Medical Fallacy

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

When I talk about health, first and foremost, we should grasp actually what disease is. However, modern medicine misunderstands the disease. Its idea is terribly wrong. Medicine is said to make so much progress but it has not found even the cause of a cold yet. This is evidence that medicine wrongly understands the disease. Let me explain this first. The disease is caused by natural physiological action. This action is common to all. All things accumulate filth mentally and physically. In proportion to the accumulation, the natural action occurs to remove the filth. This is the principle of nature with no slightest mismatch. Here is a large-scale example of this. Filth accumulates between heaven and earth. Therefore, a storm occurs to blow it away with the wind, wash it with rainwater and dry in the sun. As for a small-scale example, when the dust accumulates in the house, it is brushed off with a feather duster and swept with a bloom. It is thrown in the rubbish bin, gathered in one place and burned up. The same thing happens in the human body. Filth accumulates inside the body spiritually and physically for some reason. Then natural purification action correspondingly occurs. This action is called disease. Let me prove it. When purification action occurs, a person has a fever. Since accumulated toxins harden as time passes, they are melted by generated heat and discharged from the body as a liquid such as a sputum, a runny nose, sweat, urine, diarrhoea and so on. This process brings pain and this pain is called disease. When purification action occurs, therefore, the inner body is cleaned and human health is improved. The disease is natural physiological action that promotes human health. Nothing is better than this. It should be said the greatest blessing given by God.

Since the true meaning of the disease has not been understood until today, people got it backwards and modern medicine was created based on this mistake. They fell into an error that can’t be imagined. Not only that, they have never realised the mistake at all for a long time. That is very strange. Because of this mistake, hundreds of millions of precious lives were sacrificed. Thinking of that, I feel very sad. The medicine had started from this mistake. Therefore, it naturally goes deep into the wrong way and strays from what it should be as it progresses. Furthermore, pathology is extremely different from the actual facts. On the other hand, people who fall into error think that medicine must progress more to solve this problem and try to work harder. This is a serious problem. What a misery! When I stare at this situation, I wonder what will happen to humankind in the future if this mistake is not found. That would be hard to predict. Here, let me explain the theory as I mentioned in order.

Translated by N.H.