache is completely healed by natural remedy.

Headache also occurs due to another cause, that is, cerebral anaemia. As I described in the section on a cold, anaemia occurs when the toxins near the lymph node compress the blood vessel. In this case, when touching the head, you don’t feel a fever or rather feel cold than usual. When a person suffers from cerebral anaemia, the face suddenly gets pale. When the symptom gets severe, they may lose consciousness and feel nauseous very much. To cure this disease, the patient should do exercise to promote purification action that causes a fever. The fever dissolves and eliminates the toxins around the lymph node.

Head fullness occurs for the following reason. When the first purification occurs to the toxins accumulated in the whole head, they solidify and disturb blood circulation. Head fullness is also caused due to cerebral anaemia, which causes blood shortage. Insomnia and dimness in the head have been already explained in the chapter ‘The Symptoms of Diseases and Their Elucidation.’ So, I omit explaining them here. Then let me explain frustration. In the first place, the human brain controls reason and emotion. The former is controlled in the forehead and the latter is in the back of the head. Reason refers to wisdom, memory, thought and so on. People like scholars have a well-developed forehead to do rational work constantly. As for emotion, it is controlled in the back of the head. A person who has a developed back of the head is emotional. They are proved by the fact that males have a developed forehead and whereas, females have a developed back of the head. Caucasians have a developed forehead and Orientals have a developed back of the head, too. Therefore, if a person has toxins and fever in the forehead, they have scattered thoughts and are hard to concentrate. They have poor memory and are apt to get tired of things soon. Students perform poorly at school because they have such symptoms. When I treated such students, they apparently improved as the toxins in their foreheads were eliminated. If a person has toxins and fever in the back of the head, they have confused emotion and therefore, easily feel frustrated.

Because of that, infants feel irritated or have a seizure, as is often the case with them. When you touch the head of such a child, you certainly feel a slight fever. As the fever disappears, they cease to have a seizure and improve at school. However, people in society don’t know this truth. Therefore, some rely on vermifuges or spell but they are not effective very much. It is because they are misdirected.

Then I explain meningitis. It is a purification action that occurs to the forehead. It means that an intensive purification action occurs to the thick toxins accumulated in the frontal periosteum. When a person gets meningitis, they have an endurable headache and feel too dazzling to open their eyes. Therefore, if a person has a high fever like burning in the forehead and cannot open their eyes, you may decide that they get meningitis. This disease often occurs to infants but they don’t know how to complain of pain. Therefore, we should judge them as meningitis by their symptoms of having a high fever and closing eyes. If a person with meningitis undergoes medical treatment, they get ice treatment more than anything. This is the worst treatment of all. Due to this treatment, the person becomes disabled like demented even though they get treatments. Let me explain why that is caused. If purification action goes smoothly, the toxins that accumulate and solidify in the frontal periosteum are liquefied. Then they flow down and discharge as eye mucus or runny nose. Meningitis is completely healed. On the other hand, if the forehead is cooled with ice, the liquefied toxins stop flowing to the outside of the body. They move to the inside of the head instead and infiltrate there. Then they finally reach the forebrain and solidify there. This occurs for the same reason that the ice treatment for otitis media makes toxins turn around and flow to the brain, which I have already described. Like ice treatment, the action that strongly stops purification blocks all dissolving toxins from flowing outside and changes their direction to inside. As I explained above, when the toxins accumulate and solidify in the frontal periosteum, they interfere with its function to act. Therefore, the patient has a bad prognosis and become like a disabled person. For this reason, people are convinced that patients with meningitis become disabled even if they undergo medical treatment and therefore, they think that meningitis is a terrible disease. As a matter of fact, it is a wrong medical treatment that makes them become disabled. I have treated many patients with meningitis. They have a clearer head than before after healing. As for children, they get better grades, which even makes teachers surprised.

Let me explain a cerebral haemorrhage. As you know, this disease is very common these days. Compared to the lung disease that often occurs in young people, a cerebral haemorrhage often occurs in people from middle to old age. They are those who have gained a lot of experience in society, known things and attained maturity. Some of them have achieved social status and will do their best for their country. Then they suffer from a cerebral haemorrhage. What a troubling disease it is! This disease not only makes patients unhappy but it would cause not a little loss for the nation. Once a person gets a cerebral haemorrhage, they often die immediately. Even if they are fortunately saved, they become paralyzed on one side. If the symptom is serious, the tongue doesn’t move well and the patient cannot talk properly. They might suffer from brain disorders. Furthermore, it is not too much to say that most patients don’t recover completely. In rare cases, they just get a little better. Not only that, the course of this disease lasts long and the patients end up dying. That is the characteristic of a cerebral haemorrhage. It is terribly miserable. Worse still, since they lose the ability to move their body, it’s hard for their family to look after them. This circumstance also costs a lot. It is really pitiful. It is said that there is no cure for this disease in modern medicine. There is no way to prevent it, either. The exact cause of the cerebral haemorrhage seems not to be found, too.

Here I describe my studies of a cerebral haemorrhage. This disease is caused due to purification action that occurs to toxins or toxic blood, which accumulate and solidify around either side of the medulla oblongata or carotid artery. Once purification occurs, those toxins or toxic blood dissolve with fever. They penetrate the centre of the brain once and immediately flow down to the arm and leg through the other side of the artery. Then they accumulate and solidify there. It very promptly occurs, which can be said to do in an instance. Therefore, a person gets paralysed as soon as getting a cerebral haemorrhage. When it occurs, the face suddenly gets flush and soon turns pale. The flush is caused due to the toxic blood that penetrates the brain immediately and floods in the face. Then the face turns pale because that toxic blood solidifies somewhere, which cause anaemia. In that case, the patient gets ice application under medical treatment to contract the blood vessels and stop internal bleeding. This treatment has no effect on curing the disease but it awfully promotes other aggravating effects. Let me explain why that happens. When a cerebral haemorrhage occurs, the blood promptly flows down or solidifies somewhere as much as it extravasates. At that moment, the blood vessel naturally constricts and the haemorrhage stops. In other words, ice treatment makes the toxins, which still remain in the brain after haemorrhage occurred, harder and interferes with brain function to act. Furthermore, if this treatment is given for a long time, the brain gets paralysed and the patient may die. If the patient loses unconsciousness for a long time after a cerebral haemorrhage occurs, you should think that it greatly owes to ice treatment.

