A Person is a Vessel of Health

God Reveals True Health
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1950

It is often said from before that a person is a vessel of illness. Nothing is more wrong than this. We correct it and say that a person is a vessel of health. As I mentioned in the previous chapter, human beings are originally created to be healthy. However, the disease is avoidable for humans and can be hardly solved. They thought that it is a fate to get ill. They had no choice but to give up eradicating the disease. Once a person suffers from the disease, they cannot quite get over it. They suffer from the disease for a long time or often suffer from diseases. Some people are ill longer than they are healthy. Since such a condition lasts for a long time, people can only think that they are a vessel of illness. Therefore, such a word would be created. It is inevitable that people think that they cannot escape from their fate of suffering from illness and dying as the true nature of the disease was unknown. For the same reason, Shakyamuni said that we cannot avoid birth, illness, old age and death. People of today say preventative medicine. This must be developed out of desperation as the disease is hardly got rid of. If medicine completely cures the disease, no one needs to think of preventative medicine.

Let me return to the main subject. I mentioned before that the disease is a condition that goes against nature. Then I explain how it is caused. When a person suffers from the disease, they take medicine as the only way to cure it. This is wrong, to begin with. The medicine is extracted from the roots of herbs and bark of trees in Chinese and minerals and plants in the west. That manner is fundamentally anti-natural. Please think about it. Such medicine is bitter or sour or has a bad smell and so on. Human beings don’t like such flavours. ‘Taking away the aftertaste of medicine’ is often said from before. This saying proves that medicine is unpalatable. You should think about why it is difficult to drink. It is because God guides us not to take it because it is poisonous. Opium, which is used to relieve pain, is collected from poppies. Poppies were originally created by God to please the human eyes. They are not created for humans to take. As for penicillin, which recently becomes popular, it is made from moss (so in original). It is not crated for humans to take, either. Moss adds beauty to stones and soils. In this sense, all foods and drinks are made to suit the taste of humans. Therefore, we should have them. That is natural.

People often say this is nutritious or that is not. It is obviously wrong. Every food is produced to suit people in the region they live in. It is just slightly different, depending on the climate and natural features. Therefore, Asians eat rice and Caucasians eat wheat. Since Japan is surrounded by the sea, Japanese people should eat fish a lot. It is fine that people in the continent eat meat. In this sense, farmers eat vegetables. Eating vegetables is suitable for people like farmers who work day and night without rest. This is not understood in dietetics. Therefore, the farmers are recommended to eat fish and meat. If they eat them, their ability to work declines. On the other hand, the fisherman eats fish. Therefore, they can work intermittently but not continuously. Since eating fish increases agility, this diet is suitable for fishermen. In this way, nature is elaborately created.

I briefly describe the anti-natural error of medicine and food as above. As especially for medicine, it has been applied since a long time ago even though it is very poisonous. Why so? Let me explain the reason fundamentally little by little.

Translated by N.H.