True Health

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

When I describe health, you should know first that health is naturally adjusted. This is the ultimate truth. Health respects nature. Regarding this, please think about what is the purpose that God created human beings. We understand that He created us to construct the perfect world of truth, virtue and beauty. You would hardly accept this extraordinary view. We do certainly not know how long it takes to create such an ideal world. It would take tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of years. When looking back to the past, however, no one could deny that our world is moving forward to such an ideal world step by step. It is true that God as a spiritual being and humans as a physical being are combined and infinitely progressing. Needless to say, human beings are in charge of this progress.

Therefore, human beings have a great responsibility. Along with this, they should be healthy to perform this great undertaking. This is an essential condition. In this sense, God gives humans their own missions and consequently maintains human health to carry them out. If they ruin their health, they cannot achieve God’s purpose. When we deeply think that human health is based on this reason, human beings must be always healthy. That is reasonable. Strangely enough, however, human beings easily suffer from the disease. Suffering from disease means that they become an abnormal condition. If we basically understand why this happens and make it back to its original condition, we can answer God’s purpose. Considering the abnormality of human beings from this point of view, what do you find? You see that it is unnatural. Therefore, true medicine is to grasp the real nature of this abnormality, correct it and bring it back to normal condition. Until bringing it back to normal condition, medicine is not what it should be. Then let me explain what unnatural means.

When human beings are born on this earth, they drink breast or animals’ milk. It is because they have not got teeth yet and their digestive function is just made and weak. As they grow teeth and their body function matures, they have food suitable for them. There are all kinds of food and each has its own taste. Human beings are given a sense of taste and can enjoy eating food. Other than this, there exists a required amount of air, fire and water for human health. In this way, everything is perfectly prepared. As for the human body, every necessary part is well arranged to function. The brain brings reason, memory and emotion to humans. The hands create things. The feet allow a person to move freely. Hair, skin, nails, eyes, nose, mouth, ears and so on are also arranged well. Furthermore, human beings are wrapped with skin from their face to the whole body to show off their beauty. I briefly describe human beings as above. When examining them in detail, however, I cannot explain with a word how miraculously they are created. When looking at a single flower and leaf, natural beauty and even birds, animals, insects and fish, I cannot help being impressed by the splendour of the divine technique. Human beings are particularly a Creator’s masterpiece. Especially, the reproductive function as the preservation of the species is so exquisite that it is beyond description. Human beings are such a masterpiece of God. Therefore, you should think about how unnatural and wrong the disease is. It stops the human activity. As human beings, you should reflect most on this unnatural matter.

Translated by N.H.