For this reason, even if a cerebral haemorrhage occurs, the patient may recover completely if no medical or other treatment is given but it is left as it is. I tell you the story regarding this. I had a patient who was about fifty years old. She is a wife of a wealthy man living in a small town in the Tohoku region. She happened to get a cerebral haemorrhage. Since she is wealthy, a specialist was invited from Tokyo and she received medical treatment as much as possible but it didn’t work. Her condition contrarily even got a little worse in two years. Around that time, a smallholder farmer who was about fifty years old lived in the outskirts of the town she lived. He had a stroke of paralysis around the same time when she got a cerebral haemorrhage. One day, he visited her for something. She was surprised to see him and said, “I heard that you had a stroke of paralysis and became paralysed. Now, I cannot see any abnormalities in you. You look healthy. What happened to you? What kind of treatment or medicine did you have?” Then he replied, “My family is poor. So, I was not able to see doctors or buy medicine. I left myself to chance and did nothing. I just lay down but as time went by, I naturally recovered.” She couldn’t understand what he said. However, she was finally convinced that for the first time when hearing my theory. Such a case happened more than a few times. Therefore, you would see that my theory is not wrong.

The disease called encephalitis is popular these days, which occurs seasonally. Regarding this cause, opinions are divided even among medical doctors and the true cause seems not to be confirmed yet. Among their opinions, a mosquito-borne infection is relatively believed. In that case, no one should suffer from encephalitis in winters. However, it sometimes occurs in winters. Why is that? Let me explain what I found. When encephalitis occurs, not mention to the generation of high fever, a tremendous amount of toxins constantly accumulates especially around either side of the medulla oblongata. Then those toxins flow into the cerebellum. When we give our treatment from the medulla oblongata to the cerebellum, the number of toxins decrease to accumulate in the medulla oblongata. A few days later, a patient usually starts to discharge a large amount of eye mucus and runny nose. If the symptom is severe, blood might be mixed with them. As the toxins actively discharge, the patient gets awake and they are recovering. Following such a process, they completely recover in about a week. This disease is sure to be cured if any treatment, especially ice application is not given. Encephalitis is not a harmful disease that threatens human’s life, either. Let me explain why I can say so. If a person exposes the head under the scorching sun for a long time in summer, this stimulation makes the toxins around the back and shoulders rapidly accumulate in the brain. Then they penetrate the cerebellum and put the patient in a lethargic state. Therefore, this disease often occurs in children and also in summer. After penetrating the cerebellum, the toxins move further and discharge from the eyeballs and nostrils. Then encephalitis is completely cured. This is, of course, an intensive purification. In that case, the main medical treatment to give is ice application. Therefore, the toxins solidify in a certain part and cannot discharge. The lethargic state continues. The patient becomes weak and finally die.

Cerebrospinal meningitis is also a brain disease. When it occurs, a patient has a high fever and feels pain or stiffness as if pulled from the back of the head to around the medulla oblongata. They feel terrible pain and such a symptom continues obsessively. Then they lose appetite, become weak and finally die. This disease is caused in the condition just before the encephalitis occurs. It means that toxins don’t reach the cerebellum but accumulate and solidify in the part before the cerebellum. Therefore, if the patient with cerebrospinal meningitis exposes the head to the scorching sun in summer, they get cerebellum. Like this disease, cerebrospinal meningitis is cured when toxins discharge as a large amount of runny nose.

Then I explain cerebral concussion. It occurs when a person falls from a high place or hits their head hard. If they have extreme internal bleeding, they will die. If they have a lot of internal bleeding, they vomit frequently and blood may exude from the ears. There is no risk of life if the patient vomits only a few times but if more than that, the patient’s life is considered to be in danger. For all brain diseases, if you know whether the patient vomits more or less often, you are sure whether their symptom is severe or not.

8. Myopia

As I previously introduced the illness statistics, myopia is recently the most common symptom for Japanese. It is regarded as an incurable disease in medicine. Therefore, people correct their eyesight with glasses. However, wearing glasses is very bad. The eyesight gets worse and worse once wearing them. Everyone knows this fact very much. It is because the eyesight deteriorates accordingly with the help of glasses. Having said that, people cannot help but wear them. Here let me explain why myopia occurs. Medicine says that the cause has a relation to light rays or the distance between the book and the eyes when reading a book. They would have some influence on the cause but are not fundamental causes. In this way, the true cause is not found yet in medicine. On the other hand, I explain the true cause as follows.

As I previously explained, human beings have toxins in the body and they accumulate and solidify where nerves are concentrated. Myopia is caused for the same reason as above. It occurs when inherited toxins accumulate and solidify around the medulla oblongata. In the first place, we have eyesight because energy or blood constantly supplies to the eyes to act. The blood vessel reading to the eyes is in the medulla oblongata. Therefore, if the toxins compress that blood vessel, the blood sent to the eyes accordingly reduces. In other words, the eyesight has poor nutrition so that it naturally gets weak. For this reason, it doesn’t have enough power to see far away. This occurs for the same reason that a person cannot walk far when they are hungry. Let me give you an example that proves my theory.

Children often get short-sighted soon after they enter elementary school even though they had no abnormality in eyesight until that. It happens because they suddenly use the brain and therefore, the inherited toxins started to accumulate in the brain. Furthermore, they bent down their heads when sitting at the desk so that the toxins accumulate and solidify in the neck, too. It means that they have stiffness in the neck. As I explained above, those toxins cause myopia. You would understand that very much if you examine the neck of the patient with myopia. They are sure to have the solidified toxins in the neck. When I give the treatment to patients with myopia, the toxins in the neck are dissolved and discharged as a runny nose. All of them are completely cured. In this sense, children who have a lot of runny noses never suffer from myopia. In other words, children who are having runny noses are healthy and have a strong ability to have purification action. However, there are few children who have runny noses these days. They become weak due to toxic medicine and other reasons. This is inevitable. It has been said since long ago that drooly babies and children with runny noses are healthy. This is a reasonable saying.

In addition to myopia, I describe astigmatism. It occurs for the same reason as myopia. When a person has weak eyesight, it doesn’t have enough ability to project the objects properly. Therefore, they see them moving or doubling. If a person feels dazzled to see the sun, the eyesight becomes weak due to light rays. For this reason, many people have complications of myopia and astigmatism.

