Not Elucidated Disease with Medicine

Healing Art for Tomorrow Part Ⅱ
Written by Mokichi Okada, 1943

These days, Japanese people middle-aged and older suffer from a peculiar disease. It often occurs in both men and women and the number of patients is on the increase. When doctors examine the patients with this disease, they cannot find the cause but just say that the patients don’t get any diseases. Nevertheless, they suffer pain very much. They cannot do anything about their sufferings after all. As for the symptoms, they are general malaise, dull headache, stiff neck and shoulders, tired, out of patience, reluctance, uncomfortable. Therefore, they cannot enjoy anything pleasantly and have no choice but to waste the whole day. How miserable they are! Even so, they are thought to be just lazy because they outwardly look healthy to others. In this way, they suffer more pain.

As a matter of fact, all symptoms as above are caused by renal atrophy. When examining the patients, I find huge solidified toxins in the region of the kidneys. They also have a considerable amount of uremic toxins in both sides of the spine, shoulders, head, lymph glands, peritoneum and so on. Therefore, I first give treatment around the kidneys and then to other parts of the body to promote purification action. The patients relieve pain as toxins reduce and finally get their health back. Their joy is beyond description. Those symptoms often occur in people, especially women, of the middle class or above.

Translated by N.H.