9. Eye Diseases

Here I describe the wrong interpretation of medicine about eye diseases. I first take up trachoma and follicular conjunctivitis because they are regarded to be the most common eye diseases. As you know, patients with these diseases have no abnormality in their eyes. They just get rashes on the back of the eyelids. If patients get them mainly on the upper eyelids, this symptom is called trachoma. If they do so on the lower eyelids, it is called follicular conjunctivitis. Trachoma is regarded as an infectious disease in medicine. I think that there is enough room for research on that. If a patient with trachoma undergoes medical treatment, they are recommended to have surgery as the best one. The symptom is once eased by surgery but is never cured completely. Trachoma usually recurs in a few years. Therefore, the patient has surgery again but trachoma recurs. While repeating that, the period when the symptom is eased gradually gets shorter.  The symptom itself also gets worse and the patient becomes as if addicted to having surgery. When the symptom gets worse in that way, the patient feels unbearable severe pain and discomfort. They feel so dazzled that they have to shut their eyes. The eyeballs turn red and tears and pus constantly come out. That is too terrible to see. Needless to say, such extreme suffering is caused by surgery and toxic medicine.

Trachoma occurs because rashes form to remove a kind of toxin from the back of eyelids. This is, of course, a purification action. Therefore, trachoma is cured when a patient leaves it patiently. In this sense, if this is an infectious disease, existing toxins are induced and discharged. It means that it causes a positive effect. Follicular conjunctivitis is no problem because it is naturally cured.

Conjunctivitis is the second common eye disease. It is also called marginal blepharitis or a bloodshot eye. When a person gets conjunctivitis, their eyes become very red and eye mucus and tears come out. It is caused due to the accumulated toxins in the forehead. When purification action occurs to them, they are about to discharge from eyeballs. Therefore, conjunctivitis is steadily cured if a patient leaves the symptom as it is. After the cure, the toxins in the forehead reduce and the headache is soothed. However, people in society don’t know this theory and therefore, they use eye drops or boric acid to wash eyeballs. They restrain purification action and delay the cure. Furthermore, toxic medicine infiltrates the eyes. Because of that, there are many cases that the symptom rather gets worse and even vision damage occurs.

Leucoma is also a common eye disease. It occurs when toxins accumulate in the eyes and solidify on the surface of the eyes. This disease is usually cured if it is left as it is. If a person uses eye drops, however, solidified toxins harden more. Therefore, leucoma is hardly cured. According to my experiences, those who didn’t use eye drops are easily cured with a few times of my treatment. On the other hand, those who used eye drops are hardly cured and take time to heal.

Other than those explained above, any other eye diseases also occur when toxins accumulate in eyeballs due to purification action. Their symptoms depend on the nature of toxins, their accumulated condition, where they accumulate and so on. Among them, cataract is the most terrible eye disease. Even medicine says that it causes when toxins accumulate in the backside of the eyeball. There are three types of cataracts; white, blue and black. The black cataract is regarded to be the most malignant. The white cataract is caused by white pus. On the other hand, the blue cataract is caused by blue pus and is more malignant than the white one. The black cataract is caused by toxic blood. Most of them are cured if a patient doesn’t get any treatments but Johrei immediately after they occur.

As for night-blind and colour-blindness, which is said to be incurable disease in medicine, they are caused for spiritual reasons. I will explain them in the section ‘Disease and Spirit.’ In any case, both of them are completely cured with Johrei. Then let us move on to the next eye disease. Some naturally tear though they are not sad. In medicine, it is caused due to a lacrimal sac or gland disorder. According to my study, however, it is mostly caused by eye drops. They are discharged as tears a few years after using them. Therefore, it is cured when all the liquid medicines they used as eye drops are discharged.

10. Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases

The symptoms of ear diseases are otitis media, tinnitus, running ears, hearing disorders and so on. Let me explain each of them but I omit otitis media as I have already explained it. The cause of tinnitus is said to be unknown in medicine and it has no cure. On the contrary, most patients with tinnitus are healed with Johrei. It is caused due to the toxins that accumulate and solidify in the inner ear or the head near the inner ear, in the temple or in the parotid gland near the medulla oblongata. When purification slowly occurs on those toxins, they dissolve and that melting sound echoes. Most tinnitus is caused by toxins that accumulate in the parotid gland. The toxins in the medulla oblongata are also the main cause of tinnitus. This is interesting because that region seems not to affect the ears. However, tinnitus gets better when we give treatment there. Therefore, not only patients but also practitioners are surprised. As a matter of fact, most tinnitus is naturally cured if it is left as it is. Because it takes a long time, they get worried and try various treatments but almost in vain.

Running ears is caused when purification action occurs to the toxins in the lymph gland. They discharge through the parotid gland. Therefore, if they are left as they are, running ears is sure to be completely cured when all toxins naturally discharge. If the patient undergoes medical treatment, however, the ear is cleaned with a cleaning solution. How terribly wrong it is! The dissolved toxins accumulate in the outer ear to discharge. Therefore, it doesn’t matter with or without cleaning the ear. This is like tooth plaque. A person gets one after eating food even if it is cleaned before. It is still good if the ear is just washed. As a matter of fact, the cleaning solution infiltrates the mucous membrane. It changes into a toxic solution and then discharges. In other words, the cleaning solution, which is used for the purpose of cleaning toxins, becomes the additional material of toxins. For this reason, there are many patients who clean their ears at the hospital every day but are not cured even if they go to the hospital for three or five years. When I stopped them from receiving treatment and leave their symptoms as they are, they were naturally healed in a few months. I have experienced such cases quite a lot.

Then I explain hearing disorders. There are both congenital and acquired causes. They also occur for pathological or spiritual reasons. I will explain those for spiritual reasons later. Therefore, let me explain the hearing disorder caused for the pathological reason. This is caused due to the inherited toxins that solidify in the auditory nerve from the parotid gland to the inner ear. They suppress the nerve and prevent its function from acting. This disease is very hard to cure. Even so, some of those may be easily cured, which depends on where and how firmly toxins solidify. Here I give you the important notice. Tuba auditiva catheter is used for this treatment in medicine. This use is very dangerous. In rare cases, the patient with mild hearing disorder becomes completely deaf with this treatment. We tried to cure them with our remedy but it didn’t work at all. Then I explain auditory hallucination. Some patients with mental diseases have this symptom. They hear various voices even though anyone is near them. This is not an ear disease but caused for spiritual reasons. I will explain this later.

Let us move on to nose diseases. They are empyema, hypertrophic rhinitis, nasal polyps, anosmia and so on. The cause of them is all the same. That is due to toxins that solidify in both sides of the nose, in the head, especially around the medulla oblongata and from the front of the head to the forehead. When purification action occurs to them, they discharge as a runny nose from the nostrils. As for empyema, it occurs due to the solidified toxins under the skin of both sides of the nose. A patient with empyema feels pain when pressing there. We know whether the symptom is severe or not depending on the intensity of the pain. If the patient leaves this symptom as it is, the toxins dissolve and discharge as a runny nose. Then empyema is healed. If the patient undergoes medical treatment, however, the nose is cleaned with a cleaning solution. Like running ears, cleaning solution changes into toxic medicine and it infiltrates the mucous membrane. Therefore, the amount of toxins increases and the symptom becomes chronic. As for hypertrophic rhinitis, it occurs because toxins in the runny nose stimulate the mucous membrane and cause catarrh. Then they generate slight fever and cause various symptoms such as forming small tumours, pain, itchiness and dryness and so on. This disease is also naturally cured if the patient leaves the symptom patiently as it is. Then let us move on to nasal polyps. Since I am not a doctor, I have never performed the surgery. Therefore, I am not sure but think that they are solidified toxins. In any case, the patients stop having nasal polyps when I give them our remedy. Therefore, I think so.

As for empyema and nasal polyps, if a patient undergoes surgery, they seem to get better once. However, the disease recurs in a few years at the latest or half a year at the earliest. This fact shows that surgery just temporarily works but does not truly cure diseases. Especially for empyema, even if toxins are once eradicated by surgery, they accumulate in both sides of the nose again. Therefore, to cure these diseases completely, the root cause of toxins to accumulate should be eradicated. However, it is impossible in medicine. Therefore, it would be inevitable that medicine adopts the subsidiary method. Recently, I often hear that there are many patients who die after surgery for empyema. This is outrageous. Why does it happen? It is, of course, a surgical error. I hope that specialists do study it.

Anosmia occurs when toxins accumulate and solidify in the top of the nose or in the dented part of the lower back of the head. Then the toxins block the stimulation reaching the olfactory nerve. In the latter case, toxins are rarely accumulated due to the use of anaesthetic, gas-poisoning and so on. They are absorbed through the nose and accumulate there. In the case of anosmia due to the toxins in the top of the nose, it is cured with about a few times of our remedy. However, in the case due to those in the dented part of the lower back of the head, it takes time to cure. Here I also explain cocaine poisoning. If a person ingests cocaine for the first time because they feel a stuffy nose, the nostrils open and they feel so refreshing. Therefore, it becomes a kind of habit and they finally become cocaine addictive. You should be careful that it affects the brain because of addiction and the person may die.

It is the turn to explain throat diseases. If the throat disease develops when a person catches a cold, it is cured along with the cold. Therefore, I don’t need to explain it. Let me explain throat tuberculosis instead. It is caused by the development of lymphatic tuberculosis. It gradually spreads and transfers. Then it affects the phonation function through the throat. I completely cured the patients with throat tuberculosis but it is said to be an incurable disease in medicine. As the symptom is getting severe, the mouth cavity is blocked. The patient cannot swallow even water. They become weak and finally die. However, why does lymphatic tuberculosis develop into throat tuberculosis? In that process, toxins first solidify near the lymph glands. Even when purification action occurs to them, they cannot dissolve because medical treatment inhibits that as much as possible. Therefore, they solidify there again and the following toxins, which should accumulate in the lymph glands, cannot accumulate there. So, they accumulate near the lymph glands instead and gradually transfer towards the throat and affect it. On the other hand, if toxins are left when they first solidify in the lymph glands, they gradually get bigger when purification action occurs to them. They get bigger and bigger with a fever and become red like a tomato. In this case, most doctors perform surgery. This is very bad. Because of surgery, the toxins stop accumulating in the deep region with much effort. All toxins cannot be eradicated by surgery. They are sure to remain slightly. This is proved by the following fact. The patient seems to be once healed after surgery but they continue to feel pain in the surgical site for a long time. They also have a swelling next to the surgical site soon.

Here let me introduce the example of a patient who died due to wrong medical treatment. He was around forty years old. He first had a hardening in the right lymph gland. It got swollen with a fever. He soon underwent surgery at a specialised hospital. Before a surgical wound was mended, he had another swelling next to the wound. Then he underwent surgery again. However, he had another one so that he underwent surgery. While doing such things, he had a swelling in the left lymph gland for the first time. He underwent surgery but had another swelling again. Under such circumstances, he was gradually getting weak. As I explained above, since surgery stopped purification action as much as possible, toxins stopped discharging out of the body. Finally, an enormous amount of toxins accumulated from the mouth cavity to the throat. Because of that, the throat became swollen very much and blocked. He could not breathe and die.

No matter how big the swelling becomes, it gradually becomes like a red ball and dangles if it is left. It is as if a red balloon is swinging. In that case, a hole soon opens naturally and a surprisingly large amount of pus discharges. In this way, it is cured very quickly. This cure leaves no trace. Since all toxins discharge, it never recurs, either. On the other hand, if the patient undergoes surgery, it certainly makes an ugly scar and it never disappears. Worse still, the disease might recur. From those facts, you would see that natural remedy is the true one. Throat tuberculosis may develop at the terminal stage of pulmonary tuberculosis. This symptom is malignant and hard to cure. It is because the patient becomes extremely weak at that time. In that case, the death is pronounced even in medicine.

11. Pyorrhoea and Facial paralysis

Pyorrhoea becomes popular these days. This cause is said to be unknown in medicine. According to my study, this root cause is in the kidney. Uremic toxins, which generate in the kidneys, accumulate around the shoulders and then move further around the lymph glands near the jaw. When purification action occurs to them, they are about to discharge from the gum. In that case, blood is mixed with them because uremic toxins get mixed in blood and discharge. When I treat the patients with pyorrhoea, I give treatment to the kidneys, shoulders, lymph glands and cheeks and also around the gums from the outside. Then all patients were cured. Due to pyorrhoea, the gums become soft and the tooth is loose. In that case, dentists pull out the tooth. This is terribly wrong. Dentists think that this symptom is caused by the tooth. However, the fact is the opposite. It is nothing related to the tooth. The tooth becomes loose because toxins accumulate in the gums. To cure pyorrhoea, therefore, you rub the gums with a hard-haired toothbrush and discharge blood pus as much as possible. Then pyorrhoea is sure to be cured. If you put salts on your finger pad and rub the gum with it as the early people did, it has the same effect.

Then I explain facial nerve paralysis. When it occurs, either edge of the lips or the eyes twitches. The eyeballs may pop out. The face becomes ugly. It is unbearable to see if the symptom is severe. As a matter of fact, it is usually cured in dozens of days or a few months if it is left as it is. If a patient undergoes medical treatment, however, they will get electrotherapy. This is bad. Let me explain the reason. Facial nerve paralysis is caused due to toxins that accumulate and solidify in one part or a few parts of the face. They disable muscle flexibility. Electrotherapy further solidifies those toxins. On the contrary, if a patient undergoes natural treatment, those toxins are discharged as a runny nose, sputum, eye mucus and so on by mild purification action. Then facial nerve paralysis is cured. As for facial neuralgia, a patient feels pain on either side of the face. Like facial nerve paralysis, it is a purification action that occurs to toxins solidified in where the patient feels pain. Therefore, it is also cured with natural treatment.

12. Liver, Jaundice and Calculus

Let me explain liver diseases. In the symptoms called liver diseases in medicine, there are few abnormalities in the liver. Most of them are caused by toxins that accumulate outside the liver. They compress the liver and cause pain in the affected part or jaundice. When examining the liver, doctors often say that it is swollen. As a matter of fact, toxins solidify around the liver. Looking at the lump of toxins, they probably misunderstand that it occurred because the liver got swollen. In this sense, ‘the swollen liver,’ which they call, is easily and completely cured by eliminating those toxins. If the toxins compress the liver, they naturally compress the gall bladder in the back of the liver. Then bile exudes from the gall bladder, which causes jaundice. If those toxins are dissolved, therefore, jaundice is easily cured. In that case, toxins accumulate mainly around the upper part of the liver.

Then I explain gallstone. As you know, the patient with gallstone has intense pain. The pain occurs in the region of the gall bladder. It also occurs when the stone passes through the ureter. Recently, a clever method to remove the stone was developed. However, this disease is not completely cured just by removing the stone. Not only the formed stone is removed, but the stone must also be prevented from forming again. That is still impossible in medicine. Besides, the cause of forming stones is still unknown. According to my study, calculus is formed due to uremic toxins in the kidneys. They infiltrate the back of the gall bladder and become calculus by mixing with bile. Therefore, if solidified toxins in the right kidney are dissolved, the calculus will never be formed. Even if the calculus was already formed, it is collapsed into the sand with our remedy. Then it discharges with urine. If the gall bladder stone flows further and stays in the kidney and the bladder, the stone becomes bigger with urea.

13. Rheumatism

Rheumatism is also a very common disease. This symptom is, of course, a purification action. Toxic blood accumulates in the limb joints and they become red and swollen. A patient has intense pain at the peak. When the patient moves the limb or something touches it even a little, they feel a shooting pain. Therefore, the patient has a cast applied under medical treatment to avoid moving it or not to let anything touch the affected あarea. If the affected area is cast, the patient will no longer have pain. It usually takes a few months to immobilize in the cast. However, once the joint is completely cast, it becomes like a stick. The patient cannot move nor bend it. This is terribly inconvenient. After that, massage is applied to the unmovable joint to move even a little but it has almost no effect. It may say that it has just a placebo effect. That is the normal procedure of medical treatment.

On the contrary, if a patient with intense pain receives Johrei at the first onset of rheumatism, they will be completely cured with four or five treatments. That is an almost incredible great effect. Even if the joint hardens like a stick with medical or other treatments, rheumatism is sure to be cured though it may take time. Needless to say, the number of days required for treatment depends on how hard the joint is. If the patient undergoes surgery, however, it may be difficult to cure, which depends on what kind of surgery they have. That is inevitable.

14. Cancer

Everyone knows that there are many diseases related to cancer. Unlike other diseases, their cause is not pus but toxins unique to cancer. They freely transfer and develop any areas of the body; muscles, bones or organs. They are terrible diseases indeed. Medicine says that they are not caused by bacteria (at the time of this writing), which indicates that they are not caused by pus. There are various types of cancers. The major ones are stomach, oesophagus, laryngeal, uterine, breast, liver, lung, intestinal, tongue cancer. As for rare diseases, they are buccal mucosa, maxillary, anal cancer and so on. Medicine recently says that there are several types of cancers. According to my research, however, there would be more types than those. There are also advanced and non-advanced cancers. Some of the advanced cancers especially develop fast. They develop to the chest, abdomen and the most upper part of the body in a short period. They are the most malignant cancers. On the contrary, non-advanced cancers are easily cured as they affect only a certain part of the body. Even in advanced cancers, most of them affect only a limited part of the body at first. Then they develop at the end.

Sarcoma called in medicine is similar to cancer but they are distinguished when we touch them with fingers. Here I give you the point to notice. Not a few cancers are misdiagnosed. When I examined patients who were diagnosed with cancer in medicine, I found that quite a few of them didn’t get true cancer. With our remedy, one hundred per cent of patients with non-true cancer were cured. Even eighty per cent of patients, who suffered from true cancer or sarcoma, were cured. The remaining twenty per cent of patients were not cured because they were too weak to maintain their lives until the cancer was eliminated. If they had gotten our treatment from the beginning, I think that they would have been completely cured. Now, very expensive radium is imported for cancer treatment at the request of the medical field. Considering what I explained above, I think that we should not overlook such a waste of time and money for the national economy.

15. Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids are especially common diseases for Japanese people. As you know, there are various symptoms and the most common one would be anal prolapse. Medicine explains that it is due to the structure of Japanese toilets. That has a point. Anal prolapse is cured by changing bowel habits. It is the best way because the most common cause of anal prolapse is the long defecation time. Therefore, patients should shorten that time. In other words, they should get out of the toilet in five minutes at the longest whether they defecate or not. However, there is no problem for them to go to the toilet as many as possible. If they keep this habit for one or two years, anal prolapse is sure to be cured or get better. Another cause of anal prolapse is hard stool due to constipation. In this case, it is easily cured with our treatment.

As for blind piles, it takes a long time but they are naturally cured even if they are just left as they are. Besides, they are completely cured with our treatment in a short period even if the symptom is severe. Other than those, haemorrhoid bleeding and pruritus are naturally cured if they are left as they are.

An anal fistula is one of the most feared diseases for people but it is not actually like that. If it is left as it is from the beginning, pus discharges for a long time and then it is cured. However, people in society don’t know this fact. They think that only medical treatment can heal it. However, if a person undergoes medical treatment, an affected part is closed by surgery. Therefore, another hole is made next to the surgery site and pus comes out of it. Then it is closed again and pus comes out of the newly made hole and so on. They finally become like a beehive. Worse still, the patient feels intense pain due to toxins added by medical treatment. The symptom becomes very malignant. However, any anal fistula is completely cured with our treatment. Therefore, I always say that this disease is easy to cure. It is often said that a patient is prone to suffer from lung disease after undergoing anal fistula surgery. Let me explain the reason. An anal fistula is originally caused by something like mild caries. Due to this, pus discharges from the anus. However, if it is blocked, pus infiltrates the pleura or lung to discharge as sputum. This symptom looks like lung disease.

For people in society, haemorrhoid bleeding is a symptom to fear. However, it is rather good as toxic blood is discharged by purification action. Like blood stool caused by dysentery, haemorrhoid bleeding often cures heaviness of the back of the head and stiffness of the neck and shoulders.

16. Beriberi and Basedow’s Disease

Beriberi is also a common disease for Japanese people. As medicine says, it is, needless to say, caused by eating polished rice. Therefore, beriberi is promptly cured just by eating 70 per cent polished rice with as many side dishes as possible. This is the simplest way to cure beriberi. Another way is to drink tea with one or two spoons of rice bran after meals. If a patient does so, they will be completely cured usually in about a week. In that case, if rice bran is roasted, it will be easy to drink. I usually cure paralysis due to beriberi just by rubbing the affected part for ten to twenty minutes. In this way, beriberi is most easily cured.

Then let us move on to Basedow’s disease. As medicine says, when it occurs, the thyroid gland or the outside of the throat gets swollen. If the symptom is mild, the patient has a mild cough or feels uncomfortable in the affected part. They might not even realise that the throat gets swollen. If the symptom is severe, however, the patient has a terrible cough or coughs up sputum, fluid with white granular substances or form. Their eyeballs may pop up. In a terminal condition, cardiac damage occurs. Due to this, the patient has arrhythmia and difficulty breathing and loses their appetite, which makes them weak. Finally, they die. However, Basedow’s disease is steadily and completely cured with our healing art. If a patient is pregnant, doctors perform an abortion because they think that she is in danger. From my experiences, however, it is not harmful to pregnant. A woman with Basedow’s disease gives birth smoothly. Even if a person is healthy, they often have a mild symptom of thyroid swelling, which might cause a cough.

17. Venereal Diseases

Venereal diseases are divided into three types in medicine; hard chancroid or syphilis, soft chancroid and gonorrhoea. It is said that another type is recently discovered but I think that it’s enough to explain the first three. Medicine says that syphilis is an infection caused by a spirochete, which can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. Today, antiluetic therapy is said to have developed. As I previously described, however, the toxic medicine due to that therapy itself causes a rather harmful effect than syphilis. People in society just don’t know this fact. I hope that experts will study this issue very much. Needless to say, the toxic medicine mentioned above is salvarsan or 606 and I have already explained how toxic it is. Other than that, mercurial and iodine treatments are also harmful. We should not underestimate the harm.

However, it is surprising that syphilis is easily cured with Johrei. Therefore, I don’t think that its toxin is not as obstinate as medicine says. Medicine is afraid that syphilis will be inherited. I believe that it is not. Therefore, I do hope that experts will study this issue further. Since soft chancroid is cured even if it is left as it is, I don’t think that I need to explain it. Besides, medicine says that it is a slight disease.

On the contrary, I think that gonorrhoea is serious rather than syphilis. Medicine also says that it is difficult to cure. That is absolutely right. In terms of medical treatment, however, there are big mistakes. I found them through my experiments. If a patient with gonorrhoea undergoes medical treatment, the medical solution is injected from the urethral opening, which is highly likely to push gonococcus deeply. That will often happen unless an experienced doctor gives this treatment. It tends to happen especially when a nurse or others do it. If that happens, patients are prone to have the inflammation of prostate gland or testicles. So, we should be careful about that. I advise the patients with gonococcus to drink water as much as possible. They consequently pass urine a lot and the urethra is naturally and frequently washed. It is effective and also removes the risk that gonococcus is pushed further, which serves a double purpose. If patients drink water with infused pine leaves with branches, it is more effective. Pine resin is sticky so that it prevents gonococcus from propagating. The inflammation of the prostate gland or testicles is also better to cure naturally. Besides, they are easily cured with Johrei.

18. Mental illness and Epilepsy

Mental illness and Epilepsy are quite similar diseases. They have similarities and also differences. Both of them entirely occur for spiritual reasons. Therefore, physical and material treatments cannot be effective no matter how much they are given. I will explain those diseases in the article ‘Diseases Caused for Spiritual Reasons.” When it becomes clear that those diseases are caused due to spiritual reasons, people will find out how useless the research using materialistic methods was.

19. Women’s Diseases

There are various types of women’s diseases. Let me roughly explain them. The most common women’s diseases are the ones related to the uterus. In medicine, they are called endometritis, metritis, adnexitis and so on. Since they cause inflammation, they are accompanied by a fever. It means that they are caused due to purification action. Therefore, they will be healed if they are left as they are. Nevertheless, doctors give medical treatment such as uterine curettage but it has no effect. It is because the uterus constantly secrets vaginal discharge by its nature. Therefore, even if uterine curettage is given, the uterus immediately returns to the condition before the curettage.

Then let me explain urethritis. It is caused by gonorrhoea or so-called heated urine, which I have already explained in the article ‘Kidney Diseases and Diabetes.’ To cure the urethritis caused by gonorrhoea, it is the best way to wash the urethra by passing urine frequently just like the cure for gonorrhoea. As for the urethritis caused by heated urine, please refer to the article that I mentioned above. I will not repeat it here.

Then I explain uterine fibroid, which is also common and has various symptoms. From my experiences, doctors often misdiagnose it. When the uterine fibroid truly occurs, the muscle that pulls the uterus gets swollen in a variety of sizes; large, medium and small. Most of them are hard. Patients feel mild or no pain. If they feel no pain, some don’t even realise the uterine fibroid for a long time. This may be misdiagnosed. In that case, the toxins, which solidify in the inguinal gland or the lower peritoneum, are often mistaken for the uterine fibroid. Toxins that cause pyelonephritis are also mistaken. In addition to them, the remained blood clot of menstruation is mistaken for it. Those toxins are excreted as vaginal discharge with Johrei. As for the remained blood clot of menstruation, it is discharged during menstruation. Then patients are promptly cured. Even if patients truly get uterine fibroid, it is sure to be cured with Johrei.

Ovarian cyst and cystic ovarian bursa are also very common, which also give little pain. If the symptom is severe, the patient’s abdomen may become bigger than that of a woman who is soon to give birth. Since the patients don’t feel pain, quite a few of them are working with such a belly. The bloated belly due to those diseases is quite similar to the one due to peritonitis. However, they are distinguished by the following differences. In the case of peritonitis, the patient’s belly gradually swells toward the chest. As for the ovarian cyst and cystic ovarian bursa, only the belly remarkably swells but the chest does not. If the surgery is performed for the ovarian cyst or cystic ovarian bursa, it relatively succeeds. So does the one for uterine fibroid.

When examining women’s diseases, doctors often say that the fallopian tube gets swollen. I think that it is a misdiagnosis. They say that the inside of the fallopian tube is swollen. As a matter of fact, the toxins accumulate and solidify on the outside of the fallopian tube or in the lower abdomen. They compress the fallopian tube from outside. Therefore, its inside looks swelling.

Menstrual pain is very common for women. They feel some pain during every menstrual period. It is because the fallopian tube becomes narrow or blocked. Therefore, they feel pain when blood is passing through there. As I explained above, it is caused when solidified toxins compress it from outside. It means that the pain is completely gone by dissolving toxins. When I treated women with menstrual pain, they were all cured without exception. Amenorrhea often occurs in women even in adulthood. It occurs because the fallopian tube is severely blocked. Therefore, it is cured by eliminating the cause. As medicine says, infertility is caused for the same reason. It is said from a long ago that a woman whose lower belly is hard are barren or that woman cannot have a baby anymore because her underbelly gets hardened. Those saying are true.

The retroversion or anteflexion of the uterus occurs because the solidified toxins compress the uterus from the back or front. They are the cause of infertility but are healed with Johrei in a short period.

Let me explain nephropathy of pregnancy, which often occurs in pregnant women. Doctors advise women with severe swelling symptoms to have an abortion. Since it mostly occurs when women are 7 or 8 months pregnant, it may say that they have a stillborn baby rather than a miscarriage. This is a serious loss for the nation. Needless to say, women themselves and their families suffer great emotional pain. This nephropathy is caused due to the toxins that accumulate and solidify on the backside of the kidneys all the time. If the kidneys are pressed by those toxins only from the backside, women won’t realise the pressure as it is mild. When they get pregnant, however, the kidneys are strongly compressed from the belly side. As a result, severe atrophic kidney occurs and therefore, the patients get swelling due to the excess urine. However, this symptom is particularly easily cured with our treatment. Most of the patients are cured when they receive it a few times. It means that they don’t have to have an abortion but give birth smoothly, which makes the patients delighted greatly. This result should be said to make a great contribution even from a national point of view. Then I explain morning sickness. It is also very common. If the symptom is severe, pregnant women cannot have meals very much for more than a month. They finally cannot avoid having an abortion. Morning sickness is caused by toxins that accumulate and solidify outside of the stomach. Since pregnant women have a baby belly, it compresses the toxins. Therefore, purification action occurs and they dissolve and discharge. This condition is called morning sickness. In this sense, it is easily healed when those toxins are dissolved.

Ectopic pregnancy is also very common and is feared very much. There is no other way than having an operation in medicine. However, it is very easily cured with Johrei. We have to be careful that this symptom is also sometimes misdiagnosed. It is characterised very much by intense pain in the lower belly and blooding in a few months of pregnancy.

Here let me explain vaginal discharge. Some women have it a lot, which is regarded to be bad in medicine and various treatments are given but in vain. Doctors say that it occurs due to abnormality in the uterus but it is nothing related to it. Vaginal discharge occurs because the toxins just melt and flow down from the back of the uterus and they once accumulate in there. Therefore, there is no point in doing uterine curettage at that time. According to my studies, it occurs when toxins, which cause purulent peritonitis, are dissolved and discharged as pus by purification action. In this sense, having vaginal discharge is very good. Other than those women diseases as above, there are Bartholin’s gland swelling, vaginitis, pruritus, uterine prolapse, frigidity and so on but I omit explaining them.

20. Swelling and its Incision

There are various swellings such as furuncle, the one caused by tuberculosis and so on. They are roughly the same. All of them are caused by purification action. Let me explain this. Impurities in the body once accumulate as toxic blood or pus under the skin. Then they get swollen, break through the skin and discharge from the body. This is a physiological or natural action, indeed. Therefore, the swelling is steadily healed if it is left as it is. However, since this action is mostly accompanied by severe pain, the patient has no choice but to try to eliminate the pain in some way. If they receive Johrei a few times, the pain is completely gone no matter how severe it is. The patient cannot help but be surprised and also delighted. They wonder why they don’t feel any pain even if the swelling is considerably large and pus actively comes out of it.

Here please remember that an incision for a swelling must not be made. It is because it immediately stops the accumulation action of pus even though pus is trying to accumulate to discharge from the body. The accumulation action stops even if the skin is pricked with a needle. As a result, all of the pus cannot discharge but some remain. Even if it looks cured, another swelling is formed near the former one after a while. From my numerous experiences, this is an invariable principle. Therefore, when a person gets a swelling, they must not use a scalpel or a gimlet. Needless to say, cooling or warming it or using ointment must not be done. People often say to resolve swellings but that is wrong. It isn’t resolved but is pushed inside. The toxic blood is returned to its original condition even though it is about to discharge from the body. You should know that it is not the way of healing the swelling. It is rather the opposite.

21. Children’s diseases

At the end of this section, I roughly explain children’s diseases. The major ones are dysentery, measles, whooping cough, pneumonia, asthma, hernia, infantile paralysis and diphtheria. Other than those, there are various children’s diseases.


Dysentery is the most common and said to be the most terrible disease for children. If a child with no abnormalities suddenly loses energy and the liveness in the eyes, constantly yawns or feels sleepy, has no appetite, has a slight fever and vomit, they must have dysentery. If the symptoms are severe, they frequently vomit and have convulsions. The eyes get twitched. They will die in a few hours at the earliest. So, dysentery is a terrifying disease. It occurs due to an intense purification action. When it happens, the toxins in the body first accumulate in the stomach and affect the brain. If a child is fortunately saved from death, the toxins discharge as diarrhoea in a few days. When that happens, we can think that there would be no risk of life anymore. Injections are recently used as the main medical treatment for dysentery but the result is terribly bad. More than 90 per cent of children who receive this treatment would have a bad result. However, if a child takes castor oil immediately after they get dysentery, the worse result is brought than taking injections. It is because, even if taking castor oil when the toxins are still in the stomach, it leaves them in the stomach and passes through it. Then it enters the intestines and just eliminates the contents of the intestine and faecal impaction. Furthermore, since this treatment is unnatural, it harms the intestine.

In the days when I was treating patients, all of the children with dysentery were completely cured without exceptions. I only gave them the treatment one or two times. It means that they were cured and got into normal health on the day or the day after they got dysentery. They recover so quickly that their relatives were surprised at the effect of our treatment. If children take castor oil or injections before our treatment, the recovery is delayed at that much. Children are sure to be cured if they get our treatment within half a day when they got dysentery. If more than 10 hours have passed since they got dysentery, however, even our treatment may not work.


Before having measles, children usually continue to have a fever without any abnormality. Since this disease is a physical purification action, it will be cured even if it is left as it is. The more children have rashes at one time, the better they get. While having rashes, they shouldn’t go out or not expose themselves to the wind. Otherwise, the rashes stop breaking out. The symptom of measles itself is not dangerous but if it develops into pneumonia, children may die from it. In addition to pneumonia, measles may develop into otitis media, conjunctivitis and so on. Even such complications will be mostly cured if they are left as they are.

Once children with measles receive our treatment, they have rashes all over the body and then recover completely in a few days. They will never have any complications arise.

Whooping cough

This is also a very common children’s disease. When getting whooping cough, children continuously have a terrible cough and frequently vomit something like white foam. They are toxins peculiar to whooping cough. The whooping cough continues for about 100 days until children discharge all inherited toxins from the body. Because of such terrible symptoms described above, they are unbearable to see and their mothers pain their hearts. Children with whooping cough make a whooping sound when breathing, which is a characteristic of this disease. Medical treatment tries to stop children from coughing. For that purpose, toxins are stopped from discharging and hardened. This treatment is terribly wrong. What if toxins are hardened as intended? Purification action will occur to children someday after all. This is the one that causes pneumonia or asthma. Children’s asthma is often caused for this reason. In the days when I was treating whooping cough, children were completely cured in almost 10 days. It means that the period of discharging their inherited toxins was shortened from 100 days to only 10 days with our treatment.


As I described in the previous chapter, the cause of children’s asthma is mostly due to the complication of whooping cough. The other cause is for a hereditary reason. Children’s asthma mostly occurs due to the toxins that accumulate and solidify from around the diaphragm to the outside of the stomach and liver. If those toxins are left as they are, children will be naturally cured of asthma as they grow older. They might have toxins around from the dorsal kidney to the backside of the heart. When purification action occurs to those toxins, children may get asthma, too.


Children suffer from pneumonia when whooping cough is suppressed with medical treatment or due to complications of measles. It is also caused when intense purification action occurs to the toxins that accumulate and solidify around the lungs or in a part of them. Pneumonia especially suffers children. They have severe dyspnoea and wheeze. They also feel extremely uncomfortable. When seeing their suffering, relatives are frightened and saddened. If children with pneumonia undergo medical treatment, it often brings a bad result because it stops purification action in every manner. It would be highly curable if it is rather left as it is. On the other hand, they are completely cured with Johrei in less than a week. As for pneumonia, the more they cough up phlegm, the better the patients get. Therefore, pneumonia is sure to be cured with any treatment that promotes discharging phlegm.


A hernia is also a common disease for children. It occasionally occurs in elderly people. The symptoms of a hernia vary from child to child. If the symptom is mild, it is naturally healed as they grow up. In the case of severe symptoms, however, it is hard to be cured. If children with severe symptoms undergo medical treatment, surgery is performed. For mild symptoms, the hernia belt is used. A hernia occurs due to toxins that accumulated and solidified in a part of the peritoneum. They compress the intestine and therefore, it protrudes. If either of the obturator foramina is congenitally large, hernia also occurs on there. If the boy has severe symptoms, the intestine hangs down and reaches the testicle. In that case, it is difficult to be cured. Since surgery works for hernia, I sometimes even recommend it. As for Johrei, it melts the solidified toxins in the peritoneum and enhances intestinal movement. It takes time but hernia is mostly cured. By the way, the hernia belt works very much.

Other Children’s Diseases

Other children’s diseases are eczema, skin disease, scab on the head and face and so on. They are also naturally healed, which is the surest way. If a child gets scabs on the face, the eyes are affected. If the symptom gets worse, they are worried that they will go blind. However, scabs are naturally healed completely.

A newborn baby may suddenly lose appetite and vomit a mixture of blood. It happens because they swallowed impure maternal blood when they were born. Then it is discharged as time passes. Therefore, the baby goes back to normal when blood is completely discharged. Since mothers, as well as doctors, don’t know this fact, they think that the baby vomits due to illness and are terrified. So, please make sure of this case.

As for other symptoms of children’s diseases, they are bad mood, insomnia, fretfulness, meningitis and so on. I will omit them to describe as I have already explained them. Here, let me introduce the interesting symptom that I have experienced. I examined a baby who cried every time they were held. I carefully examined the baby and found that they had intercostal neuralgia. When the baby was held, the affected part was pressed. Therefore, they cried. Then I treated the affected part, the baby was completely cured. Infantile paralysis is also common. Since it is caused for spiritual reasons, I will explain it later. Diphtheria is also caused for spiritual reasons. I will explain it later, too

Then let me explain the use of enema for children. It should not be used because it causes a reaction and as a result, children have constipation. Because they have constipation, however, an enema is used. Because they use the enema, they have constipation again. That occurs because the use of an enema is an unnatural act. Constipation due to enema occurs near the opening of the anus. This fact clearly shows that constipation is caused by enemas. Since humans are created to defecate naturally, they don’t need to use an enema. If children today were not able to defecate without an enema, what would have happened to children in the past? We have never heard that they were in trouble with constipation. I can hardly understand the idea of present medicine. I have examined many children whose bellies got swollen like those with peritonitis. It is because they had continued to use enema since shortly after the birth. They got used to it and could never defecate without an enema. As a result, their bellies gradually got swollen. The belly becomes a little smaller if they defecate by using an enema. If not, however, they are still bloated because they don’t fart. From those facts, you would see how harmful an enema is.

Translated by N.H.